Kicking Depression, The Easy Way

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Hello! How you doing today David? Good!
My name's Jeff Agostinelli
from Health Happens Naturally
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Today's topic is
SSRIs, Selective Serotonin
Reuptake Inhibitors & MAO Inhibitors
We got started on this conversation is
with all the kids in our world today on meds
Ritalin, Adderall, the pill popping culture
So let's talk about this.
And bring some light to this situation and offer some solutions
So here we are today and we're going to begin by
talking about what exactly
SSRIs and MAO inhibitors are
Eastern versus Western approaches
Western approach is to
bring a bigger hammer
or cheater bar...
If you can't force it get a bigger cheater bar
Problem is if you force it, stuff may break
Western approach is you beat over the head
until something gives.
Eastern approach is different
Instead of interrupt or manipulate you feed
You feed a gland or organ
If your living environmen is harsh
rather than beat it up... move!
Move where living is easy.
For example, if you're living
up north where it's cold and dark
you can take SSRIs
or MAO inhibitors to effect your mood.
When you're low on Vitamin D and your Seratonin is cycled down you'll feel awful.
You can try to manipulate your chemistry or you can move where it's light & warm.
Most of this is common sense.
Find things easy to effect.
If it's hard to survive where you live, move!
Because taking drugs for long periods
is really bad.
SSRIs & MAO Inhibitors are anti-depressents
which are commonly used. The way they work
is pretty simple.
SSRI stands for Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor
so as your Serotonin is active
it eventually breaks down
and it's components are reabsorbed.
SSRIs aims to disrupt the enzymatic
breakdown + reabsorption process.
It's a poor man's way to defer breakdown so what little material you have builds up.
Most of mood manipulators
work by attempting to
allow small amounts of natural substance
to build up.
Highly artificial, stupid technology.
Better to flood your system with
raw materials to build lots of hormones and neurotransmitters
and you're pretty much done.
Western approach manipulates and
Eastern approach feeds and builds.
Bringing more light, energy, power.
A good mention here is
hormones and neurotransmitters the chemicals that make us feel good
that effect our mood
there's a specific equation
for building these substances which is...
Precursor + Metabolic Enzymes + Real Vitamin C + EFAs + Biologically Supported Living Environment.
Great precursors include Cacao, Guarana,
Yerba Matte,
Rhodiola, Vanilla,
Ma Haung.
All of these must be Raw + Unprocessed.
Start with your Precursor, then add in your Metabolic Enzymes
Imagine a master painting
Precursors are the paints. Enzymes are the painters, workers.
Your pancreas can only produce metabolic enzymes if it's free to do it's work.
Most people's pancreas are usually dealing with the CRAP...
people put in their mouth. C.R.A.P. stands for Continually reducing attitude & performance.
CRAP foods produce CRAP lives.
If you're eating foods that require your pancreas
to be constantly deal with these, then
very little Metabolic Enzymes are generated.
Vitamin C is the painter's brush. Guiding
the paint onto the canvas.
Vitamin C means "Real Vitamin C", not
fake Vitamin C as in
substance containing the letters "Ascorb".
As in Ascorbic Acid or Ascorbate Salts.
Synthetic Vita C blocks uptake of Real Vita C.
If you'd like to get in a real bad jam with your mood, eat a bunch of fake Vita C.
This includes Vita C supplements or processed foods with Ascorbate preservatives.
Fake Vita C preservatives are in almost all processed foods.
EFAs are the canvas. The resulting painting is the EFA based hormone or neurotransmitter and you feeling great!
Quack low-fat diets are another great way to feel depressed all the time.
Low-fat and High-fat diets are both deadly.
So once you have your equation mastered
you're good to go and your mood soars.
High quality EFAs include
Coconut and Hemp...
and Golden Flax to a degree
and also Chia are rich in short and
medium chain EFAs which are powerful.
These require no enzyme to digest.
You eat them and have
direct energy.
Very different than animal based fat
which requires huge amounts of energy
and pancreatic substance to deal with these.
If you eat foods that require huge amounts
of energy and immune substance
all your energy goes to that process.
Short and medium chain EFAs
you'll have increased energy & mood.
Cacao also has interesting EFAs.
Explain about EFAs and triglycerides
What's the deal with saturated fat?
Saturated fat is the most healthy fat.
Busting the saturated fat is bad myth.
Salt, Sugar & Fat are essential to life.
Saturated fats are fats that protected from photo (light) and air oxidation, going bad.
Saturated fats are the most stable.
They stay good for years.
Here's how top test the compenence of health experts.
Here's how to test your oils + containers.
We use PET plastic because glass breaks.
Glass is costly and difficult to ship.
Really your best choice of oils are
the purely saturated fats.
Unsaturated fats spoil/oxidize/rust fast.
What's the correlation between chain length of fats and saturated/oxidation.
Maca and Hemp in their normal form
will last a long time without oxidation.
Listen to everyone, then test before you believe.
Find out what's true via your experiments.
Design your experiments and run them yourself.
Listen. Verify. Trust only what you prove.
Summarizing the painting analogy.
If one component if missing, you'll have no painting.
What's good for reversing depression.
Or anxiety or mood challenge.
What are easy fixes?
Consider the sensation of depression.
Compression, contraction, collapsing
of a person's bio-electric field.
Simple fixes include...
Starting by identifying what your collapsing away from and then
protect yourself from these.
Foam rubber earplugs are powerful.
Or ear suppression head phones.
So ear plugs and head phones.
My preference are the Silencio 100 pair boxes.
100 pairs for $30 or $10/pair at drugstores.
One of the biggest depressors is an empty bank account, so do things to keep your bank account over flowing.
Consider the amount of energy required to process auditory/hearing input.
We're primarily hearing based creatures.
To recapture a huge amount of energy
make sure you're sleeping well, every night.
Your great mood starts by recapturing energy.
Be sure to use noise suppression when you're driving, flying or around loud noises.
Deep sleep begins with quiet.
Sleep is where we generate mood effecting substances.
Hormones and neurotransmitters.
Back to our painting analogy, consider
a painter on a freeway with
one hand holding the canvas, dodging traffic while they're trying to paint.
Best painting is done in a quiet studio or beautiful rolling landscape.
Make sure your painting environment is conducive to paiting masterpeices.
Also make sure your sleeping area is dark.
And your sleep area is EMF free.
Best way to go crazy is via EMF and sleep deprivation.
Great sleep is where great mood begins.
Next sleep enhancer is a Lymphatic Cleanser like Sun Fire Vitalize.
Upgrade what you eat, drink and breath.
Go through your life and incrementally upgrade everything.
Bring your body into balance and you'll feel great!
Sleep well. Eat well.
If you're always hungry, what you're eating isn't food for you.
Rule of thumb about eating and weight loss
"You know you're nourished by the number of hours you forget to eat."
I live on 1-2 quarts of Chocolate Bliss every day and and one small meal, mid afternoon.
Eat foods which require you only eat a little and your satisfied quick and for a long time.
Rather than small meals, focus on
nutrient dense, calorie sparse foods.
Calorie rich foods are the best way to stay depressed and fat.
Upgrade your food, sleep and neurotransmitter equation.
Reviewing the painting analogy.
Each hormone or neurotransmitter produced
becomes the precursor for producing the
next hormone or neurtransmitter.
Tryptophan yields Serotonin.
Serotonin yields Dopamine.
And on and on...
So if you miss any dietary precursor
none of the internally synthesize compounds
can be created.
Great Tryptophan sources include...
Edamame beans (shelled) & Durian...
Nut and seed milks.
We're surrounded by Vegan Tryptophan.
Another intelligence test is asking about
Tryptophan sources.
Problem with eating animal based foods is
milk and flesh
is they drive pH acid, a serious mood killer.
If your pH is acidic, it's like painting on the freeway, dodging 18 wheelers.
Your target is your eating style, your dietary intake to keep you more alkaline centered than acidic centered.
What are good EFA sources?
Golden Flax, Chia, Hemp.
Chia, Salba & Mila - only difference is price.
Remember a full bank account will help with your mood, so steer clear of Salba and Mila.
Golden Flax, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds.
Coconut products, that are milk + sugar free.
Chocolate Bliss is a great product which combine many of these ingredients in a delicious form.
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