What is the Life Proof case? And a Quick Review!

Uploaded by MrTechnoXpert on 07.12.2012

Microsoft Word 6.0-Dokument MSWordDoc Word.Document.6 Lucas Barton Is life proof worth the money?
Asked by Thomas Hughes from my live stream on vokle.com. Unfortuantely life proof is
sold out everywheres including uk, because thats were Thomas is from. Now back to the
lifeproof. I personally think that the case is worth ever penny because its waterproof,
dust-proof and shock-proof. Although that doesnt sound like much it is, and it has a
lot of other interesting features as well. Unlike other iPhone and iPad cases, LifeProof
offers a sleek low profile that barely increases the size of your device. Your iPhone or iPad
is not only protected, it looks cool. What's more your LifeProof iPhone and iPad case is
supported by an array of action mounts and iPhone and iPad accessories that let you get
the most from your device. Take your device in the water, dirt or snow with LifeProof's
cases for the iPhone 4 / 4S, cases for Apple iPad 2, and cases for the iPhone 5. Although
the case is not very cheap its sleeker than the other popular cases such as OtterBox.
Now, although otterbox cases are cheaper and will protect your phone from dangerous drops,
it wont protect it from water, dust, and shocks. So therefore in a gist the LifeProof would
definitely be worth it. On the downside you have to preorder it because its all out of
stock! Which is upsetting. For me, the otterbox works great, but if your an action kinda guy
you might need the lifeproof case. Typical defender series otterboxes cost around 50
bucks, and for 30 extra you can have the life proof that protects your phone even more.
Thats all for this video to view the life proof case please go to: www.lifeproof.com,
and if your interested in those otterboxes you can visit otterbox.com. See you later
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