AVST CallXpress Speech to Text

Uploaded by avstcorporate on 11.09.2009

Hi, I'm Denny Michael, and today
I want to talk to you about a great timesaver technology
It's called speech-to-text. And basically,
what it does, it takes a voice mail and transcribes it into text.
That's a simple concept, but it's a technology
that really kind of transforms the way
people work and do things and save time.
So, suppose you are in a meeting and you are expecting
a very important voicemail, you can't
take it, because you are in a meeting, but
you can read it on your Blackberry or iPhone
or other device. Just having that alone
saves you time rather than having to go back
to your voicemails and read it.
The other thing, that is interesting about it,
if you think about it, is that some people never get to
the point in a voicemail, so you're listening for
maybe minutes before they get to the point.
With text you can, simply look at it, you know
exactly what's going on, dial right into that important piece
of information, and you are there. You're done.
It transforms the way people shave time and
be more efficient.
So I have two examples of timesavers here
on this particular type of technology, speech to text.
One is, you're at a meeting, as a scenario,
and it's just not appropriate in a lot of meetings to pick up
to pick up the phone and answer your voicemail,
answer the phone. And so what you do
in this technology, is you basically wait for it to go
from speech to text, and then basically look at it.
And a lot of times in meetings, that's appropriate.
Or you wait for a break, and you can get right down to the crux
of what that message is just by looking at it via text.
It's a timesaver in that sense.
The other thing that's interesting is WAV files themselves take
a long time to load, and then you have to listen to them.
And sometimes the environment isn't correct for that,
and it just takes a tremendous amount of time,
especially if you have multiple voice mails,
and people just can't get to the crux of the subject.
And so, in this case you've got text.
You're just scrolling through texts very easily.
You're getting right to the information at hand
and the focus of that message.
So it's a very, very important time saver.
It changes the way that you used to do business
by having your speech rendered as text.