What's All This about Social Media & Where do I start? IMTS 2012

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we called this social media marking and where do you start but
well let's call it
social media tooling up in the image that you see in the top
corner here
is a tool kit
and there's a lot of tools and social media need to think of eases tools
that's the starting point
i want to do presentations i like to
create an agenda because i sat ne presentations were all my gut as this
person to ramble on forever
so i wanna know where i'm going
so we're gonna cover tools and research and how you do that first because that's
the starting point if you're gonna move into a marketing program you want to
start with the beginning
we'll talk a little bit about what's happening in social media it's an
ever-changing platform
didn't romance and bolts is the four seasons social media
cover that
we're gonna try to think out of the box a little bit
one of the things you notice is that were hopping around a little bit here on
the agenda it's gonna look like that we're gonna build up some stuff we were
to come back with some topics
and then how big is this stuff
if you're trying to read all of this information about the tangled web
we're not going to do that this presentation
i'm not gonna put up stuff that i'm gonna talk about your gonna try to read
so we're gonna try to make it flowed try to get some of it
the big concepts across to you and social media
so is a complex environment
and everybody looks a little bit differently so you've got a user
experience and typically in a lot because of the way social media is
that's the end of the elephant that the users at all too often that's not the
good snow it's the best million
and we'll talk about how is a marketer you experience that this is where the
belly rumbles a little bit
and and what the software developer in how these people look at it and one of
monetize it
but within that social media round we have to look at the environment
there's an environment that this operates on two looking at one elephant
one experience
is not going to be
beall we're going to do with both aware that all of that live
what's it look like what's the terrain
back in january twenty eleven what a lot of people looked at social media they
looked it like this traditional image of
company owner saying i'm too busy i've gotta go fight a war you know i've got a
battle to fight
and here's a guy with a machine gun saying here's social media
that's changed by july twenty eleven
is exploring it but they're like the blind man exploring the elephant
the concepts continue to evolve
let's look at that weapon
everybody views it a little bit differently depending on which aspect
there looking at
some people are looking at you know the site area
some people looking at the functionality
we're looking at
how does this stand up everything
but rio overlay that their of an expectation so what does the user
expectant social media because he's doing it is about all-encompassing thing
than what the market or what do you as a company and how you market
what do you expect from it
anna all while all this is going on a third things happening
and the platforms are evolving
so the developers of the social media platforms are looking at
how things develop so they're watching all this happened and it's evolving
so it's like selling your prototype
making it work coming back in refining in process while the customer has it
and it's all part of tech adoption
so what's new look at that historically as a tool somewhere around nineteen
eighty one most companies decided they needed a fax machine the day before that
they didn't need a fax machine
somewhere around nineteen ninety four ninety five e decided that the
in email address
may need it the day before but to do business needed email
a whole bunch of things are happening at once
you've got
mobile technology and that's how people accessing the web through mobile those
numbers keep going up
you've got a ton
of social media platforms and then cloud computing
so it can be really
really confusing
the key to remember is these articles
user tools think about them as tools think about them is communication
back then
this is around the fax machine we made a transition in technology from
typewriters laptop computers
were making a transition from laptops the tablets and mobile devices
and we overlaid this
on something else that happened with web sites
in a web two point no moral
you looked at the wheel you look at a billboard you saw the billboard
and interact with it
around two thousand six
interaction between websites for just a patient informs people can communicate
back and forth so it's a two-way street
now that's continuing to evolve
that's happening
in parallel
with hardware and software clouds
that tablets
or now evolving with the web to point out
that market is all coming together
how people engage how people they find things there
it's all happening at a parallel rate that's why it's confusing a lot of times
it's also confusing because different people view it differently
there's different generations out there
baby boomers
or really really comfortable talking on the phone reading an email
pick up the phone
the next group the gen x_ is right behind them
they're really good with an email they don't necessarily want to talk on the
phone use there are a little bit more comfortable sending the email but they
don't feel obliged to call you
the gen y guys
these are the people that are coming into the market right now
a lot of a viewers have some issues with jen why guys
but the gen y geyser use the texting
i want to read an email on the senate tax because they grew up in an
where they stood with their cell phone
and they texted under the table war under their desk in school so the
teacher what boson
i'm all up i pass notes
and tried to score points and looked into the pretty girls i said i passed a
note for you
not these guys
as a result of that because there are literally wired differently in their
heads there
synapse wises wired differently
when the baby boomers
it's what's baby boomers on their heads he drives him nuts
then we've got the next group it's going to be coming up these are the six the
fifteen year olds
these kids it is that james e kids they've actually dubbed the brain
studies on these kids
these kids
have connections they have hard wiring in their head
that no previous generation has
they'd been on a computer since pretty much when they could talk
these are the people that are
i'd learn stuff from nine year olds
honestly they know how to do things i don't know how to do
their imbedded in this
and using that
using that and indicate that we talk about writing a blog these kids are
writing blogs haiti what happened in schools
grade read my blog that
it's all there
these are the big picture stuff again
social media is about communications it is a communications tool
so your behavior and i a m t s
if you're amongst a group of people here and i n t s at a cocktail party
you want to behave the same way of social media
there's someone talks to you you talk back
not com into the middle of the room
and say
address product in the world everybody be quiet
that's rude people walk away from you
if you come in and just last telemarketing message a lot of cynicism
called social media marketing this is about communication
everybody looks at you when you stand on that table and yell at you
that was a tweet the just flashed across the street and you're gonna see some
stuff it's been a flash across
twitter is one of the things that's evolved a lot of people are confused by
why do i want to have twitter
we have a presentation on friday on twitter
you can read that we
in about eighteen milliseconds
so it reads like a ticker tape
that's the point of it once you get used to reading a died just thing information
that fasten again the gen y and james e people
get this week and i just that quickly
need to adapt but that's how they're used to getting information faxed
so remember if you talk over somebody
you become the outcast sick listen to them
talk to them
we talked about foresees so this is the place where you might want to take some
the first c_d_ is communities
judicial advertising week
we look at social media's marketing turismo advertising about is about
i'm gonna interrupt somebody with information
social media is about sharing
and engaging
remember it's a two-way street the web two point of stuff
which communities are you win is a company
would be where your customers are but you want to select your communities
no where your customers are where's the conversation happening
second one is content
this is where the blog stuff comes in
whereas blogs feed to so if you look at this social media factor and we talked
to the guys at x there who were here yesterday for a tweed up
you know that discussion was we're gonna put the blog out working to have this
copy and content that's relevant fresh we're gonna put information out on very
specific solutions so we give found we're gonna drive that traffic out
to our social media spaces
so the customers can find a solution and we can answer the questions where they
can call us with more questions and we can talk to them
in this it's not hard selling you're not coming out and saying
my products the best thing in the world
your offering technical solutions for you to become a part later
sudden you don't communicate a sales message
you share information
because it's about sharing
when you go in research stuff once a target when you wanna buy
something a target um...
whatever is from refrigerator to a hammock
you read the reviews
if people are saying bad things about it
you don't buy that you by the other one of its not function of cost
what company is providing me with the tech information
fourth one is conversations which i think we're you've if you've been
listening rebuild to
truce will advertising is talking at someone
social media stalking with someone to back and forth conversation
two-way conversation
how important is communication
here's some data from twenty eleven
what's the most important thing if i ask the question and social media
they better answer my questions promptly thirty five percent over one-third of
the people who use social media as consumers
want their questions answered
they want to get in touch with a live person i want a response and if i want
more information on what are the how to reach the white person to engage with
them and talk to them in in some more questions
and i wanna know about news
if i'm paying attention to your product your service whatever you do
i want the feedback loop
i want to have the information back
and give me more content
i want to see more technical information i want to see more case studies i want
to see more solutions that help me in my business
so what our conversations
to comment on the blog post
it's a read tweaking twitter
it's a comment on a phase buchwald conversation on the face book walt
to comment on a linkedin profile or a forum for a group
social media users
bad attitude what happened when you don't answer their questions
so if they ask the question they expect a response
i'll buy a glass
i ask your question you don't respond
it's like not responding to a female or a text message or a phone call voicemail
you don't answer
i don't have to do business with you because at this is how i'm going to be
treated mom asking about your product on the front side
what's customer service going to be like if i have a problem later
you've got a response
last one
is com his conversion
this is the traditional sales funnel
so how do you convert somebody from paying attention to you
and actually make money off it
that's ultimately what you want to have
all the pieces within this should move to a conversion
everything that's driving your strategy and social media
should lead to you doing more business better customer service more a better
perception of how you do things
your culture is going to come out here
that's what scares a lot of people is that their culture is going to come out
so who's using it and i n_t_s_b_ lows we have the items he s has tag if using
twitter there's twitter walls all through the show
there's a number of list within twenty years
then we've got manufacturing software trade shows cutting tool manufactures
there's tons of people on here
take a quick look at a couple of machine builders
here's a couple of them with their twitter logo's
you've got
cutting tool manufacturers
and i liked that's not going to manufactures that's were calling
but they're on there too
you've got industrial distributors who who are your suppliers working with the
other people there in this show to these are the guys that are gathering the
information for you to bring it back to machine shops
they're on their
you also got machine shops
lot of people don't realize that the machine shops are on here talking about
the same things for to their customers are
here's some of the machine shops out here
if you've don't follow any other machine shop probably the preeminent
machine shop it's online is out of pittsburgh california
they're called bishop wise carver
they understand how to use this fall
if you get a chance to one in gauge with those folks they're great
who's doing this
seized number these guys the gen y agency guys
sturgeon white people
because the gen why people are the ones doing the research when you first get
your job
whether your eighteen per twenty two colleges an engineer
you don't get to manage things you get to research to ensure the grunts
at your first job
senior job is to identify
where the best product is at the top of that sales funnel
these guys are doing the research to regardless of your age if you're a
rogen exer
you're not doing the research
these guys are these are the tools they're using
if you want to get found
it's not the decision makers the guide doing the research the girl doing the
lecture target
in mobile
let's look at a few things
there's not a lot of people realize there's only two operating systems
there's a third called research in motion that's blackberry but they're
essentially not there anymore
everything that's out there is either apple
with an apple logo on it
or an android
who belongs they enjoyed
so good will owns this technology
at something to keep in mind
smartphones lower toting
p_c_s in the global market
tablets of overtaking usage of how people access the web that's a sad i
don't have up here but that this happened
let's look at what google owns
who will have a whole bunch of things they own you too
uses social media chip
presentation tomorrow and you too
they own gmail
film blogger missing you can blog right there
important because google owns enjoyed as we said
with regard to feature phones which is your judicial flip phones
versus mark froze
you can see where the technology is growing and this is from twenty of his
visa twenty eleven numbers i don't have the data for twenty twelve yes
basically from january twenty fourth what we're seeing is
thirty eight percent increase in the usa smartphones
it's going up
while at the same time you're seeing feature phones going down
city buddy familiar with search engine optimization
as c_e_o_ for those who don't know tomatoes from a lot of time on this is a
big algorithm this is would google uses
so what you do is you when you search for something in you inherit we already
know this
you're going to come in
and you're gonna take the keyword nsysu looks like i'm looking for shoes
protect the word choose well that's probably not gonna give you the results
you want
c type in a second word called men's shoes
so this goes down the graph for how you found
but that's not what i want i want bread making men's running shoes i want to
drill in three oh four stainless on outfit all fourteen twenty machine
that's a ten thousand rpm spindle bathroom than uptight
buddy give found there
i do aerospace parts who does aerospace parts
i'd just got a job
i need a twenty three-foot diameter vertical hurriedly
outsource this part
who does that
who makes that my area
that's the kind of stuff you're gonna typing
so if you're not writing that stuff in your blog about your capabilities what
you do who you service
you're not going to be found
the reason google so important is this graph
regardless of how you search whether it's being very often or anything else
you got a bread line at the top
who will has the most market share
they own search
joy to be nice to google
you want to be google says this is what we recommend you do
if you want to be found in search google said we created this gene plus the
people face book
you should create a g plus account
is usar blogger tool
when you're on the market
you should listen to that
that's how people are finding it
so how do you search is also changing
so today's the announcement for apple's new iphone five last year they
introduced the four s
so there's this little thing called c reducing the commercial series coming
out of five restaurant
so i asked the question what's the weather like today in chicago from
it's all has to do with s_c_o_ think about a ceo here
here's the weather in chicago from this week
that looks good right
but if you're searching on series
you're not searching in google
think about this
google an apple remember he enjoyed apple into operating system
these guys are competitors
they get along with google search
but apple changed the game a year ago
they're taking that away from s_c_o_ if you're searching on your phone by asking
if you're not going to do when you're not seeing google ads
for these guys with the you gotta remember they compete
dressy os destroyed if it's through series
for any other search method
so there's a famous any of the pics is worth a thousand words
so let's search for machine shop projects on google
i typed it in
what keywords are you describing
as a machine shop as a manufacture
or we end builder
of stuff
to make sure that people can find it
i typed machine shop projects i get images
and that's the stuff i found
that assumes that you're not wine
or blind
so here's apart
here's what the images call
so's the robot going to be able to find a p cnm i've five underscore m
probly not
it's gonna wanna low about the tax that accompany this but that's not the name
of this image
is nato vol one tools steel visibility for a few
to be named
fo one full still
odi faced him
but it's not
so here's some other parts
this emote is entitled cd shop pics
you've got a web site you love the pic
picture up it's called cd shop text of the road but know that that's pictures
of precision components that you're making for the aircraft industry or the
defense industry absolutely not
the other name the image
they don't know about it lets you tell 'em what it is
robert saddam they fall algorithm
wide robots
so here's how you name your pictures traditionally
the c_e_o_ people come as ceo people come up and say
here's what you've got to be done in the picture in the all text you got to do
more than that
because the algorithms changed and they announced that a couple times since the
bedeviled member with occupied doable
so named the file
named the file before you upload the file
nina on your dry before you put it up there
put in the title
title it what do you want to be found four this is the key word incorporate
there's the all tax this is traditionally what most s_c_o_ firms say
everything else the role of world apologist cd shop pics
but will change the all text
dougall once valid stop they know your work in the s_c_o_ this firms out there
that do it
maybe original file make the content the same as the all
you wanna caption for it
gives you a secondary way of saying these are my parts this is what we do we
do this on this machine
rated description for it
lot of people skip this step
what's really this picture about relive those images of his life back
if you click on that it's going to tell you a little more of what they are
that's without appears
and where is the link to it
make sure that your you are l's and everything on your website is linked
properly there
remember search box or blind
they don't know anything unless you tell them
be nice to the search box be nice to people
so here's some breaking news
in social media the platforms are changing so quick everything breaks
the brakes on a regular basis
you gonna see things break
part of this in search
has to do mark doctor burton once tastebook everybody network or october
this is how searches thought about
he said it's world buying in front of your house may be more relevant to your
interests right now the people buying in africa
so when you do search
and somebody else does search
based upon where you're at where your computers located at
who you searched before
it's going to be a distinctly different result
when the company right next door and what they search for so when people look
at this and say look i'm on the first page of google
i have a client
in this industry it's techniques there at the show
they own some keywords
i'd go to another client
the client isn't even in our industry
they have a cloud base computer service
they have a corporate jet service and they have a fiber-optic network that
out in montana
ices here's i'll keep you
here's elke wording in search works i pulled up these keywords i know we on
these keywords
we've only for eight years we have the whole first page
did show up
we did not show up for rotary torque
it wasn't there
because nobody in after so it ever googled that before they have no
interest in our industry it's not relevant to them it found stuff at home
depot for drop size
police found in your industry dot i understand it what's this playing on
your screen is not what other people are seeing necessarilly
special if you're logged into google in gmail and everything else
so a lot of people say that soccer berg's comment was a failure
i mean this is this was not cool we don't know we want
relevant search we don't want old robot aggregating what i see
but in order bolivar search results quicker
they have to do this
you'll recognize that
you will see
technically wrong information happen
search is in a concentrated change the search isn't starts that's the take away
from this
now according to bowl when they've released this in january they said it
everybody's related with search
at the same time google site everybody's delighted with the changes we made in
search of january they changed since then too
the great here
is delivering less relevant results
gonna continue to be like that
and you're gonna see things as do wolf plots and all the other platforms come
so here i have a gmail address
and i have a gmail ab account so if we were pushing the website and besos
redirect the pittsburgh vintage grand prix we do everything you do
we have act t_v_ g p dot org
but when i tried to link it to our youtube account
who came back and said
i'm sorry you can't link your google gmail
to our google account
you have to use yahoo or something
because it's changing that fast
we just don't have the connections there what works today
may not work tomorrow the field that's there today may not be the birds more
where there may be a baby broken out the five fields we have to retirement things
signature of the industry right now
so even in face book because it's changing you're gonna see i'm the admin
on a bunch of pages
i get this message all the time you're not authorized to do that
pregnant on the advent of five not newest i've got the fake
it's all the things change
we don't see this that often footers gotten pretty good over-capacity stuff
but that's the farewell
so some nuts-and-bolts where do you get started
because there is a place to get started in social media if you haven't though
your social media platforms
the first thing is researcher brand name
this is a good place to go it's called social mention
you type in and say
who's talking about me
in this case i've typed in i a m t s
protect their ninety s last night
here's the latest update showed up
how you register
you get to see a whole bunch of information
you can see what keywords are relevant there
social mentions a little bit different the google plus 'cause it's going to all
the social media sites from across the universe you'll see the freight were
searching across the universe and social media everywhere else
you want to check this out
find out who's talking about you and where maybe somebody's talking about
your parts your company the stuff that you do where they have a problem it's
buried on a forum
this is how you find out where that discussions that
if they're having a problem you can go in to jump into the conversation that
you want to have the username
and want to have a standard walk but if that a minute
here's all the stuff in in those details on this so all these buttons up in here
these are the pop up to control down for more information where on social mention
it's pretty intuitive
good place to start for the branding
nothing to do as you can do market research
what are people saying about my competitors
his flight i removed it's called blast or dot com
first thing is to do with their own and theater companies in their with where
employees talk about your company
sometimes i'd i've worked with some companies i've called from vendors i've
been in distribution i better wrap addendum manufacture
wanted ever figure out what is going on with these people
telecom glass door
and i found out what the culture was
i found out what people were saying that worked there fallout for myself uh...
alive because everybody that works there hates the basa dis one plan i'm never
gave you know this plan
second place and this is the real place to start
why don't we being talked about it's called no one
it's no one dot com
you would choose to use your name
we talked a little bit about consistency in naming your brand
when you want to use the same name
it all your social platforms
in one
and a_b_c_ space eight in another
at a_b_c_ inc ltd
and eight period bead period c period another
a space b space e
that's a different company according to the robot
use consistent branding across the board
you can type in something here in this case were taken for any action taken
three-d_ trading but
this is pretty
'cause that's hot obviously right now ninety s
you can get bookmarking sites
you can find business sites these are all social media sites remember that
chart at the beginning with all social media sites this is
this is where they're at
it'll say printing is available in this space
social media has me spaces so it's beyond face book twitter linkedin and
there's other places that are industry specific sites
in industry silos
that you may want to have the name in
that the company right next to you doesn't compete with you the dot this
has no interest in
there may be abrasive sites there may be machining sites there may be stamping
their meat metal forming
know which ones you want to be and use the same day
you can find information sites
you can find micro-blogging site which is twitter that's only one of them
you can find design sites
you can find travel sites and video sites
says new sites and photos sites
and community sites
but you want to have the same name in every one of them regardless
living close to the end so don't be worried
but a little more to go
flexible too big data
these are already these are all recent numbers
online adults aged twenty five to fifty four or twenty three percent more likely
than the u_s_ internet use of the follow-up brandy a social networking
that's a big number
twenty five to fifty four people will follow a parade which means they're
associated with the brands which may be like the brain there's a
personality with the print people buy from people
if they like your personality they'll buy from you
if you're not in the space in fifty four percent of people using your competitors
using it
they know that company better than they know you
me jump in
gardner big research firm
failure to respond via social channels can lead to a fifteen in
percent increase in turn rate for existing customers
soften existing customer who absolutely loves you comes you in an actual
question you're doing nothing but broadcasting a sales message on face
and you don't respond
you lose them
you turn them over
your best customer quits buying from you because you're not responding soldiers
don't really think you're not gonna respond you gotta respond justices
keeping your customers
forty nine percent of the top twenty percent of all baby markers
generating leads through social media people so you can generate leads through
social media
you generate business and social media
if you don't know how to
if you don't have a game plan it
this is social media building is like building a house
a lot of people say my fifteen-year-old nieces been using youtube she's going to
build me a channel
that's great your fifteen-year-old piece is going to be in charge of your
branding of for the company that you started thirty one years ago
you gotta jump in with the plan
it's like building a house remember at the beginning we show you all those
there's a lot of considerations that you have
you start with a blueprint
who was my target audience where do i need to be with spaces do i'd need to be
and how do i keep my branding the same
that's how you generate leads
you don't come in and say ailene some property on the take my iowa chain sauce
on the top down some three cinnamon
make a log cabin
animate come back and say okay got a little bit bigger i want to put a third
floor on my house with french doors in the hot tub
so i call a contractor at that point
contractors as but they we had a rip out of the log cabin your foundation get
support it
don't do that and social media
start with a plan
start at the beginning
architect it out
people are more likely engagement branded content on social media that
contains pictures pictures are worth a thousand words
on thursday tomorrow we're gonna talk about you to bring talk about neuro
linguistic programming and help people worldwide tv works for you
you may want to stop back for that
pictures are very valuable status updates it better be current if you're
not engaging if you start with social media site you haven't done anything out
of six months somebody comes and says
i wonder if they're still in business
for six months in this world is an attorney
if you're getting gauge it got engaged
key takeaways here socially as a tool
just like the original fax machine took a few years for adoption to happen
it's a little
this was a tall technologies change
this is a communication tool
email is a communication tool
social media is a communication tool
suv school itself marketing except school to help you talk to customers
sermon to these things were going to use this way
remember when we had
prodigy and america online
that was the beginning of a three-and-a-half days wapis
here's were out today
ripe ads and mobile technology
engagements gotta keep changing
and pretty soon you can have steampunk software you can actually make it look
like the typewriter
but the baby boomers comparable with the recon type on his
omega gen y people happy