INSIDE the Book - 299 Guitar Licks + 10 Backing Tracks

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hey guys how you doing?
I'm matias rengel
think this the first time i talk on a youtube video
So, I'm gonna show you my new book, Licks for Everyone,
which includes 299 guitar licks plus 10 backing tracks to jam along.
each backing track is connected to a chapter,
so the licks you learn can actually be played over one of them
or over any of them if you transpose the licks.
the licks are divided in 11 chapters
Major Licks, Blues Licks, Minor Licks
Penta/Mixo Licks, Harmonic Licks,Lydian Licks,
Mixolydian Licks, Dorian Licks, Locrian Licks,
Lydian b7 Licks and Phrygian Licks.
Every chapter includes 8 sections;
Alternate Picking, Legato, Tapping, Slide,
Sweep Picking, Bend, Hybrid Picking and Combined.
So, the first thing you see inside the book is the cover.
The photo was taken by Hugo Luciano Mirabal,
an argentinean photographer.
The model was my girlfriend's dad, Victor Quinzano,
and the make-up was in charge of Natalia Carrizo Cisorio.
I honestly really like the cover, i mean it looks amazing to me.
They've done a great job and I'm very satisfied.
After the cover comes the copyright section,
you know with the IBSN, barcode and all those things.
Then you get the Acknowledgements section
and the table of contents.
Everything inside the table of contents is hyperlinked,
so let's say you want to go to chapter 1,
you go here where it says "chapter 1, major licks"
and you are taken to the chapter 1
if you want to go back to the table of contents,
you click here where it says Licks For Everyone,
and you are taken back to the contents.
and it works for all chapters and sections you know,
let's say you want to go to Chapter 4, Slide Section,
click over there and,
there you go,
you are taken to the slide section
if you want to go back, you simply go up
and click where it says "Licks for everyone"
and you are taken back to the table of contents.
You can also use Bookmarks;
you have to first get out of the full screen mode,
let's see
you have to go here, there we go;
Let's say you want to view Lick 11 from chapter 8
so let's go to chapter 8, right here, dorian licks.
expand it.
expand Sweep Picking section
and click on exercise 11.
There you go,
you are taken to the exercise 11.
Once again, if you want to go back to the table of contents
you simply go up
and click on "Licks for Everyone"
and you are taken back to the table of contents.
or maybe...
you can simply navigate the bookmarks
and click whereever you want to go.
Ok let's go back to the full screen mode.
let's close the bookmarks.
zoom in a little bit.
there we go.
after the table of contents, you get the Preface,
and after that you get Notation Symbols section,
where you can read about all the symbols used in the book,
you know like hammer on, pull-of legato slide and many more.
finally, after this,
you get the 299 Guitar Licks
in the chapter's cover you can find a brief explanation about the scale used,
you can also find out how to transpose the licks
so you can play them over other chapter's backing tracks
and finally there are some scale shapes.
so, the licks..
the licks are written in both Tablature and Standard Notation.
every lick includes fingering, which is above the staff,
picking direction which is below the Tablature
well, you can't see any picking directions here because
the only exercises that don't include picking direction
are the Alternate Picking licks,
because you can start the exercises up or down
and keep it like that,
but the rest of the licks
and sections include specific pick direction.
All techniques are also written, you know,
like H and P for legato, T for tapping and many more.
Actually, let's go back to the table of contents.
Let's go to chapter 4,
Hybrid Picking section.
As you can see...
the left hand fingering is specified,
right hand fingering, also specified.
There are some legato specification, H and P,
And here you have some picking directions.
You can also notice that here.
Now, let's go back once again to the Table of Contents.
Ok let's go to Chapter 4, combined section.
Every lick includes 2 audio files.
The first button plays the lick at the speed it should be played.
the 2nd button plays it at a slow tempo.
So, if you click on the first button,
let's see, a player comes up.
if you don't need the player anymore, you can close it,
or once you get out of the page it will close by it self.
the same happens for 2nd button, you click it
and the player comes up.
You can close it by clicking here
or once you get out of the page,
it will close by itself.
the good thing about this is that the audio files are so small
that they dont lower the pdf performance.
It is very fluid in any computer you have
The backing tracks come on a separate file.
They are all modal compositions,
you have dorian backing track,
lydian backing track,
locrian backing track,
just to name a few.
If you want to preview the backing tracks,
go to the website
Go here where it says "Previews"
and click on the one you want to hear.
If you want to buy the book,
simply go to the book website I already mentioned,
the trailer should come up here,
you can watch it or skip it clicking here.
You should be able to see the Buy Now button here.
I cannot see it right now because I'm in argentina
and it is not available here,
but you should be able to see it and buy the book
the website was designed and programmed with Drupal by Mauro Jose Vigliotti,
a great website designer, you should check him out,
he's got a website,
So this is it guys,
i really hope you have enjoyed this video
and get a clear idea of what my book is about.
if you buy my book i will really really appreciate it
and be very helpful with any trouble you have,
question, feedback or whatever related to the book.
Have a nice day!