FIMO Rose: Polymer rose - Tutorial [HD/deutsch] (EN-Sub)

Uploaded by DAoCFrEak on 01.01.2013

Have you cheated on again and were caught You are Torero or Valentine's Day
is just around the corner and you need roses. So you do not constantly need
buying fresh, today I'll show you how to mold Fimo roses.
The rose is for a small budget and requires little material. You only need
Fimo green and red, a knife a modeling tool, a toothpick and possibly Fimo gloss
Start first with the stem of the rose. This is not particularly difficult, the leaves are
simple drops. Generally you work a lot with Fimo drops, as the flower of the
rose is also made of a drop technique.
Where are all the rose sellers go? There was never a night on the road one
suspected anything bad, just sat and already so that you could hear it: Do you
want to buy a rose? The seller usually from India are probably now call center
staff and computer science professionals. I think, they have left a
huge social gap.
Connect the flower with the stem, and your Fimo Rose is ready. For which
occasion however I'm sure you can use this rose always good.