Military Cadence Calls : Regulating Breathing in Military Cadence.

Uploaded by expertvillage on 06.02.2008

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi, my name is Christopher Howell with Expert Village, and today we're
going to talk about military cadences. Left, right on left. Now, if you're doing a uniform-type
run where they want you exact in the cadence, well then that's a different story. But if
you're just out there trying to keep a pace, trying to keep the cadence or anything like
that, well then you can kinda relax and remember, it's just kinda to help you to kinda keep
in pace and regulate your breathing so you can get further, get your distance better,
the stamina, whatever you kinda look for, whatever type of goal you're trying to set.
Now, like I told you before, you either have a drill sergeant or someone right here who'll
be leading the group or I could be that person. I could be leading the platoon or the squad,
whatever we got. I could go on right here. But since I'm by myself for demonstrational
purposes, I'm going to do it by myself. I'm going to keep my own cadence, my own pace
and everything, and I'll start off like this: Left, right-on-left, left, right. Right, left.
And you can also use that too to win; a lot of times they'll sing the song. So, they'll
be like, "I hear the choppers hovering, hovering overhead," and just like I told you before,
they'll kinda keep that as a pace marker but they'll do songs to make it kinda fun 'cause
if you start to listen to the song, you start singing and everything, you start forgetting
how tired you are, everything around you. It's just kinda helps 'cause then you'll get
used to the pace, you'll kinda sink into it, your body starts hitting that, it becomes
regular, you don't even notice that you're keeping pace, and the song and the cadence
it's just to take your mind off everything and it just kinda make you relax even more.
This is Chris with Expert Village. Thanks for coming with us and thanks for spending
time to do the military cadence. I appreciate you showing up.