Casey Frost on Brazil's biggest TV Network... (English Subtitles)

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And back on Globo Esporte for you guys to see, the Messiah of American Football in Brazil.
Meet Casey Frost. Produced by Guilherme Ferreira. Take a look.
These are the Corinthians American Football Players. They are arriving for practice.
Notice their style, it's not really of an American Football player, they don't really have the swag.
Now look at this guy arriving for practice. Take a look.
Look at his ease with the ball, look at his moves.
This is Casey Frost,
American, born in Los Angeles, he is 23 years old, has played since he was 8.
And I'm sure you've heard multiple stories of Brazilians leaving to go play abroad where soccer wasn't as recognized.
But Casey did the opposite. He left the US and came to Brazil.
Though to the reason wasn't exactly the huge market of American Football in Brazil..
But this girl...
There is always a girl
"I came because of my girlfriend. I'm from there, she's from here. We graduated there and moved here together."
Tiago: "Did you tell him American Football had a long tradition here in Brazil and that he would do well and become a professional here?"
Marina: "Not quite. It was easier to say that it was Brazil and Americans have interest in getting to know the country."
Casey: "I didn't think I'd find a team here. I hadn't played for two years and my girlfriend's cousin contacted Corinthians
it was a dream come true."
And the truth is, Corinthians won the lotto when Casey came to play for them.
The guy is so good.
He didn't try out for the NFL because of injuries during his last season in college.
He plays Quarterback, he is responsible for spearheading offensive plays.
And so he quickly found a small problem here in Brazil: organizing.
And has even started trying to communicate in Portuguese.
Casey: (in Portuguese) "Let's go, let's go." "Nobody out, everybody in." "Great".
"I think the most difficult thing was the language. I got here and I didn't speak any Portuguese. Now I speak enough to get by.It's easier for me now.
Casey's arrival in the Brazilian League of American Football is one of the main factors that has helped develop the sport here in Brazil.
But he has no idea of the degree of the impact he's had.
Casey: "I mean, I'm just trying to do what I can. It's exciting for me. TO see Gavioes da Fiel at games, to see people excited about the game.
I don't really know what the sport was like before I came here so it's all new to me.
but I can tell it's getting increasingly popular so anything I can do to help the sport grow here will make me happy."
So Globo Esporte went to Mococa to see if Casey truly makes a difference.
Mocaca, a bulging town, a town that lives and breathes American football.
Tiago: "Will there be an American Football game here today?" Man: "Here?"
Tiago: "What will happen here tonight?" Kid: "What will happen here tonight? hahaha"
Tiago: "Do you have any idea how long a football game lasts?" Fan: "None at all"
Tiago: "If I tell you it lasts four hours, will you stay the full four hours?"
Tiago: "What do you know about football?" Fan 2: "Absolutely nothing."
Seriously now, Mococa did really well putting on the event.
Full production, painted fields, refs in uniforms, even cheerleaders.
All of this to receive Corinthians Steamrollers and Tubarões do Cerrado (Sharks of the Desert), a name that still intrigues me. They came from Brasilia.
A qualifying game for the play-offs.
And this is the Wanderley Luxemburgo of American Football. Look at his style.
Well, knowing that on the other side there would be an American that probably could have played in the NFL,
you would think they would worry a little bit about Casey, right?
Cerrado player: "It's a guy that has a bit of experience on us, but to us it's a good played on the other side,
but not giving him any special treatment"
Why worry about Zidane, right Parreira?
And what ended up happening? Casey dominated the game.
Passing for two touchdowns right away.
Casey: "Ah man, this is beautiful. I love playing at night.
It reminds me of playing in High School in the US. It's just like being at home, my new home."