Richard Pryor Death (ITV News)

Uploaded by Lwyse96 on 21.01.2013

It was his unflinching observations about life and race in modern America
that won Richard Pryor legions of fans the world over and the utter admiration of his peers.

They call it epidemic now.
That means white folks doing it.
If you haven't stolen something from Richard Pryor
and you do stand up, you're doing it wrong.
Last night Richard Pryor's wife Jennifer announced the 65 year old had
died of a heart attack in an L.A. hospital. She called him an extraordinary
man who enjoyed life right up until the end.
Pryor's career spanned five decades and throughout he was never far from controversy.

In his stage act nothing was off limits, one extraordinary anecdote
related the time he set himself on fire whilst taking cocaine an incident that very nearly killed him.
You've got a great goal off, perfect swing
But he also found mainstream success.
He was one of Hollywood's highest paid stars earning millions from hit films
such as Silver Streak and Superman III.
I am a genius. I don't wanna never see no more police in my life.
But Richard Pryor's lasting legacy will be his comedy.
He forged America to take a good look at itself and laugh at itself as well.
It's fitting that in his wife's words he