How to cook: Asam Prawns

Uploaded by nyonyacooking on 28.09.2012

Hello, welcome to Nyonya Cooking!
Today, I'll be presenting you a Nyonya dish
which is called assam prawns.
The main ingredient for this dish would be tamarind juice.
This is a very simple dish which takes not more than 3 steps.
It is not only appetizing,
but also very yummy! So stay tuned for the recipe.
I have 400 grams of prawns,
salt and sugar,
and some tamarind paste.
The prawns will first need to be marinated with 2 table spoons of tamarind paste.

Additionally, add some salt and sugar.
If the paste is too thick, add some water.
Give you prawns a good mix
and keep it in the fridge for the next 30 minutes.
Heat up some oil in the pan,
and it is time to fry the prawns.
You will need to fry the prawns with medium to low heat
until the tamarind juice dries up.
Here I added more salt to the dish.
The juice is all dried up and now it is time
to give it a few quick stirs, and dish it out.
Add some color contrast to the dish.
Here I used some spring onions.
I hope you enjoyed it. Happy cooking!