What Can We Do?

Uploaded by 23marcj on 02.05.2011

okay i'm waking up so what do I do now!
We don't want to fight the system, just cease to cooperate with ease
martin luther king said the limitation of riots moral questions aside
is that they cannot win on that but disciplines knowing hence whiting is not
revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat hitting balls an
emotional catharsis but it must be followed by a sense of futility they
want people to riot it justifies more control
nor do we need to meet this challenge with hate
that's playing away in the stadium which trying to
rid the world off
no need a hate these people
we just need to stop cooperating with the should etc and if we protest and
walk through the streets and shouts slogans and waved banners
THEY care
if we come together irrespective of color, creed, gender
sexuality! Any of it.
put out the differences aside and unite
behind what affects is all and all our families
injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
someone else's injustice is our injustice because if we allow injustice there
that justice will come here anyway
india and we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our
silence is concepts can you hear is now
silence is consent
because while with silence on these imposition, the impositions just keep going
on and on and on bypass islands we all have trieste safe even agreeing to them
being imposed
the end of silence the end of acquiescence
if we want to be free granddaughter running behind
as you can put your head in the sand and ignorance is bliss but only for a while
when you let go of fear you don't need brave you don't need courage courage is
overcoming fear when you let go theaters on moody's has been never will be was
the worst that can happen to me
i leave this physical body organization at night become ortiz has been in ever
will be in full awareness that that is what i have my god i'm terrified that
that might happen i don't know how i'm going to cope with the terror of
thinking that might happen
know that i had a self dead week caring for the email that i self we all
what is that a fair death
there is no death
is putting a telescope down
we could meet this week fail
although i gotta have it
all we can treat it with a peanut it deserves
what we do have to do he's complying
comp blackouts that's what we have to do
because if we don't comply the control systems
in desperate trouble
so it has to frighten his into complying fulfill of not complying on the
consequences that come from that
won a hold of the second year
there's something about this
that a try
when we look at this structure
we look bad for the power
but why is that there
because these silly solids are already out there
this is the power
they have to persuade them but very out the power so that we don't they don't
take the power
to break that crashing down
halt bringing it down cynthia of not complying
once we step out of the pyramid of refused to cooperate with it no violence
necessary by the way
and apparent it starts to collapse was with odi gets together
is a house of cards so it is
always nick charles is god's house of cards