ISS Update: Weekly Recap for July 20, 2012

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Good morning, this is Mission Control Houston.
Welcome and thank you for joining us.
Now for a look back at this week aboard the International
Space Station.
The six crew members aboard the station include Russian
cosmonaut Commander of the complex Gennady Padalka
and Flight Engineers cosmonaut Sergei Revin NASA astronaut Joe
Acaba and now cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko,
NASA astronaut Suni Williams and Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide.
The newest crew members of Expedition 32 Malenchenko,
Williams and Hoshide arrived
at the International Space Station aboard their Soyuz
TMA-05M and docked to the Rassvet module
of the space station at 11:51 PM late Monday night.
Then the hatches opened early Tuesday morning
at 2:23 central time.
The new trio will close the first week in space today
and meanwhile aboard the station to greet their new crew members,
Padalka Revin and Acaba will be completing their 68 consecutive
day in space.
And now let's look back at this week aboard the International
Space Station.
On Monday the station crew had a shorter day
with a sleep period six hours earlier than normal
to accommodate the arrival of the three new crewmates.
Before their early sleep period the station crew members worked
with a variety of ongoing science
and maintenance activities.
Revin had worked with the radiation payloads suite
Matryoshka which is designed for sophisticated radiation study
and is named after the traditional Russian set
of nested dolls.
And Commander Padalka worked in the Russian segment
of the station monitoring its systems
and performing preventative maintenance
on the ventilation system while Acaba perform some training
with the robotics onboard trainer.
This is to prepare for the rendezvous and capture
at the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency's third H-II
transfer vehicle that is set to launch to the station tonight
at 9:06 PM central time.
Acaba also performed some maintenance
on the express rack 5 utility drawer lid hatches.
Three new Expedition 32 crew members docked
to the Rassvet module of the International Space Station late
that night at 11:52 p.m. central time,
then Flight Engineers Suni Williams Yuri Malenchenko
and Aki Hoshide launched aboard their Soyuz TMA 05M spacecraft
at 9:40 PM Saturday from the Baikonur cosmodrome
in Kazakhstan.
Again they arrived to dock to the Rassvet module
at the International Space Station
at 11:51 PM central time.
Then on Tuesday NASA astronaut Suni Williams,
Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko
and Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide joined their Expedition
32 crewmates as their new Flight Engineers when the hatches
between their Soyuz spacecraft
and International Space Station officially opened
at 2:23 AM central time.
Tuesday. Commander Gennady Padalka
and Flight Engineer Sergei Revin and Flight Engineer Joe Acaba,
welcomed their new crew members aboard the orbital home
for the next four months.
After participating in a welcoming ceremony with family
and mission officials at the mission control center
in star city, Russia the newly expanded crew quickly went
to work.
Padalka and Revin had conducted a session
with the Bar experiment which looks at methods and instruments
for detecting the location of loss
of pressure aboard the station.
Acaba then swapped out and recharged a battery associated
with the integrated cardiovascular experiment,
which measures the atrophy of the heart muscle that appears
to develop during long-duration spaceflight.
He also performed some maintenance
on the Minus 80 Degree laboratory freezer.
Then Williams, Hoshide and Malenchenko unloaded items
from their Soyuz spacecraft as well
as outfitted their new crew quarters.
And then all six crew members then participated
in a safety briefing to review their roles and responsibilities
in the event of an emergency.
Then on Wednesday new Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide spent some
time reviewing the station's exercise equipment.
Most of his day was spent on the robotics training
for the arrival of Japan's HTV cargo vehicle
that is Kounotori3.
Flight Engineer Joe Acaba joined Hoshide
in the robotics training.
The Kounotori3 again is scheduled to arrive
at the station on July 27 when it will be grappled
with the Canadarm2 and berthed to the harmony node.
Acaba also powered up the ham radios
in the Columbus laboratory and the Zvezda service module.
He demonstrated the treadmill operations to Hoshide
and Flight Engineer Suni Williams who were new
to the International Space Station.
And Williams had worked on two ongoing science experiments
for the InSpace 3 experiment.
Wednesday's objective was to restore even distribution
of particles inside of fluid.
Benefits include production of smarter and stronger materials.
She also reviewed operations for the BASS experiment or Burning
And Suppression Of Solids.
And Flight Engineer Sergei Revin
on Wednesday studied potential ways to detect pressure loss
in the station for the Bar experiment
And Commander Gennady Padalka concentrated
on maintenance inside the station's Russian segment.
Flight Engineer Yuri Malenchenko performed maintenance as well,
transferred gear from the Soyuz TMA 05M
and also conducted crew orientation activities.
Then on Thursday, Flight Engineers Suni Williams,
Yuri Malenchenko and Aki Hoshide joined Commander Gennady Padalka
and Flight Engineers Sergei Revin and Joe Acaba for a review
of crew emergency roles and responsibilities.
Acaba and Hoshide then performed some training again
with the robotics onboard trainer to prepare
for the rendezvous and capture
of the Japanese HTV cargo vehicle, the Kounotori3 is set
to launch to the station tonight again at 9:06 PM central time.
Rendezvous, capture and berthing
of the cargo vehicle are scheduled for July 27.
Then to prepare the space station Progress 47 cargo
vehicle for its undocking Padalka
and Malenchenko installed a docking mechanism
and also ran some tests with TORU,
the Russian telerobotically operated rendezvous system.
Williams worked with the Burning And Suppression
Of Solids BASS experiment.
That experiment examines the burning
and extinction characteristics of a wide variety
of fuel samples in microgravity.
And Sergei Revin worked with the Typology experiment
which studies changes
in cosmonauts' reaction time during their
long-duration spaceflight.
Meanwhile on Thursday Hoshide participated
in an in-flight educational event
for the Japan aerospace exploration agency.
He spoke with students in Tanegashima
and also Tsukuba, Japan.
And today Friday, July 20 Commander Padalka continues
final preparations for this weekend's departure
of the Progress 47.
This is the Russian cargo ship for its undocking this weekend.
The Progress 47 vehicle is set to undock
from the Pirs docking compartment Sunday
at 3:27 PM central time.
The cargo ship will back away from the station
and then re-dock on Monday night.
The vehicle's undocking and re-dock exercise is
to test the new Kurs docking system.
We'll have live coverage of the initial undocking
on Sunday afternoon at 3 PM central time here
on NASA television.
Meanwhile, Flight Engineer Joe Acaba removed
and replaced the Water Recovery System's recycle filter tank
assembly for urine processing
of the onboard Water Recovery System that converts urine,
sweat and condensation into drinkable water.
And Acaba then conducted a fitness evaluation
and a periodic health checkup with some help
from his crewmate, Flight Engineer Suni Williams.
Acaba then assisted Williams
with the Integrated Cardiovascular ambulatory
monitoring system that studies the atrophy
of the heart muscle during long-duration spaceflight.
Also today Acaba, Williams and Hoshide worked together
in more onboard training using the station robotics
to practice vehicle rendezvous and capture in advance
of the arrival of the third Japanese cargo supply ship H-II
Transfer Vehicle or the Kounotori3.
Acaba also will prepare the node 2 nadir hatch
for the arrival of the vehicle.
The cargo ship is scheduled to launch
from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan tonight
at 9:06 PM central time.
We'll have live coverage of the cargo ship's launch here
on NASA television beginning
at 8:15 PM central time, 9:15 PM Eastern time.
And also today, Flight Engineer Suni Williams performed the
reversible figures experiment.
She also will spend time on an entry as part
of the Journals study and participate
in a private medical conference.
Meanwhile today Hoshide reviewed procedures
for the Minus Eighty Degree laboratory freezer
and then also removed
and restowed the current list contents
of the lab aft stowage locations
and moved some space hardware to that location.
The newest crew members aboard the International Space Station
will also have more time today
for additional adaptation and familiarization.
The crew is scheduled go to bed at 5:30 PM central time.
This is Mission Control Houston