Recensione Google Nexus 10 - Review [eng sub]

Uploaded by netbookitalia on 13.12.2012

Hi, for today we’re going to see the Google Nexus 10 video-review.
This is the newest Google Tablet, you already know it for sure.
10-inch screen, produced by Samsung, price 399 Euros or Dollars.
It’s a Nexus and for the first time introduces features
we’ll find only in 2013 on Tablets.
The most important one is the 10-inch screen, with resolution 2560x1600 pixel.
Well, usually Tablets have 1280x800 pixel screens.
Here, in this Nexus 10, Google wanted to double this resolution,
and offers a Tablet with the best screen ever on a mobile device.
It’s the same resolution of the new Retina Laptops by Apple,
though here in a smaller format - 10 inch - with pixel density as 300 PPI.
It’s an unordinary resolution, which gives a viewing quality,
during the normal using of Android and mainly the multimedia part, really high…
… later we’ll go into details.
Then, this is the first Tablet to use the new Exynos 5250 processor,
the same we’ve seen in the Chromebook ARM a few days ago.
This platform, this processor, is based on the Cortex A15 design,
we’ll see that platform fully used only in 2013.
In fact, this hardware, which Samsung matches in this Nexus10 to 2 Gb of RAM
and 16 or 32 Gb of real storage, is the best you can have by now
and is ahead of the times
thinking of what we’re seeing in the Tablet’s field next year.
Let's talk about quality: this Tablet has the Nexus brand,
so the finishes are worthy of Nexus: those who know this kind of Google devices,
knows well these are products with a great performances/price ratio.
In fact, here we have a solid frame, without crackling,
construction quality is great from any point view, for example the edges...
here where are the front-speakers…
In any part, Nexus 10 is the best as to construction quality.
But finishes are mid-low level, it’s all plastic-made, no aluminum.
Design reminds of Galaxy Tab2, but here we have edges slightly rounded outwards.
Dimension is not the strong point of this Nexus10, it’s a little too large…
but the weight is good, only 603 grams.
It’s only 8.9 mm thick, and gets gradually thin,
but most of all it’s easy on the hand, holding it
horizontally or vertically, thanks to the shape.
Anyway this Tablet is made to be used in the horizontal mode,
the front-cam here on the long side is a proof.
The rear is all covered by a smooth rubber, leather-like,
it’s different to the touch, it helps the hold, clearly it’s nonslip,
though it gathers dust a little too much.
This upper part has the same effect we’ve seen in Nexus7, with those small holes,
… feels different from the rest...
maybe it’s been inserted to improve the WI-FI reception of the GPS,
of the NFC chip, high-level on this Nexus 10.
Another couple of things: the5 MP back-cam with LED flash
and microphone down here… for me, this is the weak part of Nexus 10,
‘cause yes, it takes videos up to 1080p but we’ve seen better things,
and the microphone down here doesn’t facilitate the reception of our voice
during for example Skype video calls, obviously because it’s on the rear…
The front loudspeakers, typical of Galaxy Tab2, are here…
they give a great stereo effect because they pump the audio right on our face…
… so, good volume and good stereo effect.
Then, micro-USB on one side with jack combo for headphone,
on the other side the HDMI. That said, let’s talk about performances.
This is the fastest Android Tablet,
the dual-core Exynos processor 1.7 GHz gives great performances,
and 2 Gb of RAM provide a great multitasking,
you can switch from an app to another without problems,
keep many of them open without weighing down the system.
In the Web navigation, with the stock browser, Chrome,
we have the typical rendering problems we’ve seen in the previous release,
mainly the first rendering.
By and large, the Web experience is good but not great,
as you may think considering the technical specs.
If you change the browser, installing Ocean, Opera or Dolphin for example,
we have better performances, pinch-to-zoom is fluid, better response time.
But the graphic interface - a problem due to the screen resolution-
is not so clear and bright as it is on Chrome,
where Google optimized also the UI for the high-resolution.
This resolution problem of the graphic interface and the icons,
in fact not all the applications are fitted for high-definition yet,
is a thing you’re going to notice less and less over time,
‘cause this is the first Tablet to have this level of details,
it’ll need some time before all the apps producers,
the software houses, upgrade their applications.
For example let's see Opera...
it happens to have a screen like this,
with the graphic interface not ready yet for that high resolution…
see the bar up here is small…
it’s actually as if you had a very high resolution on a common PC.
The same is, still talking about Opera, while reading Web sites…
you see, there’s no sign of adjustment yet for the high resolution.
So we actually have sites which actually look bad,
also because if the apps aren’t optimized, let alone websites…
they’re not ready for this kind of display.
But the display is really responsive, let’s see the 10-point multitouch test,
no delay or dead angles, as maybe happened to see in other products.
Playing games, which maybe is the best part of this Tablet,
the display reach the higher brightness,
‘cause it allows to see details impossible to see on other Tablets.
I’ve taken some Macro photos you’d find in the complete review,
where you’re able to see any detail of the game,
The Dead Trigger in this case, you can really see the teeth of our zombie
or the rust on our air rifle.
All these advantages due to this kind of screen,
which allows to see details impossible to see
on other Tablets without this screen resolution.
There’s no need to say how clear and sharp are the icons with this resolution,
here too we can see details, I have to repeat myself...
details invisible on other Tablets.
And it’s comfortable with this resolution to read books,
keeping the Tablet horizontally , double-page,
details are great and types are clear and sharp,
actually we don’t have the reading experience of an E-Reader with E-Ink screen,
but among the Android Tablets this is the best for sure.
The whole is done without delay or doubts,
unlike we’ve seen in other Tablets with Full HD screen
where the high resolution lay the graphic card’s performances on the line.
Here we have a Mali T604, a new generation GPU,
which can do almost everything, from multimedia to games to HD videos,
I’ve found some problem only with some .mkv with high betrate,
and it’s impressive with this high resolution.
Then, GPS performances are great, good reception indoor,
I’ve used it with Copilot Live for a week-end as main car navigator,
meaning that the plastic panel on the rear, this particular rubber,
helps with the satellite reception.
The same is for the WI-FI reception: two antennas
with MIMO technology, which give a great signal.
With such a screen, Samsung had to insert a large battery:
it’s a 9000 mAh, bigger than any other Android Tablet available at the moment,
just less than iPad4 which is 11600 mAh.
In the testing it lasted more than 8 hours and a half,
about two days of nonstop use, and that’s a great result,
considering the low thickness and weight and the high-resolution screen.
On the other hand, the built-in charger, even if well-made,
has a low-voltage so it recharge really slowly the Tablet:
you’ll need a whole afternoon to charge Nexus10.
Well, Nexus 10 is the best Android Tablet you could buy at this moment,
great screen, great processor, good battery life, well-made,
100 Euros/Dollars less than the most powerful iPad,
so there’s no reason to prefer something else.
But, although it’s the first Android device
to have a feature that no other product has,
I mean this screen with very high resolution, it’s not the ultimate product,
it’s not complete, still we can’t consider this Tablet as the best ever made.
There some things that could be upgraded in my opinion,
I’m referring to the OS, which made a step forward in the last 12 months,
but still something has to be improved, made more simple or easy to the eye…
well, I didn’t find it “the ultimate" Android Tablet,
although there are many great things.
For more info on Nexus 10,
for all the considerations I couldn’t make in this video,
for benchmarks and photos,
please read the complete review you’ll find at the link onscreen.