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Led Zeppelin is a British rock band formed in 1968 by Jimmy Page (guitar), with Robert Plant (vocals),
John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards) and John Bonham (drums)
By the early 1960s, Jimmy Page is one of the guitarists of the most popular studio in London.
By the early 1960s, Jimmy Page is one of the guitarists of the most popular studio in London.
He started playing in his early teens, and since its 14 years.
A few years later, he participated in recording tubes The Who, The Kinks, Van Morrison and many others,
so much so that he will be unable thereafter to the total count of securities to which it played in the background.
In 1966, Page joined the Yardbirds alongside Jeff Beck, who quickly left the group.
He honed his idea, he wants to start his own training.
In 1968, the Yardbirds, initially created by Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, separate, they must still honor concert dates that can not be met
Page, ready to turn on his own project, and the band's manager, Peter Grant quickly looking for musicians to form a new group.
John Paul Jones, bassist, and learns the new contact page with whom he has worked at various studio sessions.
Page Knowing the professionalism of John Paul Jones, accepted immediately.
As a singer, Jimmy Page thinks, first, Steve Marriott, the singer of the Small Faces and Terry Reid.
He refused the proposal but suggests that Page to be interested in a young singer from Stourbridge, Robert Plant,
he saw on stage with his band Band of Joy while they were opening one of his concerts.
Jimmy Page will listen Plant in concert and is excited.
It's missing the drummer, Robert Plant knows one gifted, with whom he has already happened: John Bonham
To no longer be displayed as a turning Yardbirds and musical, the New Yardbirds change their name to "Led Zeppelin" November 9, 1968,
during a concert at the London Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, England.
During their tour of Britain, they recorded their first album in thirty hours, which gives the sound of a live album.
Led Zeppelin released on 12 January 1969, less than four months after their first concert.
This eponymous album, heavily influenced by the blues from the fifties and folk riffs declines pests and powerful singing.
They recorded a second album in the same vein as its predecessor, Led Zeppelin II, during their U.S. tour.
This album, nicknamed "The Brown Bomber" (in reference to the cover graphics) in the United States, was released October 22, 1969
and gives the group a reputation making him the biggest selling record of early the decade.
The next album, Led Zeppelin III (released October 5, 1970), more nuanced, shows that the group is not just a few raging guitar riff
and aggressive voice of Robert Plant.
half of the disc includes folk ballads
sometimes note for note reproductions of pieces of Bert Jansch and Davy Graham
Jimmy Page used as guard tone with more blues songs, often reproduced in full of classic John Lee Hooker or Robert Johnson
without citing his sources.
Their fourth album, whose cover does not include title or band name,
released on 8 November 1971.
Some texts are inspired by the Lord of the Rings and are steeped in occultism
This album is the best-selling band with the classic Stairway to Heaven,
but also because of the rich and varied compositions that comprise,
ranging from folk to hard rock.
Houses of the Holy is the fifth album of Led Zeppelin.
February 24, 1975, the group released its sixth studio album.
This is their first double album, entitled Physical Graffiti, including the title Kashmir to become one of the most famous songs of Led Zeppelin.
April 5, 1976, the band released Presence, album in which are the titles Achilles Last Stand (lasting more than ten minutes), Nobody's Fault But Mine and Tea for One.
In October 1976, they released the film and the live album "The Song Remains The Same".
At the beginning of 1977, what will be his biggest U.S. tour since their inception
August 20, 1979, In ​​Through the Out Door, which will be the last album with the four members of the group
Led Zeppelin has placed five albums in the Top 500 best albums by the magazine Rolling Stone
More than thirty years after its separation, Led Zeppelin is still considered one of the greatest rock bands
or both his artistic success, his commercial success for its influence and prestige.
The band has sold over three hundred million records around the world.
more than one hundred and eleven million only in the U.S.
record partly facilitated by the fact that the group has never left single
and encouraging fans to buy the album when a title they liked
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