Me Grimlock Vlogging About TV, Episode 21: "Annyong...Netflix?" (11/22/2011)

Uploaded by TVCriticGrimlock on 22.11.2011

Good news for fans of Arrested Development. Creator/showrunner Mitchell Hurwitz and producer/narrator
Ron Howard found home for new episodes of their beloved sitcom. Annyong... Netflix?
Me Grimlock speak for everybody when me Grimlock say, "Huh? Netflix? What hell? But me just
quit Netflix after price hike fiasco stuff!"
Last week, Opie himself confirmed that in 2013, new episodes of Arrested Development
gonna drop on Netflix instead of on Fox or on cable. This make Arrested Development Netflix's
second original series, after Netflix ordered 22 episodes of Kevin Spacey series House of
Cards, which gonna premiere on Netflix in 2012.
But after Netflix made its Netflix Instant customers feel cheated by cropping widescreen
movies and then Netflix started price hike/Qwikster mess, it gonna take more than just new Arrested
Development episodes to get me Grimlock back on your side, Netflix. Like bringing back
Party Down in addition to Arrested Development. Or doing Community solid and saving that hilarious
show from NBC chopping block. Or getting unemployed humans back to work. Or approaching Jerry
Sandusky in parking lot somewhere and hurling bucket of acid at his crotch. Do either of
those things, Netflix, and maybe me Grimlock return to being Netflix customer again.
Speaking of Party Down, me Grimlock wanna know why Netflix not rescue Party Down from
cancellation back when it used to stream Party Down episodes right after they premiered on
Starz network. Nearly two years after Party Down's cancellation, you deciding now to save
brilliant but cancelled TV shows like Arrested Development, Netflix? Way to display impeccable
timing, Netflix!
Me Grimlock ending vlog!