Двери в Берлин. 100° Berlin 2012. #2

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Part 2
The second day we went to Sophiensaele - a cozy theater center with 4 stages.
While the performances were going on two stages, on the other two other participants were preparing. To see and shoot more we divided into two groups.
How it looked like: a big stage of Sophiensaele. With the help of the light periodically one dancer and the other two dancers are illuminated.
In their movements there are clear allusions to the Indian dance. But at the same time, they are very sharp, energetic and athletic, made in a European manner.
Impression: in the blog performers were compared with the servants of an ancient cult.
It was felt a great culture of movement, even the "smallest part" was very important. Moving Poetry.
How it looked like: 4 guys, 1 girl in neutral clothing. On one side there was a pianist, accompanist. The actors turn out to the forefront…
… and offer the audience to come up with the name, occupation and the nature of heroes. Then, invented characters were playing small etudes. And after all the characters were invented, they played a total scene.
Impression: The method of performance reminded us a playback-theatre: the same improvisation, the same unprepared spontaneous action involving the viewer imagination.
Such a conception requires the sharpness of actors, and excellent sense of coherence with each other.
How it looked like: The audience was sitting opposite to each other. Between them there was a platform where the action unfolds. The main character - a woman in a dress of the 19th century, which sets up the viewer's perception of the production.
She was proposing to close the eyes, touch the face and hands, and feel the warmth and relaxation. The performance consists of different scenes: "interview", "psychotherapy", plastic sketches and other.
Impression: The special atmosphere was created with the help of unobtrusive electronic music, which was creating the effect of meditation. The essence of the production remained unclear, but after it we left very relaxed.
How it looked like: The audience was sitting around the room. The two actresses interacted differently with the public.
Some of viewers (it was not clear if they were "stool" or not), blindfolded, and the actress at that time were touching them, holding, and leaning on them.
Impression: What memories are made from? This question asked Irene Cortina in her performance.
She interacted with the audience, hoping that with the help of touching and interaction some memories would wash over the audience.
How it looked like: When the public was allowed to enter the hall, the actors were already on stage, walking blindfolded in a circle, whispering among themselves.
The audience was sitting in such a way to involve them in action as much as possible.
Impression: The scenes were changing one by one. Related with a common theme, but different in the content and emotion: here the characters have just returned from the war, here they are trying to regain their names…
… here they are playing in children's games, here are organizing the TV show, and etc. The performance was very strong and rich.
How it looked like: On stage there is a mini-jazz band playing music, in the breaks between songs the lead singer recites poems of his own.
Impressions: Not impressed. We did not notice the elements of theater and theatricalization; it was more like a literary and musical recital.
After that we went back to the HAU stages, which were near our hostel and watched a few more plays, but more on that in the next release.
Worked on the production: Alexey Zhdanovich Alexey Strelnikov Nikita Sidorenko Vladimir Halak Alena Horbachek Thanks to: Polina Schirova Kate Karpickaya Alena Ivanushenko The full version of the compilation of performances you can see in section “scenography”
Used materials: Theatre movement “Dveri”