Paldanius Court dedication

Uploaded by chemeketa on 10.12.2012

CASSIE: We are here
to recognize the father of
Chemeketa athletics,
Ward Paldanius. *applause*
In his tenure,
Ward was the architect
of Building 7, this entire building,
the building we're in right now.
He hired the core of our instructors and our coaches here at Chemeketa,
and established four of the seven
athletic teams we currently have.
DENNIS: He's just been the best athletic director
that anybody could ever ask for.
Ward was the beginning of
athletics here at Chemeketa as far as I'm concerned, because he
helped engineer and
design this building,
and he brought in quality coaches to
run the programs and
he wanted to run a quality program.
Rick: Well I think
you had to be there back when I first got the job, because
at Chemeketa back then,
everything was off-campus. The P.E. department, all classes, basketball,
everything. There wasn't anything on campus at all
and he just kept it together. He kept the whole thing going.
And like I said, he offered me my first coaching job
and you know, that's special.
I was able to
start here and was here six years then got the job
will Jack Ramsey with the Trail Blazers and
Ward started are the whole thing. He gave me an opportunity. I didn't really have any
coaching experience but
you know, he hired a lot of very good people. I think
I was fortunate that he gave me a shot and we were able to
have a really good run here
and I think the people after me the same thing happened.