Annoying Orange - New Kitchen President!

Uploaded by realannoyingorange on 06.11.2012

-Hey, hey, fruit lovers! You voted and the results are in.
It's time to announce the president of the kitchen
for the next four years!
Pear, drum roll please. -Um... I don't have hands.
-[echoing]: Drum roll!
-Whuh... [trills tongue]
-And the winner
of the 2012 presidential kitchen election is...
[suspenseful drum roll]
-Yay! I win! As my first executive order,
I demand free kittens and rainbows for everyone!
Yay! [kittens mewing]
-Wait, what? Marshmallow? How did that happen?
-Well, duh, Pear.
I guess the voters thought
Marshmallow would fit "write in." [laughs]
Get it? Write in?
-Gyro loses? Gyro don't like to lose!
Gyro angry! Gyro smash!!
[smashing and screaming]
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-[Orange laughs] Knife!