Federal Judiciary Careers: Jury Administrator

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“My job affords me the opportunity to meet fifteen
hundred new people every month.
I am Beatrice Spencer, Jury Administrator.
I love it.
There's never a dull moment in my job.”
“My name is Paul Lombardi, and I’m the Grand Jury Deputy Clerk.”
“Felicia Catchings, Jury Clerk.”
“Michael Lunar, Jury Clerk.”
“My name is Mia Harvey, and I’m a Jury Clerk.
A Jury Clerk consists of dealing with jurors and their correspondence when they’re summoned for
jury service.” “Jurors are very vital to the court system.
We’re the very first contact to the public.”
“You tell the jurors what they’re going to be expecting the whole day.
For jury duty, make sure they wear their badges, make sure they clock out for their employer if needed.”
“I am primarily responsible for the coordination of management of the District Courts’ Grand Jury system,
and the effective operation of that system.” “My job is terribly important.
When a judge takes that bench, and
he looks at that jury, he must believe that I’ve handled that panel with integrity,
and that he does
have a panel
of prospective jurors that can serve.”
“When looking for jury administrators, you need to be an
excellent public speaker, you need to have
both excellent
and written communication skills.”
“Definitely multi-tasking,
organizational skills,
you also need people skills because you’re dealing with jurors.”
“It’s just a lot of explaining and patience,
and letting them know how the system works, and
why they’re important, and why we want them here.”
“I am very satisfied in my work, knowing that I make a difference.” “Knowing that you do deal
with some difficult jurors prior to them coming in, and once they leave, you know that they had
a good experience, and
that's great.
They totally change.”
“A lot of people,
they come out like “Wow, this was very memorable,
thank you for making this a great experience for me.”
“Every morning
that I enter this building, I’m thankful for the job.” “It's an excellent work environment. My job does have
a lot of variety, and that's one of the reasons why
I like my job so much, and have been in it for
this long.”
“The daily activities change all the time.
You’re constantly busy.” “You’re dealing with people from all walks of life,
so you really have to expect the unexpected. It’s always something different, it’s always
something new every day.”
“It’s an awesome opportunity to grow, and to learn. There's lots of advancement.”
“I actually started in the mail room,
and have been in my current position, as the Grand Jury Deputy Clerk for approximately thirteen years,
so there is plenty of room for advancement, and a lot of diversity within the positions.”
“I'm very satisfied. I definitely
believe that my hard work does not go unnoticed.
It makes me feel good. It's a great place to work, and it’s a promising career.”