Gay Roommate (with Mike E. Winfield)

Uploaded by ZekeMahogany on 12.12.2011

Yeah, she was about to give my drink for free because my afro's so neat.
Hey guys, what's up?
What's up, Kris?
You know your roommate's gay, right?
Yeah, he's gay.
No he's not. No.
It's CRAZY in Jamaica right now.
Why is there a camera in here?
Ready, set, GO!
28, one more, 29, you got one more in you.
Come on. We're going for 30.
30, 31. You got one more. Push it.
Find the nugget. Find the nugget.
I see the veins in your neck.
Dude, I can't hear the ocean in your belly button.
Shhh. It's all part of camping.
Hey, Kris.
Are you putting the lotion on my back or not?
One second.
I'm about to end you. End you.
My teeth. Indefensible.
Bring it.
Hey, did Big Mike leave?
I've been looking all over for him.
No, he's here.
Hey man.
Does this smell like ether?
No, totally wrong.
Hey, who's up for clubbing?
I'm in.
Come on.