American Pie 2 (1/11) Movie CLIP - Jim's Big Surprise (2001) HD

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Seems like just yesterday my dad picked me up after my first year at college.
- Mm-hmm. - We popped a couple of beers,
and he said, "Now, you're a man."
And today I get to say the same thing to my son.
Honey, your speeches embarrass him.
So, try and do what the kids say, and just... be cool.
I think I bring new meaning to the word "cool," honey.
That's his dormitory up ahead.
Turn over. Okay.
Ow. [Groans]
Can't bring alcohol in the dorms. Oh, uh, good.
Thank you, uh, Matt. I'm just here to surprise my son Jim.
Now pin my leg up. What?
Pin my leg up, like this.
Uh-huh. Oh, yeah.
Maybe you can help me out, you know.
Is that the one? No. There!
Oh, yeah, yeah! Oh, oh, oh, okay!
[Shudders] Now I remember.
I didn't do this for you.
Thanks, dude.
[Dad] Where's my big guy? Oh, my God!
Oh, no. Hey... [Screams]
- Jesus! - Jim, we got here a little early.
- Dad, get out! - I'll wait in the car.
Go, Dad! Oh, my... Geez.
Was that your dad? Yeah.
- I'm so sorry. - For your own edification,
son, I just... I'm not embarrassed.
- I am! - It's a perfectly normal thing for two...
- Dad, what are you doing? - This is human nature. Human nature at its best.
Son, everybody does it. Your mother and I... Well, not so much anymore.
Got your favorite. Oh, my God! They're fucking!
- No! No! - Honey, honey, listen. No, no. I'm gonna take her...
Please just go! Actually, if you wouldn't mind.
Honey... I'll take her to the car.
[Gasps] [Gasps]
Hi, Mama. What?
- Natalie! - I'm Jim's dad.
You must be the parents of this young lady.
I'm sorry I didn't get her name, but hopefully my son did...
because I have not been here the whole time.
because I have not been here the whole time.
[Man] Natalie, get dressed!
- Beer? - [Man] Avert your eyes! Turn around!
[Natalie] Thanks, Jim. You don't believe in locks? Oh, my God.