Uploaded by hoffmanuno on 22.12.2009

Scott, the New Orleans Saints' defense has been playing worse and worse every game.
We have key injuries to our defense on the both the line and our secondary.
In addition, Shockey is out with an injury and Bell is hurt as well.
With home field advantage throughout the playoffs we need a miracle to win out.
Fine, just sign some more free agent players and we'll be fine.
Scott. . .
uhm. . .
We can't sign anymore players.
Jenkins is ready to start at corner though.
Whoever was against drafting Jenkins, please leave the room.
Space Ghost, you stay too.
Why does this happen every year to my Saints!!
Everyone on our defense gets injured!!!
Are we cursed?!!!
Do we not stretch enough in the warmups?? Is our entire defense out of shape?!!!!
Is Chuck Norris using our defense as Sparring partners again?!!
Our entire defensive secondary is hurt and Jenkins is our star corner?
Jenkins couldn't cover me and I've got no cartlidge left in my knee!!
But, Scott, Jenkins is very fast and agile, he's just inexperienced.
I know he's fast, I saw his combine numbers.
With time, Jenkins will be a pro-bowler.
Time? We don't have time!! There's only 3 games left til the playoffs!!
God Dammit!!
If it wasn't for Drew Brees and Reggie Bush we'd be eliminated by now!!
We got beat by Dallas for god's sake!! Dallas!! I hate f***ing Dallas!!
Jimmy Johnson is such an arrogant bastard!! America's team my ass!!
I've been a Saints fan since I was 2!! Do you know how many losing seasons I've seen?!
Every year I get my hopes up and then WHAM!! Crushed!! Crushed into dust!!
We were beat by Chicago in the Conference championship. Chicago!!
Rex Grossman was their quarterback. We were beat by "Sexy Rexy".
He was the worst quartback in the NFL!!
I will never live down that shame!
What do I have to do to get it thru their heads?
What has to happen for the Saints to win a Super Bowl?
I don't even get sports coverage of the Saints here!
At Harrahs they made me watch the Saints game in the corner on one little tv with no sound!
I was so mad that I got drunk and texted some dirty whore I knew to come over and blow me.
It's ok, he did that to me too.
I just want a Super Bowl championship. Is that too much to ask?
Then maybe I won't be so angry!!
F***ing Jenkins!
He's not the problem. He's just a part of it.
I just wish our backups would man up a little more and learn how to tackle.
If they don't, not even Brees can help us.
At least we don't have Brett Favre.
I hate Brett Favre.