[ENG SUB] EXO-M Yahoo Interview 121119 (Part 1/4 - Kris, Luhan, Lay)

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We are one! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M
Kris: Hello Taiwan friends
Kris: Today is our last stop in Taiwan
Kris: So we're here at Yahoo
Kris: Should we introduce ourselves in a special way
to let everyone understand us a bit more?
Lay: Okay
Lay: Okay, so let's start now
Kris: Alright, Luhan can start
[Picking on me >< Don't want]
Luhan: This... wait
Luhan: Usually the leader starts, right?
Kris: No choice, because I'm the leader
Kris: Then I'll start us off
Kris: Laugh
[Leader Kris' self introduction] Me...
My writing is very pretty
Also my drawings aren't too bad either
First is our group's name
Then this is me
That's right, my name is Kris
I am Kris
Me... In the group, I have the role of leader
And then, my speciality...
Actually, I like doing everything
It's just...
Right now my position is rapper
What I need emphasize a bit is that
I actually have a lot of strong points
For example, I can fly [Can fly!?]
I believe you guys already know that
You can see this dragon
Xiumin: Draw it
Kris: I'll hit the back of your hand
Lay: I want to see you draw that dragon
Kris: Next time, next time
[The other members in the middle of questioning] Lay: You're EXO-M's leader, right? You just said
Kris: If not, are you?
Lay: Ah no
Lay: Do you want... where do you want to take EXO-M?
Kris: Good question
Lay: Alright
Kris: Okay, Luhan. You answer
Kris: Today's weather is quite nice
Luhan: Take to...
Luhan: I think the we should let the leader answer [I'm not the leader]
How tall are you?
Lay: I think you're 190cm
Xiumin: 180cm
Tao: 188cm
Luhan: 186cm
Kris: That's right, I'm 186cm
Lay: How much do you weight?
That's a secret I can't tell
Tao: How old are you?
Don't ask age. It's impolite.
[Let's just say it's a secret]
I am from Canada
From Vancouver in Canada, I attended our company's audition
And then entered the company, entered SM
I was a trainee for 4 years
And then...
Now, I debuted with EXO-M
I feel very honoured
So in those 4 years, I learnt many things
For example, Korean
For example singing, dancing and rapping etc
And also flying, I learnt how to fly
Lay: Usually when you're taking a break, what do you like doing?
Normally when I take a break, I like sleeping
And I like reading
And also, when I'm free I like writing words and stuff
And going online
I think I've said too much already
Next member. Who first?
Okay, Luhan go
[Kris... you seem to enjoy picking me a little too much]
So many colours
[Luhan's self introduction] Hello everyone
My name is...
Xiumin: Luhan
Thank you
Actually my personality is usually quite lively
I like cracking jokes and being funny
But I'm not as funny as him
Lay: Me? I'm not usually funny
[I'm always pretty serious]
This is the EXO logo I practice diligently
Normally my favourite hobby is soccer
Playing soccer together with Xiumin
Chen: What is this?
Just think of it as a soccer ball
This year, I'm 22
Oh right! My power is
Tao: Telekinesis
Yes, telekinesis. How did you know?
How did you know?
Tao: Because you're stronger than me
Chen: Luhan... what is this?
Lay: It's drawn so similarly, oh wow
Chen: Looks good, looks good
[Really good!]
I can use my mind to move objects
I can move them
Xiumin: Is it fun?
Finished, over
Hello everyone
[Lay's self introduction] I am EXO-M member Lay
I'm really happy to be a guest at Yahoo today
and teaching you guys
Seeing you, it feels like we're very familiar
Feels like I've seen you somewhere before
Kris: You thought wrong
I quite like singing and dancing
I like playing the guitar, piano
Luhan: Writing songs and tunes
Right, I also like writing songs and tunes
And sometimes, together with someone called Kris...
Kris right?
That dragon, sometimes I work with him
[That what?]
He writes the lyrics, I write the music
Without shoes, I'm 176cm
With shoes, 178cm
Tao: So how old are you this year?
I was born in 1991
I like music
Representative of music, the five staves
In music, I like this rhythm
Because this rhythm makes me feel especially motivated [Motivation]
It gives me the courage to keep going forward
(Korean) Using Korean to explain is a little difficult
Xiumin: It's okay, I understand
(Korean) I like this rhythm
Chen: 16 beats, 16 beats
No matter what you do, you must have motivation
have courage, have action
then you can do it well
So I hope that we, EXO-M can continue forward and become even better
Okay lastly, I'll draw a picture
In the past my hair was naturally curly
So this is me. This is Lay. [Lay's self portrait >w<]