Os Barbixas - Improvável - Musical Improvável (Rafael Cortez, Marcio Ballas e Daniel Tauszig)

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"Improbable Musical", the musician will help us here
and the players will do a scene in the Broadway musical style!
Who can give me the most improbable building name?
- Shiver-Shiver! - 'Shiver-Shiver'!
"Improbable Musical", on TUCA's stage, now!
When you meet someone for the first time, did you ever feel like
your body begin to shiver-shiver?
Like it took over your stomach and then it exploded to the rest of your body?
That's how Joana felt on her first day at school.
When she met Cléber.
- Cléber, the most popular kid in school. - Joana, the new girl.
I am arriving at school, if you don't cheat, you're a fool
It feels like a Disney movie doing a musical in the high school
High school!
High school!
High school!
Hi! Hi! Hi...
- How are you? How was the vacation? - It was awesome, I went to the beach...
- Really? - Clebão, wassup, man?
Damn, I haven't seen you for a while! It's nice to see you!
Look at the people! Cléber! Cléber! Cléber!
- People are glad that you're back! - I'm used to that...
- Who are you? Get away from Cléber! - Why? I'm new here...
That's why!
Let's go, Cléber!
- Why are you so sad, my daughter? - It''s nothing, mom, it's just...
I don't think I belong in this school...
This school uses constructivist education... It will be good for you.
I know, but I didn't get well with them... I'm not making friends...
You better, 'cause this is fucking expensive! This constructivism crap from your mom...
She was nervous. Her shiver-shiver started to act up.
To explain why she didn't like that expensive school.
So, she explained.
Dear mom, I will tell you all
This is my diary, I will write it all
He is my flame, Cléber is his name
This is who I call, I will write it all
So it's a boy, she's got a little crush
- Yes! - My daughter wants a boy
That's beautiful, but don't you whine
- No! - Go to school and start to shine
- Yes, I will - And start to shine
Shine, my daughter, and catch me!
Start to shine!
Start to shine...
'Talent show'
Oh, so it will be exactly like High School Musical.
No, no, no... Read: 'Medieval talent show'
All of you...
- What a change! - All of you will show your medieval talents!
I'm good at archery!
I'm good at archery, at horse riding, at being a king ...
The principal has cancelled the talent show!
Thank God! Medieval isn't my thing!
- It will be a... - What, a pudding show?
All right, my mom does some great mulberry pudding...
- No, wait... - For God's sake...
Thank God, pudding isn't my thing...
And then, she read...
- Let me see here... - Do you have anything with theatre?
- Theatre? Let me see... - Who are you?
- Hi! - You're new, I've never seen you before!
- Yeah, I'm nem here... - And she shivered so much...
- Don't we have a medicine show? - No medicine show...
I'm new here, but I ain't so lame
May I introduce myself, Joana is my name
I came from far away, my singing is okay
Look at me, you're gonna like my way
Joana, Joana!
Joana on her bed
I can make a pudding and I will deliver
Look at my body, feel the shiver-shiver!
Joana, Joana, Joana
Joana, shiver-shiver on bed
Oh, Joana...
- Do you know the school, Joana? - Kinda, but if you wanna show me...
Check out Cléber talking to the new girl... She looks like a duck, man!
- That... Girl... I'm gonna kill her! - Nice!
- We meet at my place tomorrow and we'll study math. - Okay...
And the next day she met him at the appointed place and time.
Since we're in the library, we can study right here.
- Sure... - That night, they studied very hard...
Our school is open at night, sometimes after midnight...
- I'll explain this to you... - And while studying radical expressions...
- Rational numbers... - Eventually, their hands touched.
What is happening, what am I feeling in my pants
What can we do about the elephants?
I didn't get it, but I looked above
He was so handsome, I fell in love
- Mathematics... - Radical expressions...
The beauty was in the additions
Minus and minus equals plus, I'm thinking about us
Plus and plus ain't a minus, that other girl is a virus
- And then... - The shiver-shiver began.
They shivered and shook like never before.
That was the beginning of a great love!
Or Parkinson's.
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.