2009 U-M Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award Ceremony

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[Lester Monts] Let me offer my congratulations to today's award recipients.
I want to thank you for all that you contribute to diversity and inclusion throughout the university;
for your exemplary leadership; and for your commitment to diversity.
From the days of the Michigan Mandate in the late 1980s until today,
we have moved forward to make diversity an integral part of the university's mission.
So for all of you, all of the recipients, individuals and teams,
I want to offer you my hearty congratulations and thanks. Thank you.
[Voice over] With the collective efforts of our staff at the University of Michigan,
we continue to lead the nation and the world in our efforts.
Please join me again in recognizing the individual awardees for the 2009 Michigan Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award.
[Voice over] Once again, the teams, centers and committees this morning truly embody the spirit of service to the Michigan community and beyond.
Please join me again in recognizing the five outstanding teams awarded the 2009 Distinguished Diversity Team Leaders Award
for demonstrating extraordinary commitment and dedication to diversity.
[Laurita Thomas] I know what you can do because you are the staff of the University of Michigan.
And it's not often we get to say thank you to those who live diversity as a passion for their lives.
Let's tell them how much we appreciate them, and each other.
Let's really celebrate. Let's celebrate all of these individuals.
I am a big fan of the leadership scientist Margret Wheatly. And in Margret Wheatly's work
she says to share your dreams with everyone who wants to be invited in. And in this room we share our dreams.
And it's important that we remember the lessons that we have learned on this journey of commitment to making this world a richer place;
richer in its recognition of a place for each of us.
So I invite you to do that today, to continue that journey and to reward each other
because this journey has ups and downs and fits and starts and roadblocks and barriers.
But you've made a lifelong commitment to it.
And for that, I'm personally, and the University of Michigan, is proud.
Thank you. Thank you for your commitment to make this a viable place to change the world. Enjoy.
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