Brent Mason with Xoitc RC Booster, BB Preamp & EWS Fuzzy Drive.mp4

Uploaded by XoticGuitars on 26.09.2010


Well, that's what I was pretty much thinking about.
When I was, you know...
This is totally no...
Totally clean.
The amps are set pretty low.

If I'm using it in a song where...
I don't want too much grunge or too much distortion...
I'll just use it like I'm using a lower wattage amp.
Like smaller amp...
...where you will be taxing the amp a little bit more.
I'll kick the RC pedal in. It's a preamp kind of a...
I was just showing you that.
You hear a little bit of distortion...
...but not too over powering.

Turn it off, it's totally clean.

Then you...

You get a little dirt into it.
Now, if it sounds a little dark...
...maybe edge the Treble a bit.

Great, great crunch sound.
It's very natural amp-y sound.
I use that as my stage #1 distortion.
Not the extreme.
And if I want to go up from that a bit, I do this.

You get more crunch with that.
I use that on solos.
I go into that...

So, you do the solo sound with that.
Or if you want them both on... can actually put both on.
And they sound pretty good.

Pretty good.

That's both of them together.
Then we've got the little bit of extreme here...
...with the Fuzzy Drive.
Good for more metal or modern rock.

So, you got 3 different distortions that seem to be...
...a lot of variety there.
Just depending one the song you're playing.
The style of the song.
Heavy distortion or not.
This is light, for rhythm sound.
Very natural sounding.
I always take these pedals to my sessions...
...and they seem to work best.
I haven't found one that works better...
...that are more practical than those pedals.

Caption: Yumi Adachi