Recipe - Rice Crackers (Chekkalu) Recipe With English Subtitles

Uploaded by recipe on 06.04.2012

Namaste! Welcome to Aha Emi Ruchi!
What are you going to make for us? Rice Crackers/Chekkalu
Ingredients required to make Rice Crackers
Rice Flour, Green Gram, Bengal Gram, Butter, Ginger, Green Chilli, Onions, Curry Leaves & Oil
Let's see how to make Rice Crackers
First, soak the bengal gram and green gram in water for an hour. A cup each
Grind the green chillies and ginger to make a paste, with a little salt
Take the rice flour into a mixing bowl and add 5 - 6 spoons of bengal gram
Add 5 - 6 spoons of green gram as well and salt for taste
Add 2 spoons of fresh butter and some chopped onions
Some curry leaves
Add some green chilli and ginger paste
Take a pan and heat some oil for deep frying
Now, mix the ingredients well with some water and make a dough
Roll the dough into small balls and flatten them out like a pancake
Start frying the flat dough pieces
Serve them in a plate