tighten your butt muscles with resistance bands

Uploaded by myosource on 06.02.2010

Speaker 1: Hey everybody, it's Grace, the myosource girl and what I really want this
season before swimsuits come out is to get that celebrity butt. Celebrities somehow have
like magical powers to make their butts look so good, no cellulite at all and I really
want to get that before I'm in my bikini, so I want to show you some workouts that the
celebrities do, like Jay Lo and Kim Kardashian and how they get those big butts, but still
no cellulite and it's strong and they look great in their clothes. I got my bands on
and I'm going to do a simple squat jump which really kills your glutes and it's really simple.
It doesn't take up space at all, so you can do it anywhere. You can do it at the office,
you can do it at school, in the hall. You can do it just anywhere, in your room. So,
just bend and you want to pause here, maybe put your hands out or up and just jump. Pause,
jump. Put your hands up, jump. So that's really simple and you can do it anywhere.
This is just like a scissor exercise, there's not really a name for it. You just get like
a surface, I guess you can do it off of your bed, if you lay on your bed just stick your
legs off. What you do is really just work your glutes, you just switch legs and with
the bands it makes it a lot harder, it really hurts your hips.
Okay, and this one's so simple and it will give you a great workout for your butt. All
you need is a chair, so it's really easy to do anywhere. You put one foot up and then
the other one out and you just do like little dips and the stable leg is the one that you're
really working out and you can feel it in your butt. By summer time you're going to
have a nice round firm booty to show off and all your friends are going to be so jealous
that you have the best butt. With all of these little butt blasting workouts that I've been
doing, you want to do 2-3 reps of 10-15 and... almost fell. You just dip and right here is
where... This workout is called the mountain climber
and it's going to firm up your booty and it's going to kill your legs. Be aware, I'm going
to do it with just the regular stretch bands on and I'll make it harder. You start like
in a plank and then you just jump back and forth. If you could do a hundred of these
you're my hero. So that's the mountain climber, really simple to do. Also you can do it anywhere,
in your room, on the floor, you just need about as much space as your body is big and
just kick your glutes in shape. Hi, I am Grace, the myosource girl and I want
you to go to the myosource website. It is great, you can get yourself a set of these
bands. myosource.com, M-Y-O-S-O-U-R-C-E.com. Get on the myosource website and go to the
tone and firm tab and if you go there we will send you a free set of the power bands which
retail at $9.95 if you just order through that link. So it's really simple and you can
whip your body into shape. Whether you are a girl like me that's just trying to get a
better bikini body or you're an athlete, everyone, all shapes and sizes can use this band. You
can use it anywhere, it's so easy to use, it's so, so simple. So just get on the website,
look around, see if it's for you and order some bands.