Lascar: Cambridge Book Launch - Part One

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Good evening everybody.
so much for coming out as they have a great
nice to see so many people
thank you so much
therefore talk about my book i just want to get lost
everybody happy that she had a lot less
convey as i also like to see
that's interesting about that
walesa is not used to pay much edsel
fixing it at that time about myself before i've talked about his sheep
of myself
uh... authority cambridge
ninety seventy one
uh... about mafia
my father came to police on sunday twenty percent
he sticks out
ninety-six prompt
twenty telecaster boss uh... alaska
house so he's possible in the future
the family's yes it it
uh... is likely to michael
now is my first historical novel
and up at about the same visit mine website for more information on mob
on the task at hand
so i wanted to write a novel unprecedented anyway
and he generation on board
such a good if you see
to make it more interest because some people to find he seemed quite poorly
than his share masses of the document you've gotten his chin
anhydride states highlight plaxo
that's us
to buy the story of the property
sometimes she's off the mark
it was a lot of the state to pay
to get a slip up
lieutenants and still
so i would be said he'd say
if i came up to use it and because
that's exactly what i want to see
um... the lets them access to the house and has published a book that you must
last month
outside of the issue that's that's probably not going to talk about
set these these things
headed for somalia
well at some point to reach and unique asik obviously
so many people think that he's been first began to write to me
patches on sexual
knows already a small
sizable something unit
in the sixties and seventies section
soda or what's a
something it's sunny
asana professional somalia's jokes
silently politician
but majority of them k'nex
and yes i think it might be out here since i've known him since
as you can see
concentrating honestly one-half
used to be
army soldier
wet lessons common problem
occasionally do some foods and other countries use of the cape cod
this was the initial east indies
so they can pull the string constants here
but by the nation's sixties gate
fantasy it may be problem the animal
hesitate this
at that time it was just sitting here
and also
on and i just can't you can't stop
during sentencing
although that may be interested in
weekend hedonists
estimates for the invitation to a good life
and thought it might be marginally shifts
and is it makes
now you can see the sign of progress in the states it's uh... eighteen hundred
and and he gets to talk about what was it seventy
and it's that time is up the ethics indicating completion
and that's absolutely what what
his audience
banners traditionally so that's that's up to the early days
authentication singing company dates back to the seventeenth century how much
she is taking these pics
after president kicked out by thinking about
leasing company the same time
to seven straight reason to discover coming back to this
and he didn't said throwdown angiogram
ambition man hazy but for the ships but i think it was a bit to see it was very
high due to the bodies
maybe actually deception
wants featured speaking students he says take three to four point sixty traveled
from england
some assets by employees replacement succeeding
so that's an easy destination somewhere
it's about a multiracial
worked on sign
they'll pay prospects
they might hide his individuals
expenses teams
an increase in calcutta
unemployed friend back on his containing team
that's great thanks
such increase such as the number of minutes
what happens next time
sent many notations
grass as well as the end of the said he didn't say that you can just be street
fortitude reasonable
and conceded able to send him to the engine
because they can't complain
other subpoenas cooks
kal kan is
and old machinery and very few about today
because of the lag
from moscow i'm going to school he is a cutie traditional
the shape of the great secrecy
uh... licensing
yet there are many
this is actually talking to you
late in the nineteenth century uh... book was published stardom
is a dictionary
fiscal alas on addiction
especially in such a test
and sets a capsule communicator that steps because he couldn't they could not
send any
soliciting help
uh... because of this error on the table a signal cutbacks
same as you know i was on its ambitions almost incidental
most of them
and then denied papa
technical assistance
maybe lessons which will be treated
uh... entails and segments of the makes people may happy to help and into their
uh... many months not so hung up the price hikes in it
but there are many adolescents
teaches bailout by picture text
antibiotics alongside very happy to be
he sometimes isn't she cute
beneath the sea
he's faking
and species
serving as a hostile youths
board many lessons
upon landing spot updated remains to be a dictatorship backhand
and pictures it also doesn't like what you should get some entrance
many warm and did not reach spotted on sleepless
so positive attention but i don't
patrimonial state for many weeks
so many thanks indeed
conceded signature
rating agency
admittance exam
i guess that's fine
like many towns it's it's it's options
it's easy
means three thousand pounds not wilkins
uh... oscillate
peddlers here is
but i started to feel today
west and central new york document yes
such channel walking a popular
the majority of the lessons
some of our citizens cafes and restaurants
so-called constantly missiles all today
some estimates about
full steam ahead
and she dies
trying best
quietly linebackers
in the evening of the nineteenth century
thousands and thousands coming true
d_n_a_ testing
set policy and he said
nanny-gate movies
opportunities discussion
that using the age of the strangest
the agencies
classical unable to find something if sufficient good intentions
you so much for c_n_n_ to succeed and they are today
this is it
dedication to that
hollering attentions etc
you can imagine how cool
dot blots at that time may actually held a meeting today
on retains amandime
but i think our grandson recently because he was actually one holds
ramai last time
every year
i think the most noticeable sleepy
atvs range
asian and american citizens of india
well-founded too cold
on one seat
let's find and masses intimacy
summit meeting in brussels
uh... but
conditions cassidy
and five eighths
and really well
well uh... it's my father's passing things
and some has invested in haiti
and clinton's as well
so this all to the family of the citizens of the agencies
the activities assassins sometime asian people who've eighty s
as it was stopped by to see mission creep that projects itself that in june
eighty percent
and peace initiatives vgs
translates happens then
in provided to the accommodation costs about two hundred mass at the time
and it's a
mission early stages of the box that says that the other
missions that sort of this
beat me people did
fateful no how
is still in its present unisons
is feeling uninspired
and you stands next to you in my house at the station
season decently and with a lot
vision of the time
and they succeed in school system
and and to tracy between society
cincinnati stopped looking houses
there will be made such incidents a second
and chinese and
uh... but they don't sell
be as out constantly
and society because the kids
so i don't think we could see
for three hundred years assets database bulldog
situated cecilia
and sir
featuring incendiary speeches from us
sixty times a peaceful
but one of the universal and fifty thousand message the
andrea limitless country
and while she was surprised to decide
fighting for a country that was ever
but when it comes to you
didn't embraced
and you can see it
this has not been sick national points that is for the last time
ons shit
syslog settlements massively
now available in
you know
and it says the agency exceeds and its the story of what i understand it
and suddenly begins incidents yousendit
today's indictment
i have the baby carrots and he realizes his dream of becoming less
his father was in excel
anyone's concerts
meets and find happiness that working boise
but also his father cousins aunts handsome
change the constitution enough between us
asset ironsides takes us into helping them up
ahahha three are still working on a train shit decent caring for his life
and i have a good sign
they say for sure
anticipates a cult seats between them
and a c_d_c_'s walls now
princes and kings xi
added michael actually mentioned
needn't be to resign immediately
uh... night it's quite what i was thinking that he had to make that leap
until it is not a cartoon psychology comes from
and mission street suite he's a guy that was actually published in eighteen sixty
and issue statement all pages and pages
uh... paparazzis publication i wanted to see
uses pastel sohn
because they say yeah
uh... csd he didn't want that
excuses that frightens them
on but i think she was actually at any given us a few competition at the time
she scored
johnson specializations wrote my book
i haven't gotten past mothers and in an unusual slideshow
ami songs each month
case i am urging all bought a steamship staking his museo he saw to keep
at that time massive uh...
uh... cornball we executed them
and i am and signed by both single season
which was called me last night
may send traditional
english songs leapt off the pontiff module shoots
and british people actually patriarch
how does this woman and she's going to be and they still seeing as unacceptable
besides raha grandson hereditary back into that
which has been slammed
animal studies classes the production of the month and baked cookies yet cheeky
d_c_c_c_ saloons indecent
and i just like spain just set up a shopping center vietnam does he have
flavor of the moments that i didn't i listened to see
medical institute
so let's get back to the ship
last concert crafty groups that track dean reynolds risking my life regard
what we can work out and boots screaming
we took in
wanted nothing to her
rights one
going to and number one
milken ron we'll go to realm
and she gotta lot
here are still many you planned
who gets there
and their own
like you wouldn't
we should be given you make
independent last
ended with the green
and or will you please
this is the star
is cast
and usually on
if you say frank agencies shit
any be qualified to god's activity at all
article he wanted uh... pizza stand here
and he seemed to notice if he's uh... best able to anybody's guess as well
thanks again and we will be coming out soon thank you very much