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Episode 12 Part 1
Lee Tae Ik... Why are you here?
Kang Hwi, that is...
Forget it.
Let's go out
and talk outside.
Start talking.
Since when?
Since when have you been living here?
It doesn't concern you. Where I am, it doesn't concern you.
Why doesn't it concern me? It is related to Man Ok!
How can you act like this?
How can you without a word of consult? How could you with Man Ok...
Are you serious?
What about you?
Did you get permission from me
when you were hiding in my house?
That is because my circumstances were…
It’s the same for me.
I am here because of circumstances that can’t be helped!
Because of circumstances that you and I know about!
After suffering like that,
what is the reason
you are working for L.J. again?
Of all people, Won Kang Hwi, you!
Did something really happen to your head?
We don’t know… where exactly I am not functioning.
Are you insane?
How could you say that?
If you are staying here like this because you have nowhere else to go, I can help you.
So come out of Man Ok Kwan!
It's none of your problem. Leave.
How can it not be my problem?
Man Ok had a tough enough time because of you up to now.
So, just leave her alone!
What if I can’t do that?
With what mind are you doing this?
With what mind are you...
Perhaps, you... Man Ok...
Are you sincere?
If I'm sincere...
You want to steal (her) again?
What? What did I steal? What are you saying?
That’s enough! Let’s stop it.
What’s enough?
What did you just say? What did I steal?
Hey, Lee Tae Ik! Hey!
Hey! Aren't you going to stay there?
Rude bastard!
What did I steal from you?
Hey! We work in harmony now, don’t we?
Don’t you miss me?
Hurry up and finish the practice! I'll be waiting.
Se Ryeong?
Hey.. Hey..
What is this? Are you dating Jin Se Ryeong?
Shall we try it once more?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
What is it? Tell me!
You know that I am good at keeping secrets. I keep secrets well!
Hey! Lee Tae Ik Are you going to act cheap between the two of us?
You know I can’t stand being curious, don’t you?
It doesn’t matter if your friend dies out of curiosity? Huh?
It just happened.
Then, it is true? Really? With Jin Se Ryeong?
Instead, you have to keep it a secret. If the company finds out.
Of course, I will!
But Tae Ik, Se Ryeong is...
She's really pretty!
They say it is always the quiet puppies who do it first.
Lee Tae Ik, I’m seeing you differently!
It’s not puppies, but cats.
Quiet cats!

Huh? It wasn’t puppies?
So what if it is puppies or cats. It suffices to be the first one!
What is it? Why did you suddenly call me?
Are you serious about Tae Ik?
Tell me! Are you sincere?
I don’t think it is any of your business.
It is none of my business who you fool around with.
But not with Tae Ik!
What? What nonsense? Who would I fool around with?
You are that type of person. I can see everything.
What you are thinking of.
If, by chance, you hurt Tae Ik,
I will not stand for it!
Keep that in mind!
End it with Tae Ik if you want to live the life you want.
Are you crazy?
You are impossible!
I did nothing wrong! Lee Tae Ik, you are the one at fault.
Hey! If I had other feelings for Jin Se Ryeong,
I wouldn’t be Won Kang Hwi, but Kang Hwi, the Dog.
Who is the one who got used by that vixen! I feel bad…
But that rude bastard, who is he to tell me to come and go?
Is this you house?!
What about Kang Hwi nim?
He left!
Perhaps, did you tell him to go away?
Why are you like that, really? You are so mean!
What did I do?!
Think about it. You just sent off someone who came all the way here.
I had something to discuss with Kang Hwi-nim.
With Won Kang Hwi? About what?
You needn’t know.
Did Kang Hwi-nim already get in the car?
Hey, wait a moment.
Jang Man,
let's have a talk!
Ah, later.
Hey! Are you really going to be like this?!
Is Won Kang Hwi important or am I important?
Lee Tae Ik, are you sick?
You're not a kid. How could you say that?
You are really weird!
Who is the person who said that she likes this weird person?
Me? When did I?
"When?" Yesterday!
You don't remember?!?
Not even a little?
I can remember eating the cake and drinking wine. I also had a little bit of raspberry wine…
Just a little?!
I did drink a lot. Still...
Huh? Did I do something weird?
Wasn’t there nothing between the two of us? Didn’t we just fall asleep after getting drunk?
What is it?! Huh?
Tell me!
Ah, seriously! After making me feel uneasy!
I should have just gone after Kang Hwi-nim.
Man Ok, there's no need. I came back.
Kang Hwi-nim!
What is this? Why did you come back again?
Man Ok, I am really hungry. Give me something to eat.
Is this a restaurant?
Why are you asking for food
at somebody else’s house?
Someone else's house?
Hey! Is this your house?
It is Man Ok’s house!
Who are you to tell me what to do?!
What is this commotion?
I can hear loud voices all the way out there. Did you fight in this sacred studio?
No, that’s not it, Grandpa! What fight?
Their voices are naturally loud. Right?
I’m sorry. I will be careful in the future.
And who are you?
Oh, Grandpa, he is...
Nice to meet you. I'm Won Kang Hwi.
I am friends with Tae Ik.
And I am very close with Man Ok, too.
I had business around here.
So I came to visit because
I wanted to see my friends.
Aigo! My feet! What shoes won’t let me get over a hill?
Huh? Kang Hwi! What brings you here? When did you come?
Bum Soo hyung! It’s been a long time!
You know each other well.
Yeah... yeah...
He isn’t sullen like somebody.
This young fellow’s smiling impression is good.
Thank you, Elder.
Have you eaten?
Not yet.
Man Ok, go prepare some food.
Wow! Looks really good!
I'll eat well!
Give me food, too!
Lee Tae Ik, you already ate.
I’m going to eat again. Earlier, this fried egg wasn’t there!
What are you doing? Give me some quickly.
There's no more rice. That was the last of it.
What? You've eaten already.
Hey! Let’s eat together. You dare touch my rice bowl!
What? "My" rice bowl?
This is actually my rice bowl! You don’t touch mine!
Hey! Let’s eat together! I also have a mouth, let me eat, too!
Hey! Hey! You already ate! It’s because I am hungry.
- Forget it! - Come on!
Oh! Seriously! Stop that!
Put it down quickly! Both of you!
You're not kids!
Really, why are you like this?
See if you fight once more at the dining table!
I will clear the table so that both of you can’t eat! Do you understand?
Man Ok, why is she so scary?
She shouts as she wishes because it is her house.
I see...
I have lived in another person’s house, but that is no easy job.
That's right.
Still, think of it as a relief.
The owner of the house that I lived in . . .
His personality was that of a complete rude bastard.
So, I suffered a lot!
Kang Hwi hyung-nim!
What is it?
Why isn’t Kang Hwi coming up?
He isn’t there.
He isn’t there?
Earlier, in the morning, he was definitely there.
What the heck are you doing?
You are his manager. Yet, you don’t know
if your singer is at home or not!
You don’t know where he went? Does that make sense?
I’m sorry.
I told you to be on your full alert
before the China shoot and
manage Kang Hwi properly, didn’t I?
Did you listen to what I said?
What are you doing?
Go out immediately and find Kang Hwi!
Why is it so noisy?
Did you see Kang Hwi leave?
There is something that I am curious about.
Won Kang Hwi...
Does he have a problem with his eyes?
What are you saying?
That is...
It’s just a little strange.
As if he can’t see in front of him,
he keeps banging here and there into things.
You are over-concerned about Kang Hwi. That's also strange.
After returning from the China shoot,
regardless if it is a movie or drama,
start working.
That is also really strange.
We were talking about Won Kang Hwi.
Why are you suddenly talking about work?
It seems like you are thinking of useless things because you have too much free time.
As you are an international star,
I've been too nice to you all this time,
haven't I?
I bought you for an enormous contract fee and
granted all those nonsensical conditions.
Now, I need to benefit from you, too.
I don’t like anything that gives me a loss.
So stop worrying about useless things
and just do your job properly!
Whether or not I worry about it,
it is up to me.
He isn’t even well.
Where did he go off to by himself?
Ah! My head! Ah! My head!
Where, on earth, are you, hyung-nim?
Unanswered Calls Bae Go Dong
Your first message.
Where are you, hyung-nim?
The President is looking for you. Come back quickly.
Would you like to turn off your cell phone? Yes..
What is this?
You still haven’t left yet?
This thing is cushionier than it looks.
I can sleep over tonight, right?
Come out quickly when I'm still speaking nicely to you.
Ah! I am full and I feel really sleepy.
Hey! Won Kang Hwi! Come out quickly!
Man Ok made me hot food!
There is also a cushiony bed!
Should I also just live here?
You! Now!
Why are you guys like this again?
Man Ok, can I sleep over today?
No, you can’t! You can never!
Come out quickly!
I don’t want to!
I am just cold, full and sleepy. I can’t go home!
I will sleep here.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Don’t do that! See if you drag me out! Hey!
Fine! I’ll come out! Fine, I'll come out!
Then I...
will sleep in Man Ok’s room!
Man Ok, I can do that, can't I?
If you lay a blanket next to your bed,
I will sleep quietly, very quietly and then leave.
Thinking about it, Man Ok’s room is a lot better than here.
Isn't it?
Shut up and sleep!
If you don’t want to be kicked out in the middle of the night!
Will it really be all right for the two of you to sleep together?
If it is uncomfortable, in the main building…
What about the main building?
Are you really going to
let him sleep in your room?
No, that’s not it.
Perhaps, in Grandpa’s room . . .
Forget it!
He'll be sleeping by now. How dare you!
I will take care of it.
Just go to your room quickly and sleep!
Go away!
Why is he getting mad at me again?
He really has such a weird personality!
Are you sleeping?
Being like this, it reminds me of the past.
What you said earlier…
You said that I stole something from you.
I think you have misunderstood something.
Oh! You are going to leave already?
You should have breakfast before you go. Why?
I should go.
You were feeling uncomfortable
because I suddenly barged in,
weren't you?
I’m sorry.
It’s all right. You needn’t be sorry.
Excuse me...
Didn’t you hear anything from L.J.?
I did.
He asked me to come back to work.
Kang Hwi-nim.
I… don’t like the President. I can’t trust him.
So, the reason you went back to the President,
I can’t understand it.
No matter how much I think about it, I can’t understand.
Are you not going to tell me?
I am naturally...
cut out for the stage.
I couldn't live because
I felt stifled living as a commoner.
If not L.J., who else would accept me?
A troublemaker like me?
Isn’t that correct?
Kang Hwi-nim, this situation
was all started by the President.
I can’t trust the President.
How can you trust that he won’t
repeat what he did to you.
I… must go now.
Kang Hwi-nim.
Don’t be like this and come out of that place, huh?
I can’t tell you everything, but I need L.J. now.
And also Man Ok.
Man Ok, I hope you will be by my side.
It’s all right if you don’t answer immediately.
Think about it carefully once more.
I ask this of you, Man Ok.
Kang Hwi-nim.
I’m going.
I’ll be waiting, Apsala.
You spent the night out?
Don’t bother about me.
You fell in love, so now you aren’t
even afraid of the President?
Seeing that you are so confident
after spending the night out.
You make it so obvious.
Did you think I wouldn’t know?
Go around with it written on your forehead.
'I like that Jang Man Ok!'
Shut up, Jin Se Ryeong!
If you dare say something
like that anywhere!
You think no one will know
if I don’t say anything?!
The President already knows.
The President saw it earlier!
The lousy cell phone you carried around.
When he leaves and when he comes in.
What he does every hour!
Stick right next to Kang Hwi and watch him 24/7!
If something like this happens once more, you are fired on the spot!
Every single one of them is like that!
Ah, seriously!
They say you don't realize the person's worth until after he leaves.
Yes, it’s I.
An investor?
Is that really true?
Yes, hyung-nim.
He is a sunbae business man that I know well.
I was also a bit surprised.
As a passing comment, I slipped a word
that you are preparing a new album with Tae Ik.
After a few days, he called back.
He wants to help actively in the investment, expenses and marketing for the album preparations.
Hey! Marketing investment also?
Indeed! There is no law that you should die!
But how could he so willingly?
By any chance, is he Tae Ik’s fan?
Who is that sunbae?
I should meet him and, at least,
give him the production plan.
No, there is no need for it.
You just need to proceed as planned.
He delegated everything to me.
I will receive the investment funds and give it to you.
You aren’t by any chance... joking around with me, are you?
Hyung-nim! How could you say such a disappointing thing?
Can’t you trust me?
I trust you! But something is weird.
He is just going to invest
without revealing his name…
It sounds fishy, that’s why.
He is a sunbae I know very well.
He is trustworthy.
So don’t worry at all!
I should trust people.
That is all I have.
Anyway, thanks a lot!
I will definitely return this favor!
I've already received so much from you.
Would you like some soju?
Let’s drink soju later.
I have ever so many things to do!
Is it there? Wolf House?
Yes, he is called “Sangsu-dong Wolf.” “Sangdae” for short.
He isn’t well-known.
But, in abilities, he is the best
vocal trainer and songwriter in Korea.
Sangsu-dong Wolf?
What a name!
If he bites once, he never lets go.
That’s why he is called “wolf.” Sangsu-dong Wolf.
Now! There is an investor who said he will help us.
Now, we have to start in earnest.
Tae Ik!
I am telling you just in case.
Sangdae, that fellow, his temper is really foul. Even if he acts odd,
bear with it!
Don’t get flared up and leave, okay?
Am I a kid?
Don't worry.
Ah, yes. Just… I’m saying it for caution’s sake.
Let's go up.
Sangdae! Hyung-nim is here!
Oh, Hyungnim!
How long has it been?
Is it this guy? The person you were talking about?
Yes. Hey!
Say hello to each other.
This is Korea’s top composer, Sangdae.
Here is Asia's top singer, Tae Ik!
Hey, Sangdae, you see...
I would like Tae Ik to get lessons here.
Is that okay?
It was your request, so I told you to come. But you know me, don’t you?
Whether or not I will give lessons. Let me hear him sing before we resume talking.
Only then will I decide whether or not I will give lessons!
And if I do (give you lessons),
I should know the extent
of what I need to teach you.
Don’t you think?
Have you never heard my songs?
Your songs, for which,
half of it is a synthesized voice?
How will I know by listening to that?
Let me hear you sing live.
If you are curious about my singing abilities, show me yours first!
I don’t know your singing abilities either.
Only if I know what kind of teacher you are,
can I decide whether or not
I will receive lessons from you.
♬ Too many thoughts.
♬ Too many worries.
♬ I kept myself hidden in them.
♬ Even I want to go out into the world.
♬ I must show my dreams confidently.
♬ To me who was crouched for so long.
♬ Higher up in the sky, spreading my wings further,
♬ I want to fly.
How is it?
Am I qualified enough to give lessons?
Now! I think it is your turn.
What is it?
Do you lack confidence?
Hey, hey! Sangdae! Why are you acting like this?
Take it easy, huh?
Ah! You don’t know this song?
Then something else?
Why are you lowering everything half a key?
You are playing everything half a key lower.
You are not totally devoid of pitch.
I was being thoughtful.
I was playing it to suit your level.
If you want, I will play it in its original key.
will you be able to sing it?
Hey, Sangdae!
I thought he was obviously a new singer
since you made this request.
It would have been better if he was a new singer.
He would exert himself to the utmost in order to learn.
But, he can’t even sing
and relies on his looks.
Because he is a star,
he acts arrogant.
I can’t stand that!
Why? Did I say something wrong?
If you want to learn how to sing,
then come back after you first
get the right attitude to learn!
Do you feel inferior?
Because I am a star?
You are looking at me like that now.
'Even though I have the talents,
I can’t be one.'
'But, someone who is helped
by a synthesizer is a singer and a star!'
With those eyes!
If a person is good-looking, do you
think he can automatically become a star?
Even if the person has talent,
those who can’t,
will never become one.
In this business . . .
Show the appearance that people like.
And hide what they don’t like.
Laugh if you like it. And laugh even if you don’t like it.
In order to safe-guard my foothold,
I also live doing my best.
Don’t impertinently blabber like you know me at all!
Are you done talking?
Hey, Sangdae!
Why? Did I say something wrong?
Calm down, Lee Tae Ik.
Lee Tae Ik!
I'm sorry.
I'll see you next time.
You also...
There is nothing you did right either.
Don’t look down on Tae Ik!
will definitely make a comeback.
Wait and see!
Subtitles by The Maid of Full House 2 Team @ viki.com
Will he be okay?
What can be done?
It is all something that he needs
to experience and overcome.
I’m worried that Lee Tae Ik,
with his personality,
will give up everything.
Tae Ik, that fellow, is more strong-willed than he appears.
He won’t give up easily.
So don’t worry too much.
I have some business.
Go ahead up.
Come back safely.
That Sangsu-dong Wolf or Dog,
he looks like a dry anchovy.
Even I could sing that well.
How could he act all high and mighty?
If he was that great,
he would have already become a singer.
Isn’t that right?
What that person said, don’t take it to heart.
It was so obvious that he was acting like that out of jealousy for you.
Ah, but...
How did you know that he was
playing it half a key lower?
Lee Tae Ik, are you by any chance…
What was that?
Ah! Do you have perfect pitch?
One! Two! Three!
Instead, there is one condition.
Are you asking me to search the President’s room?
I found it!
I can do everything you want for you.
If you want to get back Full House, I will do that for you, too.
The person next to me.
It is more important to guard her.
- Let's go! - Ah!
- Hyung-nim!
- Let's go quickly!

Now I have paid back all my debt, haven't I?
Now, all sort of useless people are getting me mad!
Whatever happens to Won Kang Hwi,
it doesn't matter?
Won Kang Hwi is becoming blind!