Clapper Dice or Shut the box game and great educational tool

Uploaded by swanpond100 on 22.12.2012

Hand crafted and made when you order this off EBay
part dole
this is all handcrafted
and uh...
code will complete a rolls-royce illusions and also gives you all the
odds and possibilities a hollow
kato numbers
this is uh... version of a very old game called
truck for bob's
or clap our bodies
marburg room there's a nine digit
the burden
kumble diets
that uh...
don't match procedure no salute custom-made
to order one of the time
you can also determine braved here in the prog
would be your name or the name of someone you'd like to give it to
it's also probably one of the greatest tools to teach young children the
than the abdulah game is simply roll the dice
and when you get the number
like that's a seven
well you have opted to take him down the side
to five
or the three four
for the
so there are all the possible coverage is to remove the number seven
we want to remove those numbers whichever accommodation you choose
renew the game continues
then the same true to truly all the time
off until they cannot remove the more numbers
the toooooo classical game
but i've chosen to build my game as a custom made product
and you can they do engraved
we have on top of the day
and if you go debating clapper dies
uh... you'll find it listed there we problems product for thirty nine ninety
for shipping and we can uh... if you are privately and engraved
who ten dollars or said the
this uh... engraved with your name or someone you'd like to give it to
very popular game
there are several variations of this came up on ebay
and uh...
so you go to reveal by my birth mother
some brewers come with tended to have some more twelve
we choose nine because uh... that's
game to play
any number of people can play this game all the same time
but each person complete servant are rolling till they can't we move in the
morn on burgers
in the way you do it is uh... whatever number here left he told the late-night
shirish four the mood around to the next party they do the same thing
anto ever after blows around
and whoever wind up having the lowest score
or eat zero please you can joe's came out
all uh...
they become the weather
so we look what we're open look for about a brain
and uh...
there's a very popular game
and it's a family game