Fun and Funky Craft Idea: Modern Geometric DIY Sculpture

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on 29.03.2012

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Hey guys
today I'm going to make this 3D geometric sculpture
To make our own
three-d_ geometric wall sculpture
you need to templates i created found in the links to the description below
at several of these template out on cardstock speaker and using white paper
to let you had a different color to each side of my triangles but make them
whatever color you want lay your template on a self-healing cutting mat and use an
exact an X-ACTO knife or paper scissors to cut them out
got your triangles cut-out you will need scoring board and a boning tool. I
have a vintage sewing tool that works perfectly. Place the folding lines by
indicated of the scoring board and create a crease with the tool
to create a crease in each fold line
including the three out before break
fold your piece lines in with the black lines on the inside of your triangle and
set the finished golden triangle aside
two glue your triangles
plays a scrap piece on your mat to prevent it from getting sticky
using the Elmer's glue stick
a piece of the outside fault lines
fold it to attach to the triangle next to it and hold it down place
it onto your mat and use your boning tool to apply pressure to the scene that
connects the two glue pieces
take the open flap that's facing up
and glue the outer fold lines.
fold the outer pieces and tuck them into your outer glued area to complete your
three-dimensional triangle. Use the tips of your fingers and fingernail suppressed
the newly glued corners together
repeat these steps to make as many triangles as you want
my philosophy is go big or go home so I have eighty triangles for my sculpture
Your three-dimensional triangles look cool enough to attach to the wall but
we're taking it to the next level with some lush and rich color cardstock paper
take an array of colors and the color black template i provided interest in
several of them onto the back of each color cardstock
tracing inevitably makes a larger triangle that the original
so when cutting them out
cut along the inside of your trace line trying to be as accurate as possible decreasing
in cutting your color cardstock until you have a color for each side and
of each triangle
that is three times the amount of triangles you have so it might eighty
triangles unneeded two hundred and forty color pieces
I counted how many of each I needed beforehand beforehand to prevent superfluous
take your triangles and make piles of three of the same size and the colors you want
to go together
apply a generous amount of your Glue Stick to the back of each triangle and apply the
glued side to one side of one of your three triangles
applied pressure to adhere keeping in mind that you're working with paper
so don't man handle it
i omitted adding a color piece to piece because you will see about the asleep
they will be attached to the wall
when all of your triangles have three different colors on three sides
take Elmer's foam mounting tape and take small angled pieces to attach to the
and one piece to the small triangles and shoot medium and large
cut an angled piece and respect your right indicated the base of the triangle
and place one across from that
apply each one to the wall using a love letter as a guide
keep applying until
you have a three-dimensional
modern geometric wall sculpture
you can use any shape, any colors
just use your imagination to customize it how do you want
thanks so much for watching