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NAVIGO Multimedia presents
This game is dedicated to the author Philip K. Dick.
At the year 2010, almost all fields of our information society depend on mega computers.
Economy, power and climate base on forecasts of electronic simulations.
July 2010:
Failures accumulate in the data network. The power supply threatens to break down.
Aggressive pseudo-intelligent data structures - computer viruses - spread rapidly over all systems.
Nobody knows where they come from. But there is one hope ...
Your mission:
- Infiltrate the system - Analyze all program lines
- Locate, separate and eliminate all suspicious data structures
Your support:
- A resident protection program - Skaphander! - Strategically placed debug tools
You determine your bonus! Good luck!
Stop! Before you begin, determine your bonus per reviewed program line:
WARNING: A high bonus needs a lot of courage!
Your bonus: 10 cyber-dollars
Haaallelu... No! No interrupts!
Frozen inoperable data
Mission failed Back to the last point (Y/N)?