[ HD ] Chinese Silver Panda (2013) - VS - Dime

Uploaded by SilverSanctum on 26.12.2012

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Hi guys.
Finally after weeks of waiting, I've got this in the mail.
I think this coin is worth the wait though.
The reverse shares the same layout as previous 4 years.
Which is great. So, no complaints there.
If I have to have a question though, I thought Pandas are solitary creatures.
So, this scene is probably in one LUCKY zoo, where they can have 3 pandas, lol.
Or, it's probably depicting 3 adolescence panda siblings, which I think would be sorta miraculous.
All kidding aside, I really like that reverse design.
I do hope they can maintain quality once they ramp up the output of these.
I read unconfirmed third party source that the Shenyang and Shanghai branches of the Chinese Mints have to pitch in for the increasing production, if not already.
Once even a fraction of 1 billion people become aware of silver's potential, the Pandas can match if not exceed American Silver Eagle's yearly output.
I guess we'll see how that will turn out. Let's hope there still some left to buy for us overseas.
Great coin design, 9.5/10. The coin's condition is 8.5/10. Until next time, bye ...