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a little bit of a trip to get at least at this hour time retired retired
you know a little bit chilly
in overcome that's right
uh... they say a month ago
of believe my a
bye bye bye bye fiscal cliff brightly deep
the scope of insights
we will not be stable so
uh... out there watching the clinton that right
of well i'll give them up and admit that i i i didn't distressed today
paddy article published by the new republic
on the website dot com
dot com kicked ass dot com wrote
stunning links to my dear times out there
when i was not dot com that's right now it is
because uh...
as we speak the vice president gearing up for a meeting today but have we
upload it so happens that right away because inspired me
he said he would not only the n_r_a_
uh... but wal-mart yeah monday valid gun control
what will focus on the n_r_a_
by the way to do that sort of uh... man
amarillo who bought my sweetie
what the bet you that
uh... wal-mart is the nation's largest
seller of god and sam
they had in the past showed some willingness
except some
uh... guidelines and restrictions right on how to go about doing that
they parted with bob michael bloomberg man who
barren mayors against illegal guns right
they crafted a
like the biology recalls a
that goes beyond the law
presented here are the procedures for hiring you to get a background check for
you hire
said seldom right
uh... you have to bob has been good tracer
database right
you have to out
uh... uh... under the law yet do a background check right
if the government is slow with a check
wrap three days the seller consulted about the check
being completed
under the code at walmart step today they were there in a way regarding tour
with a check to cover so it seemed that lamar always has the power over us that
this time moments like
theory's going here is that we don't do this sort of a wal-mart has a branch of
the jury intact right that goes beyond
five year average militiaman
so on one hand
there was a lot of they do with elegant
but they don't want to be seen as a responsible for a while ago bright spot
worthy bien are ready
is heavily funded by gun manufacturers
the and
they don't have the same or any concerns are they
clearly clearly they did not accept that
he heard what they said after thinking that they don't have any brand
brightened off
so i'll
so there's not much meteors with all of the article so it would be that
discussion that
well into the imported
if walmart part of the white house under control
you look back at least let the devil obvi
the manufacturers
and the retailers
here this is how are they are going to be roller coasters this is how the rules
witnesses with when you had
either i_t_t_
particularly hard but pretty kids
with at beer which is what you said that at the very and i thought was very smart
won't let me know that the r_d_ if you don't know if there was any other
throughout the body of the senate
you have your publisher republic but all the time
dinner here in the case without
with a the control
were evacuated god
it's something that gets in the end you have to pass a republican house i can't
pretend equivalent of the things that's right
that is that what we're saying is they get that's absolutely was that we live
in new crime and we don't like
i do think that anybody could have order but no
and if they can get to the in or the boathouse building on those days look
like they said they would be a
but became u_s_ mucho if you can get a wal-mart on board
if you can put the gun lobby if the airway if the voice on the airwaves
is not the singular or something in a red
militaristic we speak for everyone that had the pleasure don't add up
it is clearly untrue which original true today huh
if you have a second boys they know you don't
there is a wage invoices a lot of people that by god
as of us are not as crazy as you
right pop
that she had to change the equation where some republicans in
relevant about our districts might consider accepting
some kind of compromise
crackpot adding that that's a long shot it's better than a zero shot of just
everybody is restored artist mike regularly about what they are paying
interest on the door as much as part of the dr yes we did it right
i had to wake up at what i want the government of the began
this is c_n_n_ than some conversations
and trying to get inside this book is you x affect that
a decidedly galleons and them a couple and i think it was the right and then
anek weapons as something right you know like there's definitely at the different
voice then people who are
if we give wouldn't you know one restriction underneath the governors of
the dog and the waiver die within twenty four
now that both of the writen
are upset about the wal-mart
they're calling or baba other because it'll be a crony capitalist
because he's just going to do so that's not bill public safety system eight wall
what more profitable but it does this is the potential given that one of the
issues of the bench a loophole
under the law
you have to get a background check
it's all gone
missouri licensed dealer
if you're in a overlay since dealer then you don't have to your background check
unless viewers are people who supposedly or
really sell guns for living
uh... right-wing
but it's a loophole when you can and it's a small hard to have four course
meal as soon as well as his dealer
uh... fear that is not going to do some guy who goes to a grand jury right
editors one study
it's also is out of the number is is dead actor within twenty percent of gun
sales tapas prevent shows needing to top
now cells that people so
and and and there's a minority of people who buy a lot of dogs
at a loss will go to bed shows with the collective noted file will be different
types of one after that just someone is getting one done at wal-mart
their home protection that's it right
for the different kind of done by it
and means and use it as your face book shakti suggests the of they're not it's
not a monolithic group people is not
and to the right thing to say you're just round up made wal-mart that happier
public safety where the response should be
if you can't do a background check and
right being the insurance get the silverdarkcure
uh... and more happy purple color the wal-mart to make money selling guns but
they have to pay accomplish a basic minimum about safety which is it's also
three disingenuous is sense when the republicans
he former obtained and
well for the resident nervous about partnership because obviously the
symbolism of having a b
the quintessential reds the company record
the on board with this right they know that it's symbolically powerful excellor
they're trying to undermine the citizens of a party capitalism
this visit liberal fascism is taking a big corporation to rob us of our
freedoms but at the wheel of coverage of the coverage of the people that uh...
uh... confused now about dole could be here it has a hard time for the city
and having a hard time
uh... as i worry about that or about the republican guard dot com dot com
it distribute
i read and nothing dot com so her again because of its items
needed to read your editor of the twilight or so i have to try it at that
time doing
um... i'm looking for dignity more steady tracy also
but the
you've had i think what had too much less than a third cobble together
elissa stabbing mean
uh... photos are happened over the course of the of the new year's
uh... the put you eventually end but he will quickly yeah
both that this will curtail and second year so i didn't get a drink
bashed i get up
isn't it isn't easy twenty thirteen four united time and i can make a date and
time now
of the above the two to share with both the united states and
every week
the attack was a little bit
others hilson
uh... has a series of people
and as well but the maker of the
uh... she does it'd be appropriate to handle that hostility by breaking the
law actually setting some of these
knows what this hostility
departed banner
for sharing your views
because the public that regular order in the future that we call
the study found
of the five
number five um...
with evan
on read a lot in this has been happening quite a bit
estimates of people have happened
for now
but i'd but i don't
so these people are reduces the severity and pictures of what people even in the
um... in incidents that there's a problem
does uh... read it
well right now that that uh... but it's all over on
at this little bitty your sister that
the printing out these little things here and says as a direct result of
proposition thirty in president obama's insistence
my fair share in taxes
i think they must cut back on discretionary spending gratuities
i wish they didn't have to be this way
for both of us
all but
like are you keeping you at this late
that you know
at you paying their fair share in taxes
i think that's their about and by definition by definition
taxes are going up for what he said to fifty
yet year also uh...
under the
this will cooperate with his neck na the the income tax rate for
above four thousand removals and at four twenty thousand
for couples art
that goes up from thirty five percent in beter nine point six percent
you just see how that is communist dictatorship partners
celebrity this guy makes more than forty thousand dollars a year
the on whether there is also a a a cap on income tax deductions for about two
fifty sir okay
minimum two fifty a year fifteen to ten dollars a year
can afford it
take this woman and boxes that leaking
and this is business planning does not include
he still has a discretionary income dei out
is not easy
tip the waitress at app
really into that later he can tip the waitress who makes
less than minimum wage
aka for her appointment really wouldn't miss it
well i think they believe
but the weather balloon
if the public justin knew that this new
rightist near the devilish things about without threatening if they could
circumvent the evil liberal media
the truth and records before
uh... the valparaiso walker
what person mix of richmond indiana here if you like it they can't even repeated
that the
caper shows about profit per cent
and before that they care about the problem persist few percent of americans
forgetting attacks
placenta at
they've examined
there's been several posts of different things like this
buckeye i'm sorry i can't appeal because
because obama
earlier part of of the deal where the
the temporary payroll tax cut
uh... expires right but this is a cut that obama it initiate his it wasn't
around before a bomb patrick
you had to be temporary whether there was and it was expected to to go on
so it it is in place for two years and alex margins here's a
so there there is a leading crazy for the middle class brought it to last year
but this guy
presumably was it was going out to eat in two thousand operative slip into the
president and the elevator these cards around he's got his email with some of
the payroll tax
thirty years ago before that
that there's just so
whoever that guy is over that and then and people like him or dislike
mattresses are going to be another fucking nuts but but but he's a stupid
stupid idiots at that
number four
this is in the cornwall meeting is set
the british latest yeah feminism kills twenty seven
bola except
at the u_s_ might be a
something that ever happened
and it would be
stupid i mean this grand opening is it's not a thing just exactly that
this is what republicans this is what
mitt romney was talking about
billy gun controls all about
single mothers member that memorable right
nellie said
they'll comply henige
well white guys others like that is where you have any with client doesn't
matter it's and they get that
it's a held belief right but you know
people demand the culture is the culture right right that go around and uh...
the poor don't believe the port vila
don't units were done
we didn't have to come into this all the world or those
with lunatic is wielding it
talk about lunatics mom
who had the identity
to get divorced
masturbating the dad and the child and
housing him to go
the breaker gravel for god's sake britain's consequences right
the guy didn't
now it's all the what the single moms fault
if he had been raised a single mom
i'm sure you have been fine
raised by single motherhood is looking like
now here's interviews yes is the certainly
that that happened
feminism panning
his wife and i think everybody and
that they'll come people feminism
against the government is
beneath the act
as everybody everybody raised side
single parents
the mothers specifically is birch it's a scourge
antoni earned pegasus
if it was just the climate mean is that billy unit uh... but if not better
everything that went up by the law
keep on these
that dennis fung
they'll probably would be battering the battery banya
buying dear do you make the case in court that is involuntary
yes baby involuntary barry i think
uh... inherited anti-obama netanya benefit but that was so disgusting
members rate
one of my favorites mccartney professor
began talking with the females
women if they only two sons michael him
wiki he has a message that are
it wasn't your degree quality
he really doesn't
you really
is deeper into the the about full blast
because all we wanted really
was abortions and hope that this
we want to a lawyer said the owners ladies
from citizens and portions nearly focused on we got into a parts
threat could be the picture jack mcdowell and now
their stuff here we are
uh... we feel so that we create
because um...
but as you say here
this is my company
now a lot of those females
though just email
those emails
you listen to their husbands but
most emails in support of rock about are scratching their heads anderson
how come there's so much to stop spending about have been some little
if you look around all these high performance that he is making a call
white guys
where the mike huckabee lessons
atlanta black babies after what they don't know what of delivered his
daughter and so does what rainbow coalition filibustering but yeah rate
it was you know
lesbian has benefited blind people
i'm sure that's exactly without looking that up
alarm across main concept in the abortions
they'll add that as well that was
at the white house as well and acts participant reportedly
you've you're hired
in the back of the democratic national benton who a q_ public and the waging a
war on women
a lot of mister believed it uh...
if you could be that senate e-mail that
now my god
given concept in divorces but don't worry about the business of authority
base in the absence of things
stu disingenuous jesus death but but but
that is all above the battle borrows generate about his right ministration m
this is literally what has happened
trains the gender balance
of the cabinet in the past week them
but they're all the things that happen
the clinton minister department moon
be replaced by dr
you'd wake up at the white guy
that exit that that there's a lot of has always been rin without what they
so that you have a point in
uh... defense
nine and serie
and treasury
yes they are white guys
they're replacing
other white house right
so it's really different surprised my could be that the government and i don't
really want to have been taken
that newt gingrich is it that is benefiting but they know it's better as
far as far as we know that kathleen sebelius is staying on as he had a
thought they would serve this essentially europe managing this
terrible geisha robotic here as i thought of the small jobs not
problematic here is the jet apart auto collaborators
but the truth is going anywhere
classes races still u_n_ ambassador to the u_n_ cleopatra right now
and uh...
now i A
the heavy p_a_ miss jackson stepping down
and also listed a labor stepping down
i don't know was to replace those words
neil the other way abroad i don't know
look if you look at the entirety of all the court reporter please report on
reason market which is that i could not handle change a place that's right
and it's just like that to be
is saying he would the brady bunch abroad stuff happened but uh... i don't
believe you activate
in saying that
all women voted for obama does because
we wanted people are so i think i have applied to the bronze
authority reckoning would ensure
that you wanted to follow this over for a guy by giving reapportion right now we
have you should be have you got one side of the equation
trade leads through yeah
here you are trying to go he's not getting abortions that you do you want
for your lead o
thank in this matter to me that it tell me how i don't want to present but but
but but
you know
those that are there
and we have bills that
but the point of the same reason it
athletics that would happen you know that in fact i think the heat
uh... riddled with you
and other products
tim intruding
we didn't do you think she was
she's the happiest republican hacks my vision act is now as you sit in the
picture here
wingate twenty eleven
for one dot com writer number two never to on the slot act which he did not get
number one cn ok art leopard over one hundred everyone's thoughts
by irene of anyone there'll be a lot of taxes what modified said goodbye to
prepare cardiac myself the outlet unless they're funds also you you would
you would be at that democratic active if any would pcb so absolutely oka
but i think he shares are uniquely transparent about him of but the uh...
the the number of of
contradiction she makes it instead of a week right with their police
self-serving so since you are the things is the defendant to repair it
in a two-party right are
jesus just complete data
and so now she is going after out on the table
of republicans the republican
i love lucy insinuates that uh...
that's a cable uh...
his he once did gave before smack in the closet
refusing to look at the bending the same it's like republicans organs that were
to happen but i would not want that i think i got the better defined but ah...
you but that uh... i believe she is and she is not too bad about diseases and a
bad idea rights budgeted for having her liver
depleted pretend as if
purvi already yes for their party's does not a dilution of that sort of thing
hefty and somehow that obama is gonna
study writes back
is heating up when it means that obama has
is going to go back on all things are the risky things he's done
spur gear certainly yes he is elected and the don't ask don't tell him you
know department
this now but he is going to
implement the his policies right
right now
that's a sort of brief had admitted to something
a number of directly as i said hey don't apologize for as part of fifteen years
ago redwood everybody some campaigns
for the politics
that used to support a bill which he regrets about that's what counts so
thoughts but don't you want to go back to fifteen years ago and
but i wasn't really care about the rights of adulthood in cambodia right at
this is going to happen accident because you make me like he said he's gonna make
real stupid point right
when she said she's upset then i had no republicans are nearly enough
to talk that but jackie lobbying
you know uh...
had used to be accused of dual loyalty technicals world one gimmick devastating
defense that's been the goal not a problem
the and redirect her talks the terrace permission from aspen sanctions on iran
ethics republicans really
at a hard time being pointed like that their criticism and rosenstiel that you
have problems tend to be very a
the fuller distinctions allot so it is
harper that will cause that means they don't like the president biljana have
the gumption
the indeed our they don't
the tea parties especially billy campaign likes outspoken leader for a
bit has the courage
and few detail all this we resist
it harder for her block
sees riddick picnic picnic anniversary her basic
obsession is
or policy fees annual conservative way before policy ok uh... she wants uh...
there to be
uh... constructive
pressure israel to make any changes record forage
it peter with house stuff
okay uh...
its business to school for policy dot there is israel's our ally
we should do whatever
if the government uh... demands of us
add are we should not think to move towards
uh... palestinian support of the above the waist
as well as israel's our ally both schools are still zarrella frankel does
this tell us what it does not be ally
uh... you don't know if uh... inside your incorrect
dinners whatever it was that
you have to be an effective al you did a better friends so that you have to speak
at the late eighties it's actually in your interest
your security interests right
ended this friction that continually uh...
compels people to enter into your country with bob stuck together below
your your children right
let's find a way to resolve your honor
and so he didn't sign on to various resolutions and statements that were
clear designed to be provocative hmm uh... and not be conducive to forty
three things that you can see
recently taken
as it is that that
magadan really make that week cat
it's always been the history that it your view
as the senate never rejects of senator
right permanently so there was a black music inc
preserved in the club legal personally right
your they'd ever criticized illegals were pulses win he was a republican
when you retire said the law today without delay relative or for files
all eight of almost a hundred
which across the aisle because party affiliation is not as important that at
least revision for for perform policy
now here's anti-semites right
and dying eggs philly unlucky walked up
so that was going to be like this guy is due to the ap bac
i don't
this then to selecting as the lead that
the dusty baking use just look into the lobby
so great
the primary colors too
anticipating e is anti-tax policy kiki kiki kiki really
hysterical and forget about that but men
that's never too
is this week's every five
what one is in general this book with minors
you're done
u_n_ and but
make them i'll stop there
i've tried bette davis bite out of his platform for the past week
actor admin
it's one of several sort of the umpire sometimes
bye bye bye personal conversation with people who knew what i've tried to
explain that why
obon but god in very good
no this arrangement right
the people who want to know who want-to-be idealism
uh... will hit up the swim in the facts and live
uh... i feel like i am incapable of of uh... of of achieving this goal of mine
the injury
uh... by
but i i i have the writer for the moment so i'll let you know if i did
of democrats makes me instead
some of the lots of property
but i'm not surprised sometimes i thought i i i expect
but were with welfare reform passed newspaper that included tapa on the side
of banks
i tried it does
wanted a cap on inside the banks he would not like the deal right that made
sense to me i think that agreed that are playing the part chords on that
binders there where the ir comes frozen
here you have a situation where
people who are nervous about the deal pot
it was going to be army's elite tax increase on the wealthy exchange for
cancels here
it's not that medicare does does not
now he raises taxes on the top two percent of income
disagree one
also all of the republicans
the house speaker
in the house republicans to sign onto that for the first time
nineteen twenty years
uh... we have affectively broke in the party
are into
and abandoned their fundamental government principle
of laughter that
but not funny your ward savitha
any tax
indira nagar the wealthy on the job creators will destroy the economy right
uh... sees a basically huge thank you governor crist
was right united says doctors at the federal reserve board request i guess i
cannot that solve well midlands
the budgetary started selling it out from my god so it doesn't go other but
now manning
of only seventy eighty eight devote a lot about the state course that
that you've now
you've exposed the rift in the party
you now with no
there is a faction of republicans that can be clock
use the no you know that you could put enough pressure on the speaker
to put of bill on the floor of the house even if it does not have
this republic shorty republicans the majority of the majority rule and by the
sideline right
and you know that
are more of brain
of being blamed
for the gridlock
being blamed for
uh... damage the economy would have occurred if the market pay
right with a lack of a deal in they're more afraid of that public score
that they are of the he party challenge in those eighty-five district of those
but instead
that is eight massive apostrophe
why you would
pacific the the the two things that i see
credit because liabilities
liberal wired seventy minutes what is the biggest adventure as white as well
bobbitt paid this he said to adjourn the fifteen would be about gardening at four
he said he would never do that
the number one
just factually not true speaking to a being failure people hard time
distinguishing between
sort relating to the campaign
if i had my way this is what i would do this road ahead is actually part is that
interests riot four nihad
just artery that is not the same as saying
this is a non-negotiable position i will be told me the political operatives of
that exactly that
missed you do when you negotiate reasoning
opic conductivity panelli painstaking incredibly basically go she should
weekend apollo thirteen fifty right
provocative said novelli rate increases at all interest rhetoric yet
obama said four hundred
that there's been one million right
about it for fifty they said okay like that that's how that works and so it's
been a vacation
alex with all of this jury
it was close to do about was initial offer that where the republicans were
which was no great you have bank that is pretty nice experience
of about one
uh... you go back to what he actually said what he said was not negotiable
with that tax rates have to go up on the wealthy
even for a number on it
we we total without negotiable
he said he might offers to fifty
without a little time to build on the wealthy in some way in some way
the principle of the deal
is squarely word on all bothers
a completely shatter conceded kinky bill buckley principle right
not good enough god damn it no that's not as liberal
my legal came and took their reduces the akka but these ads
uh... so the bird flu
i love that were said to be for this because
the rules of sardines and anything is possible future
so obama did not
get old debt-ceiling matter often hidden right would like are you
so it two months three hit the debt limit
and were also in two months to the
this support wester part of the fiscal cleft the autumn expending cottonseed
they just delayed there was something for two months there's a deadline there
and the budget here they came up with
back at prior
expires at the towards the end of march leader he has been scanned for their
lives on the bus trip together
that you know that the spending cut one of the budget what might they have to do
graduate with those things in the other server membership in or you have this
very crude hamburg on my family
and it was a sort of detective that in the immediate deal with that whether you
have a look at the many okay
but they're saying well baba has created this deal well with that led to the same
and of and
republicans are very willing to use the debt lipid limit as as a hostage taking
anabolic even this last time this happened
atresia sensible over again this means that all of the doomed
was x
and i have to response that number one
islands i critical average whatever they cave
because right now i believe the t_v_ what happened that was that he created
visible player
practices of incentives to break the republicans on taxes which he succeeded
in doing to help right yeti and he wiggled out of bed synovate that
circumstance it's been a very creative way which is bad that number one
number two
the dead at a twenty eleven was
you had a a broader range republicans who were willing
to blow dealt with it
right because they thought
if the economy tanks
all bottled up believed it was a reelection
well guess what he thought that was a luxury wide x electorate
is where the congress of the update date they have rights
and as
the last deal just shows that i had to re
they are more for you the republicans are more free name of being belabor
economic calamity yet
that they are requiring shall yes
amoco ever you get by blowing up the debt limit
is a million times more expensive headaches but doesn't look like there's
no more political will for the whole will sit d partylite bristled and hold
the government hostage right having their religion came out and said yeah
this is a dead loser
everyone knows
republicans will take place at this link
and you have the now uh...
everyone sick of
and then you being mike
when i have a job and you don't screw you ireland's everyone's
even republicans are pretty fucking sick of that shit arreola poland or the quick
field was right republican blame so whitewater those polls remain two months
from now right
and it happened
method of reasonableness
to avoid through the political games and i think that
it's great you know what is the other states that hearing you can't you get
sick and tired located i would appreciate that you can't put it that
you want to do that wrecked
uh... i'll write a story of the apple baba at losing all of literature
certainly you've got even more leverage after break in the republic applied
frederick reichheld
you get more leverage uh... so
illegal who really thinking that gargis
liberal whiners i'm not going to have set up about nafta flu clinic doesn't it
doesn't help we look at
i'd like about this myself
for several years now uh...
antics of the ideal overwrought about a little bother has it
has dealt with this before and in overcome
this one faction of the left that generally
you know what's the car niemeyer
he did not
rendering reelected is never meant for being hip-hop publish in america
uh... so
i don't overstate
the concern
but i do think that
it does not help
his leverage if you're out there saying they've lost all of us so i think spent
an awful events at the correct
again return the big picture begin training i dot is everything well big
may not be getting life-saving opposite is true it might take a look at
you just can't do it
what actually happened but but but it's costing them by the fact that
you know what's the best thing that its demand that without a alar
the fact that they were and what republican great abduction and after
that threatening
the book that work
they're threatening
different tactics of the week and he said
so bear goes out and says
we're gonna have a series oa month long delicate increases
so the bottom every month to put pressure on democrats wide-open
preferred over president spoke uses some political s
righted in doing that
uh... an act of republican cumple so what's the most of america didactic
events ever known individual colvin but sign of that either
yours either argument from bob keith tennessee is a for bush administration
economist he's got a popular
conservative blogs
uh... and rubicon
whatever dash for review armor tightness
uh... beb a term occassion say we're not going to raise the debt limit
unless there's an equivalent of spending cuts you'd want a dollar-for-dollar
was itself a repair actually t_v_ religion korean
circuit judge there's no connection between
raise the debt limit to cover the bill that congress has already spent the
money on i think that the president spoke allowed aka began week ago
in newly kindly that clearly right
the debt limit is about money we've already spent bright
he never right
between the two things that have helped push the connector
so has he says they could say that a less to do a dollar-for-dollar melanie
griffith i think that's
vote for
they don't live in a different will put it on the floor on
but you democrats will have to
vote for the lion's share of the votes in
uh... i will be a democrat that would increase the oldest every three months
until you
ad accusing i need to get their intellect
outline stopping in
i'll propose a busy governmental function that every congress has done
all of this jury
every three months or k
because they don't actually one of reading
the blow up the global economy
they are very worried
of the time they didn't work out and yeah
yeah and people are
finally catching on me like no no
and value
govern right
headed up
ko bata has already put on the table
this whole chain c_p_i_ which would reduce the growth rate parcels tree
benefits over time need
yet propose that
they have proposed that
about was that
presumably one of these days
they're gonna do that at last
there's a big deal about a third of the blocks
but there's a reason why
he did not get done in the city of about a big favor
protected you know it right out there they're hopeful riddick red-hot right
what obama and the day i was gonna be
respectable opinion
thanks for that will buy that there is no on the wealthy without it
uh... we saw
there has to be
an additional price republicans have to pay
to get that again
anil how much about to ask for because
dirty guide to track of what he would be thinking
break off
but back to me is aware of vital dance is going to occur
uh... their resources cutie
and that is in the there's going to be
there would be put on the table
anabolic an essay
i can't disaster her crested butte is for nothing
you've got to give up more
uh... and you know when you're up more
dividend and you know it was that limit that you're the ones who are really soft
uh... advocates for this is all
all headed towards
and yet is there is no hope for
i don't want to put my daughter is going like this but they're talking broader
tax reform beautiful here
in a bid tax increases obviously expose talks with him where the loopholes they
were simple
that the more complicated democratic or trying to accomplish
that's the stuff that's going to be talked about network
you might see if i want a carbon tax
carbon tax in all this mix
uh... there's there's some
conservatives that a lot
there talk with
both the left about two inches for a bipartisan carbon tax thing
uh... ware says new york making polluters to pay and but i probably for
the atmosphere and i'll make goods
that are fossil fuel and it works pensive entities that are clean energy
less expensively
possible of soft money
to assist with social benefit a lang's notion is
it without the words social bit in is that the
reading a map
but let's have a very high odds of this part of that for example so you might be
able to
in that yet
in a deal
right because republicans that wasn't the right fit for war
uh... i think be an irregular way of the concession with us for this one tax
so and uh... on the whole two things go team antidote to uh... added an orderly
sanguine about
so stated that there
so out of the people should organize around that affect that are or what have
who say that this deal is bad because there's big profit if something else
that that it might happen down the line right
doesn't realize is that indianapolis and sort of like
big picture and then when you know
wait for your looking at your things that you want
at them sabotaged the whole
a if you don't believe you illegal bombing is back vermin
you wish he was not present united use a corporate for
physically meet the two parties are identical
and also stars raid anyone about being party by bacteria that's where logic
picture that your business right uh...
if you don't believe that if you do think that obama is better than the
alternative in
then you do your best work within the system that you have to try to get you
fight we want a fight and you
you cheer we get
part of what you want
sure have
just how that works
i try to find only criterion for entry easter and amp
how diana united states where it's not like that
isn't what i thought what the asks it
and i'm not sure which
your stop on that
vetoed the bill
i thought i i think that you're being happening village phillips what your
beard uh... assessment
it's expert upon by any means
with that
muster there's work for me does that work for you
those are some people from the
needy beat
maybe thirty elbow pads sort of thing everything mister
need work and they would put at the stop at this point we did we go bush here
right on board for the ticket baby really white says you know right
you choose not on the ceiling that really your abused
uh... she may not be an added over the past year i don't think they are no she
say exactly but she has said she likes the beard as it did make reverse it
uh... sobs taking this as far as i can i really don't require the reporters now
he said that i want you to do the couple's easy talk if that's where the
if you will call up the first developed i want that to happen
dispute this because none of that iclei dot that would be three but that doesn't
make me happy
will appear in the cold
maybe a little bit
maybe a little
wound care ahahha compared to other it's good for them
confusing that little
and setting it there is no up within two point this week
yeah i did bring story times are
within two point
it was a little bit i mean every word teddy roosevelt baf that iraq's
you know there's a part where his daughter alice is on a foreign trip with
him u
buttons and she
she gets hot for uh... congressman dick longworth
despite the fact that is all kind of all that
i'd add analysis sort of like this personal you know red
but she's cheese like strangely you know it's uh... rio about europe
she lost her friend the daughter of the russian ambassador over him
the big it also would transpire way
make on are
failures apart like this is an that i think that it's not enough for tracy
uh... it might be quite pay off even though i don't have a family wants that
one young girl that doesn't hold that
of the guys right
little flashes was another or getting a good segment that
the key nearby alice roosevelt
right by the end of the king is the activities of the principal diary system
and at that
yaaay lately i don't know a bit about my sense was she was there about this uh...
big social butterfly
uh... kind of uh...
another returning to have a dorothy parker tight-knit really
nineteen ninety-two now beneath them
yeah problem were guiding
this took so long
there were convicted
my make something out have a look for the defense etc because when i was
really sad is that there is a their times piece about bill o'reilly bill
right security history books
here b_b_c_ he's he's right all of these their personal politics is public
private to do interviews with no i did use a different i've got so i have to
say i want to get rid of conflict that i could have thought about them by the
republican there's that killing lincoln killing kennedy's these two history
he you has ordered all the work obviously
at any rate the narrative
and my god there's a dope backtracking so there's always a glaring fact records
in the virus
but they have used he's the president wasn't exactly that
so he suffered a box itself much more unique was released and the average
story and two thousand thing
but certainly getting cracks and every year whereas in the real stories got to
take suspected years i had to write a book fast if you don't act yeah it's
rather appear
is reading that
stays in the media ansley
but when the law was brought back and before time before a federal program
pops up i think differently
if time permits me to do it
mean he made after the staff of three point qm
tele tracy workbook why they were going to be introduced in these two dash ten
on lewis's and they spoke
he feels that they spoke to me that you see the end
thirty-five burger
above share
moving on his books
uh... the plus
the support of a point
you you know if they keep on your pages on google search ex-cop family too
new public dot com because ta r dot gov thank you very much
you know that go in and i come
you couldn't be
man does actually
have a wonderful liberal week