ECS Modmen Competition 2013 ($1,000,000 NT) - OLD

Uploaded by ECSChannel on 07.01.2013

With over one million dollars NT on the line and a chance to fly to Taiwan to be showcased
at Computex 2013
do you have the skills, the ideas, the hunger,
for glory?
Show the world what Modders are made of. The craft,
the concepts, the creative.
Pick up an ECS motherboard, find your way to, register
and get cracking. You have until the twentieth of February to submit your
Upload photos on the site and show the world your beauty or beast, and sway them
with charisma as you hook in their votes. Do they love it?
Hate it? Make them vote for it. The top five Modders will then be flown to Taiwan as
part of Computex 2013
for the final judging. Based on scoring of our panel of judges you could go home
with over $1,000,000NT and the title of ECS MODMAN 2013.