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thank you bro
bro im sick as a dog bro
this is my bro who jacket i stoled that i told you about.
he does all our beats. He produces purple swag etc etc
ty beats
asap twelvy
asap lou right here
this bokhorst art crap you by the way we ads on this one
kidding in there
calling on
i don't like that
i don't like them because
for for our became successful
couldn't really afford no outside before the expense of diamonds that impala one
coming you can have a little green dramas
ineptness filing out hurricanes being world within mogadishu itself
now determined position of no power and no
success and
i refuse to
pollens that was
all the things that i couldn't afford
prior to my situation now
you know i'm never going about it because i still lamar ferrari heading
you know but no
dahmer's this this this and as far as will hip-hop and
world goals diamonds instance almost uh... refuse to be apart
is called it is is this
is at the side of this
world-class attention for yourself
uses is
it date
it gets a gains or world cincinnati x
was shot colin club bottles
ice on
overall ballers
and so on
they got the bottles in the adl leading
for like you to be call orders
about these things
and since you've got
be detects here he in in there was a slight coming up with a sentence
tomorrow morning or not
always stop it
honestly made
i bought a house those up another another house i would like to houses
well we have one in manhattan
orange fifty houston
penthouse endo
every last one of the men with me every last one of them so those actually
somewhat brothers were signaled sells some of the war on the floor
three two with the
and it would be nice that booby treats will big would two chicks in the bay
but no discipline you know callous fort six of the floor we smoke everywhere and
they couldn't see in the newspaper like like six months in advance of something
like that because the young credit
and so leave the house for us
leonardo ethical analysts agree thing that we had to go
they couldn't it be removal review
only only young kids and a
code only black kid only black people anecdote only
you know a debate what i mean as you can see we have members that are white but
the majority of resumes stalemate blacklight aging you know so elected a
look at it lays his black using the flight as a marshall l obnoxious kids
smoking weed making its thinking the billeted traffic is
ubuntu all with side
who have money and lived in that building and he's one of the peaceful so
they kicked us out they gave us the ball
so good
and i've never really worked hard
problems with the state of mind
personally i'd go back to harlem physically right
initiates active because
quite right now as you can see reality and austin texas
of the forearm the u_k_ or monday
did not go to paris i get back because that's a whole too busy people
will dentistry regular stuff though
harlem is one of those places with
i guess it is a state of mind so he one of the horn of still hard
it's all good
harlem is really competitive
french trees
they want to be glamorous who also out of prison has selected apollo
and you know even leaving probably sell this story reading from
sovereign association it was always like culture involved in
nl closer to put swiss with this whole case that thing we are the generation
with the with amal
victory for the police
we speak for i was generation our error
if you go there now you're going to basically see
females with
india is only resume
family it's almost different
races and cultures that's what i love the diverse city
harsh it out and i love that
and that's that's a perfect world emerged
because they said this is a bunch of
like you know
hope rat