SUPER 8 review [no spoilers] - Kyle Chandler, JJ Abrams, Elle Fanning

Uploaded by BlindFilmCritic on 10.06.2011

♪ [ BFC bumper music ]
Wow, Super 8.
A movie about a motel chain! Cool!
[movie: train on tracks]
(boy) And...action!
[ train horn ]
Charles! Watch out!
Go! Go!
[ metal creaking and groaning ]
[ pounding ]
(Blind Film Critic) Walking out of this one, I was going, wow, you know?
This is a lot different than I expected.
I expected it was going to be way, way more visual than it was.
The character development was fantastic.
The kids were all great.
(boy) We have to help Charles finish his movie.
(Blind Film Critic) Joel Courtney as Joe, he's the lead kid in this movie.
He is wonderful.
(Charles) Production value!
(Blind Film Critic) Riley Griffiths as Charlie.He plays a goofy kid real well.
Got a lot of heart to him. Very believable.
Kyle Chandler is Joe's father, and I gotta tell ya....
(Joe's father) You tell me everything.
(Blind Film Critic) A little disappointing. The rest of the adults in this movie had a lot more depth.
(Alice) How am I supposed to be a zombie?
(Blind Film Critic) Elle Fanning as Alice? She's terrific.
She brings a lot of maturity to this performance.
The way they use suspense in this one is fantastic.
I mean, they do this thing, right? Where everything just gets real quiet.
You get totally drawn into the scene...
[ movie: loud scraping noise ]
(Blind Film Critic) Yeah, I know, we've seen this trick a million times, but who cares?
I mean, they really know how too....
[ loud crash ]
[ tires squeal ]
♪ [ ELO - "Don't Bring Me Down" ]
(Blind Film Critic) The pop music's real nice in this movie too, I mean, it's exactly 1979.
They used "Don't Bring Me Down" from ELO,
Blondie doin' "Heart of Glass",
And how about a little Chic in there too?
♪ Aw, Freak out! ♪
So this movie was all about finally revealing the monster, showing you what it looks like.
(Charlie) What the hell?
But when you get right down to it, it doesn't really matter.
It's more about what it does, and why it does it.
(Joe's dad) Things happen around here that I can't explain.
(Blind Film Critic) And that's how the reveal works, when you can't see the movie.
So, for Super 8
I'm giving it 3 out of 4 eyes open.
All in all, a fun little ride.
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I'm Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic.
Wow. Super 8. What's the prequel? Motel 6?
[ loud explosion ]
♪ [ BFC bumper music ]