Tutorial Marceline Make Up

Uploaded by hotarubika on 01.09.2012

Hey guys I'm Finn! Just Kiddin, I'm not Finn My Nickname is Lila and I'm Here Making one Make up Marceline Tutorial.
I'm doing this because my Adventure time Group asked me, since here in Brazil we don't have Halloween culture like in USA, so we didn't have properly make up like grey pancake.
But anyway, you can use some tips from your own make up too, enjoy!

Just let me clean up my face and get off my beautifull lenses *-* ( that you cannot see because it's too much dark here -_-')
So... let's start
Hi!! I'm Back ^^ I'm at one space of my room with more light and let jake and lsp on another space, so they don't get dirty (and it will be a lot of dirty I must tell) and with all my Teeths again YAY O
First at All You need to use some fixative make up,
before and after you get your make up

After, you need some Base for you make up, don't start to melt/get off so easy and for imperfections, of course.
I always use BB cream because it's cheap and very well recommended,
but you can also use use from other companys.
I will start to use white pigment + grey eyeshadow and mix it up for make the right color for Marceline
. It's one idea, using eyeshadow for color your skin if your country didn't sell grey pancake or gray pigment
You Will need Soft Eyeshadow

......................Use one sponge like THIS for better cover
I'll paint just my face for you guys get one idea, but you can see that also works on the rest of the body
If you don't planing to show your ear off didn't paint it for don't dirty your wig so much

I'll explain what I'll do next since my camera battery is dying.
So, for the lips, you can use eyeshadow with lipstick, or just eyeshadow if you didn't found properly lipstick.
For the teeth, you need to glue it on your gum, if you try to glued vampire teeth with
your real it can not work so well

I'll pass a little of grey eyeshadow under my eyes for give more vampire look and because it's one of the first places that make up get off, so you can easy retouch this area just using the eyeshadow.
I also i'll put grey eyeshadow on my nose line and on my face, so my face will look like more thin. When you put on wig you will notice.

For my eyebrowm i put black eyeshadow, since the make up cover it a little bit. the make up cover it a little bit.
So, for the teeth, you can also use nail extension, one friends of mine make one tutorial video \/

FOr now it's it, I will also make one tutorial with PB and Flame Princess Make up pretty soon!

Hope you guys liked it o/
(ps: like you guys probably notice, I din't put everything that i'm saying on the videos,
just the relevant subject for people who watching but didn't living here in Brazil since most
of people clicking it's from USA.) hope it was usefull anyway and thank you very much
for watching