DIY Regalos navideños de último minuto! - DIY Last minute Christmas gifts! (Subtitled)

Uploaded by whatthechic on 16.12.2012

Christmas is here!
One of the most celebrated holidays characterized for being full of joy, peace and love.
However, it's also the perfect time to make gifts.
These ones have become a nightmare for most of us
because we think an original gift has to be complex and expensive.
This is why, in this video I'm going to show you 5 ideas
to give this Christmas.
They are easy, creative and very economic.
Like any other cupcake
this one starts with a cake to which we will add frosting.
Then, put some grated coconut in a plate and pass the cupcake so the coconut will adhere.

Use more frosting and mix it with green colorant
to create the Christmas tree
Take a wafer cone and cover it with the green frosting
Remember to be generous with the frosting in the bottom so it can adhere to the cupcake.

Once you have placed it on top of the cupcake
cover the top of the Christmas tree
This is very easy! Take a tooth pick and make circular movements to
add texture to the tree
Once it's ready, add sprinkles of any color you want. In this case I put silver.
Finally, I added some sugar christmas figures on the bottom of the tree
and a star on the top.
The exfoliant is a inexpensive gift that a lot of women will love.
Combine some granulated sugar with baby oil until you get an oily but thick mix.
Then add any edible colorant and fragrance you like.

I used cinnamon.
Insert a little bit of the mix into a clean bottle
and using a long stick, press the mix down so there won't be any empty spaces.
Now do the same mix again but don't add colorant.
Fill the bottle until the top alternating both mixes.
If you'd like, you could draw a label with the ingredient of the exfoliant
or the name of the person who will receive the gift.
This idea is super easy,
you just need a mug and a permanent marker.
Use your imagination or Internet to draw a design on the mug.
You are done! You have a personalized Christmas gift in less than 5 minutes.
The gift cards are the life saver for
last minute gifts.
Many people don't like them because they are not personal enough.
However, you can make them more special doing the following.
Take a glass jar and paste the gift card to the lid with glue.
Then, fill the jar with water and close it to see if the gift card resists the water.
If everything seems to be ok, open it again and add glitter and sequins.

Now it looks like a snow ball or a glitter globe!
If you'd like, you could use the same idea with a photography that is laminated.
Finally, decorate the jar with ribbons and bows, and you are done.
The last idea is pretty fun.
In a jar, create layers adding all the dry ingredients
of a cookie recipe.
So the person who will receive it, will only have to poor the mix in a bowl
and blend it with the liquid ingredients.
Once the jar is done, you can decorated the jar as you want.
I will tie a ginger man mold to the lid with a ribbon.
It's simple, cute and useful.
If you recreate any of these ideas, I would love to see some pictures.
So don't hesitate to send them to me through Facebook or Twitter.
Hope I could inspire you,
Merry Christmas!