Virginie Efira pose avec Tanguy de Lamotte pour Initiatives-Cœur - Vendée Globe 2012-2013

Uploaded by VendeeGlobeTV on 09.10.2012

What I’m going to do here is that I’ve been invited by the Heart Surgery Sponsorship Association heart project
to make a publicity clip for the association and meet the children involved.
We’ve made a clip for sick children suffering from heart problems
in overseas countries.
In the clip there were a lot of schoolchildren along with Tanguy de Lamotte
and a young child who had been operated on.
It’s great that the children who are the same age as those who have undergone surgery
see what the sick children have to go through
and that in turn creates friendships when they come to France.
It’s such a difficult operation at that age
and they’re here without their parents and their brothers and sisters
so it’s good for them to have friends to play with.
What I like about the Heart Surgery Sponsorship
is seeing children feeling better
because they’ve faced up to and undergone surgery.
They’re here without their families so it’s sad,
but it’s for the best to become healthy again.
The meeting with the Heart Surgery Sponsorship Association
came about through filming for in October,
the context of which was the Vendee Globe.
Given that the Heart Surgery Sponsorship Association takes care of the boat
and this operation, they thought of involving me.
The minute I was able to help out with getting their message heard,
so that more children can undergo the necessary surgery, my acceptance was inevitable.
I’m keen to sail a good race.
What really counts though is my ability to get all the way around the world
to have the best possible media exposure,
so Virginie obviously plays a part in that before the start
and during the race. We hope this will have a snowball effect on the project
so the limits will be boundless and as many children as possible can be operated on.
For the race project, all the children from different schools
have to visit the website and send me drawings
to take with me around the world.
The more drawings we have, the greater the number of children we’ll have reached in France
and the more the word gets out, enabling more children to undergo surgery.
We have a minimum objective of five children to undergo surgery
for this circumnavigation of the globe,
but we’ll be trying for more.
It would be good if he could win this race.
It’ll benefit the cause if he does well.
Good luck Tanguy! Get as far as you can around the world.
I hope everyone does some good drawings.
Tanguy, it doesn’t matter where we go it’s the journey
that counts and I think it’s going to be extraordinary!
Good luck! I’d really like to be there;
I think I’m a bit jealous!
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