President's Council at Worldwide Day of Play

Uploaded by USGOVHHS on 24.10.2011

[music playing]
[Female Speaker] All right, good job!
[Dominique Dawes] Worldwide Day of Play is amazing,
it's all started by Nickelodeon, they're turning off their
network for a number of hours to get kids outside and moving.
[Female Speaker] I think they shut down most of the TV
so we could come out and play with the Nickelodeon stars.
[Male Speaker] Fitness is a really big part of our lives
naturally so it becomes a -- so that message is pretty easy
for us to share our lives.
We go out and run in the morning and work out.
[Chris Paul] This is what it's all about,
all these kids -- if they're here,
that means that they're not in front of a TV or in front of a
video game and they're playing and having fun.
[Dominique Dawes] It's just great to see the turnout;
there's thousands and thousands of people here.
[Children] Hi!
[Kathleen Sebelius] There's really a effort underway to make
sure that the next generation of kids is healthier than
the current generation and really provides some simple ways
for kids and their families to get healthy and stay healthy.
[Shellie Pfohl] The million PALA challenge is a challenge that
the First Lady made last September to get a million
people to achieve our Presidential Active
Lifestyle Award, or PALA.
[Dominique Dawes] We've actually exceeded that goal,
we actually have 1.7 million.
[Michelle Kwan] So now we've added PALA Plus.
[Dominique Dawes] The original PALA program
was all about physical activity.
PALA Plus is incorporating physical activity and nutrition.
[Shellie Pfohl] PALA Plus, which is activity plus nutrition --
so for the first week, you may choose to drink more water,
and fewer sugar-sweetened beverages.
For the second week, you're going to drink more water and
you're going to make half your plate fruits and vegetables.
And so by the sixth week you will have picked up new
healthy eating habits.
[Female Speaker] My favorite food is green beans.
[Female Speaker] I like carrots.
[Female Speaker] Cucumbers.
[Cornell McClellan] I run, I cycle, I do weights.
[Stephen McDonough] Walking, it could gardening.
[Michelle Kwan] Ride a bike, strap on rollerblades.
[Male Speaker] Baseball, football.
[Female Speaker] Climbing a tree or playing soccer.
[Female Speaker] Broccoli.
[Female Speaker] Peaches.
[Male Speaker] Oranges.
[Male Speaker] I play soccer and basketball.
[Children] I like vegetables.
[Cornell McClellan] If it's just walking your dog,
if it's riding your bike, doing a nature walk,
if it's something that you'll enjoy,
then it's something that you'll do.
We know that combining the two of these things will help
us to help kids to be healthier, to be fit,
and to not be overweight.
[Dominique Dawes] It's not just about exercise,
that grueling regiment of, oh, I have to get in a certain
amount of time.
It's really about movement and having fun.
It's a whole new way of life.