R.O.K. Radio Interview with Money Maker$

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Wassup we're the hip hop duo out of Dynasty Muzik known as the 'Money Maker$'
Me I'm J-flow and this is..
They call me Bron
Nice to meet you
Our setup here is still a little unorganized so
exchanging headphones like that while you were rapping must have been hard
I know right
Thanks for doing it well anyways
I wanted to hear this track but it's still not available yet right?
Right..we perform it at our live shows so
It's coming out on the 27th right?
thats friday right, the day after tommorrow? ok
So first let's talk about how you two got together
It was like fate how we met
On the street?
Me..yeah when I was a junior in high school
I was walking around telling everybody my dream was to be a rapper
My friends were starting to study for their University entrance exams
So I thought to myself what should I do with my life
My dream is to be a rapper so, I have to do something about it so
I just started going to Hongdae. Thinking if I go to Hongdae I'll meet other rappers
So from there that's when everything started
So it's there that you met J-flow?
Yes thats right. Bron and MSG were street rappers at the time. Always rhyming in ciphers
So this guy was there
Yeah, I was just there by chance hanging out, drinking, etc.
Thats when I saw Bron and he really stood out
and his style was real unique so I thought to myself it would be nice to work with him
I came from Busan and I used to be in the 'New Dynasty' crew with Maniac hyung
and the crew started moving up to Seoul so I ended up here as well
and that's how I met Bron
and thats how we became the Money Maker$
So let's talk about your individual personalities like your age, where you grew up, some simple info like that?
I'm 24 years old, like I said before I'm from Busan and I've been rapping since early high school
In the beginning it was difficult because in Busan there isn't a big hip hop community
So I started looking online for hip hop crews. Typing in 'where do I go to rap in Busan?'
In Busan there really wasn't much. Anyway, the 'New Dynasty' looked to be the biggest crew down there
I wasn't ready to rap but I just went looking for them
This was while you were not rapping?
That's right. I'm a big basketball fan so. Whatever had to do with African-American culture was fascinating to me
African-American music too
If you see basketball videos, you see blacks playing basketball so..and also they have hip hop playing in the background
So I thought to myself, hmm, maybe I should try this? That's what I thought to myself
So then I started working with the New Dynasty crew and then slowly got better and then moved up to Seoul
and then I met this guy
So how long have you been in Seoul?
I came up here when I turned 22
So it's been 3 years
Yeah about that
So you came from Busan 3 years ago and have probably experienced a lot of crazy stuff while you were here
Yea that's right
So Bron, first of all, when I look at you, you look really similar to DOK2(Korean Rapper)
Yeah in the beginning when I first met Maniac hyung, that's what he used to say to me all the time
That's interesting, you guys look so similar
So you are how old?
I was born in 92, so I'm 21 now
and how long have you been rapping for?
About 1 year now
So how did you fall in love with hip hop?
When I was about 14 years old in high school. Ever since freshman year I heard Korean hip hop and thought it was really cool
Wow I wanna try this too
So you liked Korean hip hop first then
I didn't really like music when I was young but somehow I got my hands on an mp3 player
I asked my cousin to put some songs in it and he put in one song by Dynamic Duo called 'Boolmyungcheeng'
That came out and that's when I started searching for music
and whenever they would ask me at school what do you want to be when you grow up, I would say "a rapper."
I used to just talk about it but I never did anything about it
and like I said before, when I was 19 I started going to Hongdae to pursue my dream
Going out to perform at Rap Attack events right?
Yeah thats right at the hongdae playground
Ok so where are you from?
Me, Seoul
What neighborhood in Seoul?
Raised in Guro, next to Yeongdeungpo?
Guro is a ghetto place
Can't help but do hip hop out there
Ok so that's how you guys met. Now making a decision to be a group is a really big decision right
Sometimes there are situations where members rip each other off or something like that.
It's almost like marriage in a way. It's a big decision for your life and future
thats right
It's not like dating where you can do what you want. You guys signed a contract and you can't break it
So how did you come about making a big decision like that?
I know you met by chance but
Before, J-flow actually had a partner that he was working with
that person was here but then that person had to leave the country all of the sudden
The guy he was working with?
thats right
He left and then all the sudden I get a call in the middle of the night
Let's be a team
Yeah so at the time I was new to the game so I felt honored and said yes
Oh that's simple
But at that time I didn't think of it that seriously
like this will affect me forever. I didn't really think of it like that
So it was more because I thought it would be fun to be a group
So out of all the guys I met I thought he was the best choice
So if this was a man-woman relationship this would be an unstable relationship
That's why he mistreats me these days
But you guys decided to become a team and also you've signed a contract so
you guys know how important that is to your lives right?
Yes thats right, now, it's like that
So how long has it been since you guys decided to be together?
It hasn't been one year yet
Not a year yet?
oh wait, its a year now
So Bron, I'm curious to know, what does your name mean?
It doesn't have any meaning
It has no meaning, The reason I use that name is because when I was in middle school
I used to be a big fan of a B-Boy named 'Born'
I used to go to his shows and I thought he was really cool
So I created a nickname for myself under his name but eventually found out I had spelled it wrong
The correct spelling is B O R N but I had spelled it B R O N
I was going around saying I was Born, thats me..
but the spelling was wrong huh?
So one of my friends in high school saw it and said, "hey this is spelled wrong. This is Bron, not Born."
I wanted to think of it as fate so..
So thats how you got your name huh? Then it's really nothing then
Hey are these the same questions sent to us from your label?
That's right
Right right?
Oh ok because when I asked you that question, you answered, "It has no meaning" so I was confused for a second
well yeah these things are worth talking about too though
But hey, I'm looking at the side of your neck and I see these lipstick marks. Is that a tatoo or something?
It's just.. a tattoo
It's a tattoo huh? It looks so real I was wondering..
A lot of people get confused by it though
You thought it was a hicky right?
He has a lipstick tattoo
I don't see it over here
If you don't have superpowers you can't see it from over there of course
So then J-flow what does your name mean?
It's just because my name is Juho Lee
There's the 'J'and when I rap it's my flow so
So I just thought of it real simply
That's why I named myself that
Where do you guys live?
I still live in Guro my old hood
Me, I live in Sillim-dong
I live with MSG
You guys live together?
That must be fun
So since you guys are a team now, I know that you have your own individual styles but
but when you guys are together, what kind of music do you guys make?
Duos have a whole other charisma to them so
what kind of style do you guys want people to know you for?
Can you talk about that?
Hyung do you want to take this?
You do it
Me? ah
As artists we do have a lot of differences
But rather than going for a certain style
for our future's sake, we don't want to get locked into a certain style
If we do what we like, that style will become our own
So you make your stuff according to your impulses. That's what you mean right?
Yes thats right
Yeah I think that's really good too
If I like it I do it
So when people see you guys perform or watch your music videos is there a certain style
because to MCs style is very important. We usually want to separate ourselves from others through our style
There are a lot of rappers your age in the underground that want to make a mark
Other MCs put a lot effort into their visuals, fashion, etc.
For that you must have a certain style you are going for
Because your music is a bit different, your team name is Money Maker$ right?
Also the song you just released is called 'SWAG.' So for that do you have a certain type of role model?
American artist or
Yes, we pretty much like all American artists
Who have you been influenced by?
Mm.. We have different role models but for me..um, Odd future or Young Money
stuff thats hot nowadays. new stuff
I see, the new school huh
yea that kind of stuff. For J-Flow..
For me I like everything, The new hip hop coming out nowadays, I like it all
I really watch a lot of videos. When I'm at home and have nothing to do, I don't play games much
I just watch videos of African-Americans and their lives
Just whatever like Young Money Tour footage. I'm fascinated by African-American culture
That's why I think I like 'Black' music so much. Everything. I don't shut my ears to anything
So since you two love rapping, who are your favorite MCs?
My all time favorite is Jay-Z
Me...I don't just like one person but if I really have to choose one..
I would have to say Tyler
Doesn't make sense does it?
Jay-Z and Tyler huh?
So..hey ask some questions
Oh yeah, lemme ask you guys something..
We usually don't have questions prepared but today we do.
oh wait, there's a text from one of your friends in Busan who says Keep it up!
Sha.. Shout out, he wants a shout out
Shout out to Min Tek. Thank you!
Who's this guy Min Tek?
He's one of the people from Busan that I got close with in the hip hop scene
It's a guy right?
Yeah it's a guy, a guy.. I'm a bit embarrassed because a guy did that
Ok so how about this. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working with a foreigner boss?
Foreigner boss? haha
Well since he has an American citizenship..
It's hard to communicate
Oh hard to understand each other?
Do you speak good English?
No, just a little, barely..
Chan sometimes misunderstands us
So he must get angry then..
If Chan hyung gets angry, after talking a bit in Korean, he starts cussing in English
all of the sudden like, "Fuck man, etc. etc." like that
then I get confused all of the sudden
cuz you don't understand what he's saying..
"No hyung, it's not like that, calm down," we don't understand each other so we end up arguing about nothing
So then how do you come to a compromise?
We sleep on it and talk the next day
At that moment we concede to him, "Yes hyung, you're right.."
So before you guys signed, how much information did you guys have on the 'Pre-Uptown' Snacky Chan?
Did you hear of his albums in the States or anything like that?
Me, I haven't heard them..how about you?
Me too, I didn't know much but before we signed I did some research
because it was important to know so
On youtube huh?
I found out a lot and also CHan hyung brags a bit. "Oh I used to rap with this guy and I did this, go and look it up"
Like, "Don't misunderestimate me"
He'll show us shows he did with famous artists saying "I made an appearance here.."
"Because I'm worldwide" right?
Yeah that's why..He knows himself too
So do you guys respect him as a musician too then?
Of course of course, I listened to all of his albums and mixtapes. Before I didn't have access to it but after we started working together..
Wow, really, it was no joke. I understood why he got famous back then
However, although you are both musicians, you are signed to him so basically he's your boss
Him, as you know, was under Uptown who also had a musician as a boss and they're both talking bad about him so..
So like that if you look at business relationships there are usually some complaints
That boss's personality is like that. What kind of personality does your boss have? Can you speak on that?
Bron you answer..
Not problems with communication but personality complaints
Me..I'm not the type to hide things so
If I have to talk about his personality then..
He's a realist
For me, I daydream a lot and if I say "hey hyung what if we did this or tried this.."
Chan says "Right now is important"
and he's very detailed. He's very detailed so I feel restricted
I'm more impulsive so it does get uncomfortable sometimes
So you feel like he restricts your creativity you're saying?
Uh yeah..
For Bron he blocks the creativity of your mind. This is not it..
Yeah but Chan hyung is really cool
After sayin all that bad stuff..
Bron not like that though, more like everyday stuff, like he always feeds us cheap ass food like dukkbokki
When we first met he bought us expensive food all the time, if we go somewhere he'll buy us drinks
so I thought "Wow, this guy is really great.."
So he doesn't do that anymore?
These days he buys us nothing but kimbap
Just plain kimbap, not even with tuna in it..
If the Money Maker$ make some money he'll take you to a better place to eat
That's right, it'll probably change
like VIPs restaurant and places like that
So in the end, you guys haven't really given us any real information on your relationship with Chan
I know right, but soon at the end of our show we're gonna ask them what Korean MCs they like and dislike so..
Ok so from now on, you guys said you want to make music that you like but later, like 5 years later..
what kind of music do you think you'll be doing
We can still be doing music together or not
This is five years later!
Ok then 3 years later..assuming you are still together
Ok assuming then..
If we do what we like then that will become our signature style
But not that, I'm wondering whether your plans are for the underground or mainstream..
Hyung what do you think..
We're gonna mix it up a bit
we're gonna keep doing things for the underground while keeping the mainstream in mind
Kind of like your artist Giriboy who has a good mainstream/underground appeal in his music
its not too harsh for the mainstream yet its not too soft for the underground
I think that would be good for us
thats great
alright then, so what about your immediate plans then
Our new single is coming out this Friday and with Chan and Dynasty Muzik we're going to release our mini-album
we're collecting the beats and we're writing to them, almost done with it
we're hoping to release it in September or October
so the mini-album and also during that time release mixtape tracks here and there
we don't really have other plans besides that because our mini-album is what we want to focus on..
and the single drops on the 27th..
yes thats right
Does the single come out with a music video?
Yes it comes out with a video
We'll be looking forward to it
Ok last but not least, we have a segment in our show where we ask our guests their opinions
on rappers they like and dislike
Like you saw earlier with Giriboy..You can say Like, Dislike, or average.
Here we go, Swings and I will ask you one by one and both of you give your responses
Ok I'll start. Uh, Paloalto
Like, Like
E Sense
Like, Like
Like, Average
Average, dis.. dis.. dislike
Dislike, Average
Average, but wait..Is there another word I can use instead of 'Dislike?'
No! Either Like, Dislike, or Average!
Like, Like
uhh.. Vasco
Average, Dislike
Lil Boi
Like, Average
This guy is just a hater huh??
He dislikes them all right
Personally my music taste is..I'm not saying I don't like them as people
That's right just musically
If it's not what you like then..
J Kyun
Dislike ok next!~
Why why.. give them a chance..
This guy right here doesn't look like he wants to say..
Why didn't you answer about J Kyun yet?
Alright..Should I ask more? B-Free?
Average, Average
Average, Like
Average, Dislike
Wutan.. you guys don't even know him huh?
No no we know
Black Nut
As expected, Black Nut..
Bron did something with him
Oh really? When?
A long time ago for his mixtape
But Bron is pretty honest, he's keeping it real
Yeah he's puttin it all out there..
Hey guys make sure you post this up in the news at www.hiphopplaya.com
In headlines, "Bron has no respect for his rap elders."
Hey one of you guys online! Make sure you put this up on all the web mags!
Write down the hate list and post it up online for us..
Alright guys it was nice meeting you and congrats on your deal with Chan
So our long conversation with the Money Maker$ is now finished. Do you have a song of yours ready to play?
This won't be live..because they did already before.
Then what song is coming on?
Yeah 'Home Field,' The song that MSG features on
The song all three of you are on?
Yes but we made this song to put MSG in the spotlight
ok ok. So this won't be live, we're gonna play the song and end the show so are there any last words you have?
You go first
We're gonna work hard
There's nothing more to say
We're gonna work hard, record new tracks and let you hear them as soon as possible
Thank you
Yes, Although I said the word 'dislike,' I bow in respect to my rap elders
You all have more experience than me
I'll also try hard.. I still have a lot to learn and have many weaknesses in my skills. I will try my best to improve.
Yes, thank you episode 19 with the Money Maker$, Snacky Chan, MSG, and Giriboy