How to Understand Anyone (the Myers-Briggs Way)

Uploaded by epipheo on 23.01.2012

This is Sally. She's a photographer. Her bedroom is a mess and she's usually at every party.
This is Jim. He color coordinates his file folders, spends a lot of time alone and is
studying to be a lawyer. Sally and Jim don't get along because they don't understand each
other. Well there happens to be a really effective tool that explains why people are the way
they are. It's called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It has four preferences on a sliding scale
that make up a unique personality type that will explain a lot about who you are.
So what do these all mean? Well an introvert's favorite world is their inner world while
an extrovert's favorite world is the outer world. A sensate takes in information in its
basic form while an intuitive likes to interpret and add meaning to information. A thinker
makes decisions by being logical and consistent while a feeler makes decisions based on relationships
and circumstances. A person who is in a judgment category likes to have things decided while
a perceiver likes to keep things open ended. There are a total of 16 different personality
types which all have a unique way of living in this world. Once you know your Myers-Briggs
and you understand others' Myers-Briggs it is easy to understand yourself and to understand
others. Learn your Myers-Briggs here.