FIMO Clown: Polymer clay Carnival - Tutorial [HD/deutsch] (EN-Sub)

Uploaded by DAoCFrEak on 03.01.2013

Hi I have a great fear of clowns, but also because it is Carnival I tried shock
therapy and mold a polymer clay Clown. Maybe I can soon go out to eat at
McDonald's again.
My clown is made of many colorful Fimocolors and painters.. As tools I use a
modeling tool and a knife. Of course I glazed the clown after baking for an extra
I started with the jacket of the clown this is indeed mostly in two colors, has
colorful buttons and a collar. The figure itself is not difficult but I like it. The
clown is so colorful and you have many opportunities to let off steam creatively.
The hair is made of small pins that I put the clown in his scalp.
If you ever feel like, then give to Wikipedia, the term one clown. For
clowns are very specific characteristics such as the costume have to look the
shoes, and the mask. Even the clown character is explained there. Although
clowns supposed to make people laugh, are the most famous villains like the
Joker from Batman, or the serial killer Pogo, clowns.
Now that both of my Fimo clowns in front of me and I see how cute they look, I will
try today to sleep without a night light.