Couple gets attacked after seeing "Warm Bodies"

Uploaded by smartypantiesimprov on 01.02.2013

TODD: So...uh...what'd you think of Warm Bodies? It was stupid, huh?
APRIL: I'm sorry, did we see the same movie? Because I had an epiphany.
TODD: What's that?
APRIL: That zombies are hotter than vampires.
TODD: I didn't tell you this about me...but uh...I'm not like other guys.
TODD: (Fake zombie noises...)
APRIL: Todd, stop! You're not going to scare me with your stupid zombie impressions.
TODD: (Zombie noise...seeeexxxxxxxx)
APRIL: (scared) Todd! Todd!
APRIL: (scared) Todd!
(Thriller song plays)
APRIL: They're so cute!
TODD: Yeah I guess
(Cell phone battery dies...beep, beep, stops)
ZOMBIES: (Hungry noises, eating noises)