DIY Home Security System : Timers for Home Security System

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.01.2008

Hello! My name is Tony Ramirez from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, this
is do it yourself home security systems. Let's get started. Another great way to keep the
bad guys out of your house is using a basic timer. These are really simple to use, fairly
cheap and this one was around $10.00. The great thing to do with these is to make people
think you are at home when you are actually not. Obviously when people are at home, they
start turning light on and off, things like that. So with these timers, it does it all
for you. They are really simple to use. Simply unplug your existing light, plug in your new
light. Plug in the light into the side of the box just like that. Now the timer will
start counting on its own, so it is going to go through. I have two different settings
here. The green is my own and red is my off. So basically it will start right around 2:00
p.m. and turn off around 4:00 p.m. That is basically how it works. So I will show you
real quick. When it hits the actual time, light turns on. Fast forward three times,
magic of TV and it is off. Just like that. That is the basic use of timer for your home.
A great way for security.