Enrollment Preview

Uploaded by NCState on 08.10.2012

It’s registration time again here at NC State, and we’ve replaced Kelson’s usual
enrollment process with the new Enrollment Wizard. Let’s see how he likes it! You ready
to get started?
Yes, I actually made a list last night…and I don’t know where it is
right now…but…
Come on, Kelson, get it together. Where’s your list?
here, ok. So, basically, this list has some classes I need to take, as well as this internship
that I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
You got an internship! Congratulations!
you, but it’s just another thing to add to my schedule besides just these classes.
I mean, I wish there was just a way that I could, like, you know, see where that fits
in my schedule and everything.
That’d be convenient. Well, with the new Enrollment
Wizard, it’s not a problem at all. Log in, and I’ll show you!
So, we want to
add your internship to your calendar, so that when you’re adding classes, you can look
at your internship and see where you can fit your classes around it. So, if you go to the
My Events tab here, this is where you can add your internship.
Well, let’s see I
have a description, so I’m going to type in “Internship.” Days, Tuesday and Thursday.
And then the end…start time three o’clock, end time six o’clock. And then…oh, wow!
It’s on my schedule!
There it is! Something else really cool about the enrollment wizard
is that you can add classes directly from your planner. Do you have any classes in your
Yes, I do, actually, I have this, uh, Eng - I have English in there. I really
need to take English, and, uh, so I decided to put it in my planner.
So, if you’ll
go to the Add to Cart tab...
Ok. And then...oh, wow, there it is! And...ok, the class list
is popping up...and - oh my goodness!
What, Kelson? What’s happening?
Alright, so
I put my cursor over the classes that I have, and, like, it po - it turns yellow on the
left side, and on the right side, it has my calendar. And on my calendar, it pops up and
shows me exactly where it fits.
That’s great! So you can see your internship on your
calendar and you can see prospective classes on the same calendar? Both. That’s two birds
with one stone right there.
That’s wonderful.
Exactly. So, I’m, I’m going to select this eight
o’clock class - I really love mornings. Now it’s in my shopping cart!
And you
can tell that it’s in your shopping cart because it shows up blue on your calendar!
Yeah, it does! That’s really cool. And then...I mean, am I enrolled in this yet? Or, like,
why’s it blue?
It’s blue because it’s in your shopping cart.
So, do you
feel comfortable with this class and want to put it on your schedule for good?
I do.
Ok, then hit the Enroll button!
Ok, so green! Now, uh, I got a check too, so that
must mean that I’m, like, successful, or something!
Check marks are great. It means
that you’re successful in adding your class to your schedule. And now it’s green on
my calendar! So, I guess that means I’m good there, too, right?
That’s right! It’s blue when it’s in your shopping cart, and it’s green once
you’ve added it to your schedule. Sweet.
So, what else do we need to get for you, Kelson?
I need to add a class for my GEP requirement. I really need a Global Knowledge requirement,
but I just...I don’t know where a list is...
The Enrollment Wizard makes it really simple.
If you’ll go to the Add to Cart tab, and then there’s a drop-down box that says “GEP
List.” So, if you’ll click on that, and go under “Global Knowledge...”
I’ve heard that you’re quite a history buff.
Yes, I love George Washington. He
is the man.
So how do you feel about adding a history class for your Global Knowledge
I think that’d be awesome! I really love some history, so I’ll...I
guess I need to search it up here, for the subject there?
That’s right! In the Subject
box, you’ll just simply type “History.”
And then click the Search button!
Sweet. And...oh,
wow, classes have popped up!
Which one do you think would work best for your schedule?
think this History 207 class...
Don’t forget that you can hover over that class,
and it’ll show it on your calendar without having to actually add the class. Wow, it’s
got the lecture and the discussion on here! Usually, you’d have to click the lecture,
then all these discussions would pop up. Now it’s together, and I can just add them both
at one time!
Yeah. The Enrollment Wizard is here to make your life easier. Yeah, and
then, they all fit my schedule too - that’s incredible! Now I know - I mean, I can navigate
this thing now!
So, what’s the verdict on the Enrollment Wizard?
It is the best
thing ever!