John Cooper on Life In A Day

Uploaded by lifeinaday on 07.07.2010

>> COOPER: Hello, I'm John Cooper, and I'm the director of the Sundance Film Festival.
Sundance has always been and is still about innovation, what's new, what's different,
how stories affect others. I think this project embodies those qualities, and that's why we
are a part of it. I'll be honest, the idea scared us at first. It's ambitious. But you
have Sundance. You've got YouTube. Ridley Scott is producing, and Kevin MacDonald is
directing and putting it all together. I think the possibilities are limitless. We don't
normally pick films in July. This is very different for us. We're taking a risk, I mean,
all of us together. I'm personally excited to see what people all over the world have
to say about their lives, I mean, right now. I have no idea what to expect, no idea what
we're going to get. That is the question, but that's also the fun of it, right? So here's
the scoop. Everybody stop tweeting and take a camera and film something July 24th. I'm
going to. January 2011, Sundance Film Festival. Be there.