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This is a night of trial for us.
We will get the results of our 2 years hard work today.
We won't say about it to any one.
Even if we do succeed, we will remain silent.
lf we succeed in this research, it will be a matter of honor..
..for us, for our country and especially for our army.
And we will consider ourselves at par with other nations.
l thank you all for assisting me in this research.
Rajesh, start.
Rajesh, check the fuse.
Good morning. - Good morning.
Good morning, sir. - How's Rajesh? - Better.
Nothing serious, but he needs rest. - For how long?
At least one month. - One month?
Do you know how much loss we are incurring without him?
Dr. Sharma, all l know is that he badly needs some rest.
Rajesh, we are running out of time.
l can't prepare the final report without you.
l know, sir. Doctor, l feel much better now.
l think l should go. - Not at all.
lf you still insist, you will be responsible for your health.
Dr. Sharma, grant him a leave for one month.
One month? lmpossible! l can't spare.
Rajesh, if you want, you can take a leave for 15 days.
l will manage till then.
But remember, if l need you..
..l will call you any time from any where.
Yes, sir.
Thank you. Goodbye, doctor.
Congratulations for the leave, dear. - Thank you.
Thank you very much, doctor.
Do you hear me? l told you to give me my shirt an hour back.
Hey Roopmati!
l've also been telling you for..
..an hour that l'll give you in 5 minutes.
lt won't be a trouble if you take it yourself.
ln my family..
..the wives used to do Aarti of their husbands every morning.
But you can't even take a shirt from the hanger.
My dear deity! You're very fond of Aarti.
Have you seen your face in the mirror?
l've been looking at my face since childhood.
lf l had seen your face before marriage..
..l wouldn't be facing this trouble today.
You take yourself to be King lndra.
Why didn't you tell your father to get you a fairy?
Roopmati, don't you dare talk about my father.
Not talk about your father?
Why? Was he some deputy collector?
l say, don't.. - Say what you want. No one listens to you.
Lord, if l had stayed unmarried like you..
..l wouldn't be facing this trouble.
Greetings, sir. You've come? - How are you, Bhola?
l'm fine, sir. l came to meet you at the hospital..
..but the doctors didn't let me meet you.
l told them that l am your servant, butler, secretary..
lf you had said boss, they would have let you come in.
Yes, l didn't say that.
Sir, are you going somewhere?
Yes, l have an off for 15 days, so l'm going out.
Why are you laughing?
Sir, last year you went on a leave for 30 days.
But your boss called you back on the 3rd day.
This time l'm not going to return soon.
Was there a call for me? - Yes, there was a call from Ms. Rita.
She used to call twice a day for one week.
Her anger was increasing day by day.
Last time she put down the phone so strongly..
..l felt someone had punched my ear.
Bhola, woman and anger are the two names of the same thing.
Yes, sir. - Now take for example your wife.
She is always angry. Shall l tell you something, sir? - Yes.
Don't marry, sir.
Ok, l won't. Look, put in my shaving kit and the shoes. - Ok.
Don't marry, eh?
C'mon, c'mon.
Come here, come here.
Bhola, have you put everything in the bag? - Yes, sir.
Very good.
Hold this glass.
Sir, you're going to meet Ms. Rita, aren't you? - Yes.
And you're also taking this photo along?
You know well how angry Rita can get.
What if she does not let me come in her house?
So you'll do with the photo? - Of course.
Sir, you'll be staying at a hotel, right?
Hallo. - l've come, Rita. - Who's come?
Me.. Rajesh..
l don't want to talk to you or see your face.
Sister! Sis, the phone's ringing.
Hallo. Who is speaking? Rajesh?
lt's Rajesh. - Disconnect it.
Dear boy, why did you disconnect?
Listen; please get your sister on line.
Sister, please talk to him.
Tell him that l don't want to meet him. l hate him.
He disappears for three months without informing.
What does he think of himself?
Sorry; sister does not want to talk to you.
'Believe me, l love you. Only you.'
'Believe me, l love you. Only you.'
'My world is beautiful like heaven because of you.'
'My world is beautiful like heaven because of you.'
'Your picture lies in my eyes like a lamp on the path.'
'Your memories are my support on every turn of sad life.'
'There is pleasure on each path because of you.'
'Believe me, l love you. Only you.'
'l have no one except you. l have always dreamed of you.'
'The poetry of your love is written on the book of my heart.'
'l have no one except you. l have always dreamed of you.'
'The poetry of your love is written on the book of my heart.'
'My story is reality only because of you.'
'Believe me, l love you. Only you.'
'You've taken away my sleep. You've robbed my peace of mind.'
'You are my companion of life and death. Please, trust me.'
'You've taken away my sleep. You've robbed my peace of mind.'
'You are my companion of life and death. Please, trust me.'
'l love you more than God.'
'Believe me, l love you. Only you.'
'My world is beautiful like heaven because of you.'
'Believe me, l love you. Only you.'
Does this suit you?
Running and singing after a girl despite being a scientist?
Whether it suits me or not, you believe it now.
Believe what? - That l can sing.
You joke all the time.
You've been saying for a year that you want to marry me.
And that you will talk to my mother.
Then you disappear and don't turn up for 3 months.
This time l will surely meet your mother, but..
No ifs and buts.
l will fix an appointment with mother for tomorrow.
For tomorrow? Why so soon, darling?
Either it will be tomorrow or never.
Really? But what will l talk to your mother.
Just tell her who you are..
Ok, we'll start rehearsing tomorrow.
O God!
You want to say something to me?
Yes, you know that l am an educated, decent, young man.
l am a government employee and earn 1500 rupees per month.
You want to say something to me?
Yes, l am an educated, decent, young man.
l am a government employee and earn 1500 rupees per month.
l am provided servant, bungalow, car, every thing for free.
l don't drink or gamble. l don't have any bad habits.
Will you marry your daughter..
Rita was telling me that you want to say something.
Yes, l am an educated, decent, young man.
l am a government employee and earn 1500 rupees per month.
l am provided servant, bungalow, car, every thing for free.
l don't have any bad habits.
l don't drink or..
Will you..
Will you..
Will you.. will you.. - Take some tea. - Thank you.
Well, what were you saying?
l was saying.. how many kids do you have?
Only two. Rita and Punnu.
Yes, l was saying that Rita has grown up now.
You should get her married.
Yes, l've talked to a few people about that.
Talked to a few people? Very good. Very good.
l like a guy very much.
He is good looking and also from good family.
And earns good, too. - Must be drinking liquor.
No, doesn't even touch it. - Must be gambling.
He doesn't even talk about it.
Doesn't he have any bad habits?
No, he has no bad habits.
Auntie, you are elder..
..but.. you should ask Rita's opinion, too.
Rita is my daughter; my choice will also be her choice. - Yeah.
Mother, he also does not have any bad habits.
Yes, l don't have any bad habit either.
l don't drink or gamble.
Will you please marry your daughter to me?
Hallo! Hallo, reception? Had any person come to my room?
No one?
But who are you? - We are your sir's friends.
But sir is not home; he's gone out.
Who else lives in this house?
ln this place.. but why are you taking photographs?
Don't you know..
..the photo of this house is to be printed in papers?
Why? - This house has won a prize for best tidiness.
lt should win a prize. l clean the whole house every day.
Really? - Yes. - Very good. Where is the bedroom of your boss?
Come, l'll show you; but do print the photo of it. - Sure.
Come on.
Come.. come.. here it is.
Have you taken the photo? - Yes.
You seem to be a very honest and hard working man.
Sir.. can you make my wife understand that?
What is your name? - Bhola. - Very good. Nice name.
Bhola, do you know her?
Hey! lt's madam Rita's photo. My sir's..
l see. Come, l'll take a photo of yours. - My photo?
Shoot a photo of me.
Ok, Bhola, we'll leave now.
But, sir, what is your name? What would l tell my boss?
Tell him two of his photographer friends had come.
Goodbye, sir.
Do you hear me? Do you hear me, Roopmati?
What is it?
Sir's friends shot my photo.
Your photo? What will they do with your photo?
Print it in the newspapers. - ln the papers?
lf people see it..
..they might think some elephant has run out of the zoo.
Why? lt would be written under it..
..o bachelors of the world, look at the result of a marriage.
Never mind.
Couldn't you ask them to take a few photos of me, too?
l got my photos shot only on the day of wedding.
Do you remember it? - Yes, l do.
Can anyone forget the most horrible day of his life?
The villagers said that they attended many weddings..
..but had never seen such a bride.
At the time of farewell, l wept so hard.
You cried only on that day.
But l've been crying since that day till date.
And l felt perhaps you won't be..
..able to propose for next 2 years.
But l proposed at last.
We're engaged; so l'm half trapped. - Half trapped?
Yes, engagement traps a man partly and marriage traps him fully.
This time gap between engagement and wedding..
..is given to a man to think over.
No, the time is given to a girl.
A man wants to marry immediately after engagement.
Now l am to decide whether l want to marry you or not.
l know, Rita, someone else also loves you.
Some one else loves me?
Yes, he stole your photo from my room last night.
You're kidding. Come, let's go. - No, Rita.
lt's quite late. - See, the sun has not set yet.
lt hasn't? lt will set down soon.
Set! Set down! 1 , 2, 3..
Even the sun is jealous of me.
lt wants the night to come soon and separate us.
But, Rita, l won't let you part today.
You won't let me go today, but tomorrow?
You might forget me completely.
What are you saying, Rita?
Rajesh, don't know why but l feel that our love is a dream..
..which will never be realized.
'lf you won't forget, these dreams will surely be realized.'
'We will not be separated. We will not be separated.'
'lf you won't forget, these dreams will surely be realized.'
'We will not be separated. We will not be separated.'
'The moment Almighty created us..'
'..he gave us heartbeats, and made two hearts meet.'
'And then the angel of love left us on the earth.'
'lf you won't forget, these dreams will surely be realized.'
'We will not be separated. We will not be separated.'
'Our love is like carvings on stone.'
'No one will be able to rub away our names.'
'Every heartbeat calls this on the path of love.'
'lf you won't forget, these dreams will surely be realized.'
'We will not be separated. We will not be separated.'
'We will stay together on each trip of life.'
'We will walk together on every path of the world.'
'We will live together; we will die together.'
'lf you won't forget, these dreams will surely be realized.'
'We will not be separated. We will not be separated.'
'lf you won't forget..'
Rita, shall l open my eyes now? - Not yet.
God! My eyes are closed, and on top of that this cold!
What trouble! - lt's me who's in trouble.
What will mother think about me? - What will mother think?
That l stayed out with a man all night?
But, Rita, l am your would be husband.
There's a difference between would be and a husband already.
What? - As much there's a difference between dream and reality.
Dreams usually turn to reality.
Sometimes; not always. - My dreams always turn to reality.
Yes, it was also a dream that we'll reach home by evening.
ls it my fault that it started raining? - Of course it's yours.
Fine; it's my fault.
Are you upset? - Yes.
Hey! What's this?
- lt's a birth mark. Only great people have it.
How many girls have touched it?
Only three till now. - Three?
One is you. The second is Gita.. and the third is Sita.
A call?
Hallo. Yes, it's Rajesh speaking.
Who are you? Hallo.. hallo..
Don't know why they've called me back so soon.
What happened? What's the matter?
Nothing.. l am going back on duty.
How can it happen so soon?
Will you go away? - Yes, Rita, l will have to join the duty.
Didn't l tell you there's..
..a difference between dream and reality?
l will eradicate this difference, Rita.
l will ask Dr. Sharma's permission for our marriage.
Will we get married? - Don't you trust me?
Here you are, at your mother's place.
Tell auntie to start arranging for our wedding.
l will bring a big marriage procession.
Will you have to go today itself?
Yes, Rita, duty is duty after all.
And the sooner l go the sooner l will be able to return.
l am to take permission for our wedding.
Rita, l can't live alone now.
Call me as soon as you reach there..
..and tell me what Dr. Sharma said.
Yes, don't worry.
'The procession of spring has come.'
'lt has brought along much joy.'
'Listen, o heart; listen, my dear.'
'My lips are saying the feelings of my heart.'
'The procession of spring has come.'
'lt has brought along much joy.'
'Listen, o heart; listen, my dear.'
'My lips are saying the feelings of my heart.'
'The procession of spring..'
'Please, don't shy away from me. Stay in my arms.'
'Please, don't shy away from me. Stay in my arms.'
'lt's been the height of waiting. Don't torment me more.'
'Don't torment me more.. don't.. don't.. don't.'
'The procession of spring has come.'
'lt has brought along much joy.'
'Listen, o heart; listen, my dear.'
'My lips are saying the feelings of my heart.'
'The procession of spring..'
'The breeze today is playing the tune of love.'
'The scenery looks like bride; it has become it's shadow.'
'lt has become it's shadow.'
'The procession of spring has come.'
'lt has brought along much joy.'
'Listen, o heart; listen, my dear.'
'My lips are saying the feelings of my heart.'
'The procession of spring..'
Sir, you've returned so soon?
What can l do? The government can't do without me.
Didn't l tell you when you were leaving..
..that the government can't stand you taking offs?
They call you back soon. - Take the bag in.
Sir, your photographer friends had come.
Photographer? - Yes, he does not have hair; he's bald.
He also gave me tickets to a movie.
Can l take an off and go to watch a movie?
Sure, but please take my bag in first. - Right now, sir.
You're so strange!
Good morning, sir. - Good morning.
You're back sooner; your leave is not over yet.
But you called me up. - Called you? l did? No!
Then.. who called me up?
Well, good that you've come.
Resume your duty from tomorrow.
Sir, l want to tell you something. - Yes?
Well.. l.. l want to get married. - To Rita?
How do you know that?
lt is important for me to have..
..all the information about every man in my department.
Sir, l want a leave of another 15 days. - lt's impossible.
Postpone your wedding, at least for 6 months. - What?
There's an order from the Centre..
..that our report should be ready at the soonest.
But, sir, how is my marriage related to it?
Your marriage can be a big obstacle for us at the moment.
Sorry, sir, but it's my personal matter.
Rajesh! Personal matters hold no importance in our service.
l am ready to resign right now.
You can use my hard work or brains.
But you have no right to put restrictions on my personal life.
Rajesh, government has given me as much authority..
..that l can stop you from meeting Rita.
And that is final.
Dr. Sharma, no power on this earth..
..can stop me from marrying.
l will do away with any obstacle on my way.
And that is final.
Put me to trunk booking. Hallo.. trunk booking?
Book a call to Bombay, please.
Bombay number 575373. Yes, it's for Ms. Rita.
lt's an urgent call, please. Thank you.
Hallo. Calling from Mr. Sharma's office?
l'm being called there? But l met him just a while back.
After 6:30? After the office closes down?
All right, l'll come.
Has Dr. Sharma called me? - Yes, sir. Wait.
Be seated, please.
You can go in now. Dr. Sharma is waiting for you.
Why have you called me?
Dr. Sharma, why have you called me?
Why don't you speak?
Doc.. doctor Sharma?!
ls someone there?
Where's the dead body?
lnspector, l saw the dead body on this chair myself.
Where has it gone then? - l don't understand.
JK! - Yes? - Search this place well. - Fine.
Come with me.
When you came here, was there anyone else present?
Yes, the steno of Dr. Sharma.
And l also saw a man coming out of this room.
Who was he? - l've never seen him before.
He told me that Dr. Sharma was calling me.
Where has that man gone?
When l came out to call you..
..that man and steno, both had vanished.
Sir, l've searched the place, but there's no clue.
Mr. Rajesh, you will have to come to the police station.
Why do l have to come there?
Your statement will be jotted down. You need to sign it.
Come with me.
Good evening.
Who are you?
Congratulations! - For what?
For murdering Dr. Sharma. - What are you blabbering?
l know nothing about Dr. Sharma's murder.
Perhaps the police also don't know anything.
That's why they let you go. - What do you mean?
You were the last person who saw Dr. Sharma alive.
And in that meeting you had a quarrel with him.
You also warned him.
How do you know all that?
And that is final.
Dr. Sharma, no power on this earth..
..can stop me from marrying.
l will do away with any obstacle on my way.
And that is final.
And you did away with Dr. Sharma.
No.. no, l haven't killed Dr. Sharma.
l am telling the truth; l haven't killed him.
This small tape recorder can get you hanged, Mr. Rajesh.
The police only need the evidence.
And what do you want?
The result of Dr. Sharma's research.
You think l will tell you that?
You will be paid for telling me. As much as you want.
You are in need of money. l am ready to make a deal with you.
lt is traitors like you who trade the prestige of the country.
l want your answer; only Yes or No.
By saying Yes, you will get your life.
By saying No, you will get death.
Think over. - l've thought over.
Hallo. Police headquarter?
Who is it?
Who was here? Who was here?
Come out; someone's come to meet you.
Rita! - Rajesh!
Had you ever thought you would come to lockup to meet me?
What l've heard.. is it true?
Can l murder someone? - Never!
So why do you talk nonsense? - But.. but how come you..
How come l'm here? l don't know either.
l've been accused falsely. l'm trapped wrongly.
Don't worry, Rita; l am innocent.
And as soon as l get out of here..
..l will sue the police for this humiliation. - Rajesh!
C'mon, the time's over. - C'mon, time up.
Come on.
Go, Rita; we'll meet tomorrow.
They can't keep me in jail for more than 24 hours.
Go, Rita.
Sit down. We want to talk to you.
First l'll talk to my lawyer.
First you'll sit down.
You tricked me. Arrest him; he's a big traitor.
Mr. Rai is the chief of the investigation department.
Chief? But last night you..
l was testing you. Sit down.
He is Mr. D'melo, my assistant.
He is Mr. Sriwastava, fingerprint expert.
But why am l called here? What do you want?
To find out about Dr. Sharma's murder.
l've told you that l know nothing about it.
That's why we've called you here, so that you would know.
Dr. Sharma! - Who are you?
l had called you a while back.
So you're the man who's ready to give me 10 lakh rupees?
Not me, my government. l am just an agent.
Of which country?
lt's useless to press the button, Dr. Sharma.
The alarm system and telephone wires are cut off.
How did you come in?
There are security guards around the building.
There are traitors everywhere in the world.
Here, too? Who is he? - Our friend and your enemy.
We're running out of time, Dr. Sharma.
Are you ready to sell your research? - Never! Not at any cost!
You fool! You've come till here, but you won't be able to go.
l will call the guards.
This recorder was given to us by the security department.
Even Dr. Sharma didn't know about it.
And through it we came to know that the gang behind..
..Dr. Sharma's murder is the enemy of our country.
And there are some traitors among us..
..who are helping these wicked men.
We are to find out both of them. And finish them for good.
But, Mr. Rai, what can l do? - Only you can help us.
Because only you know how important..
..this secret formula is for our country.
Dr. Sharma kept it safe even at the stake of his life.
Dr. Sharma gave his life for the country.
He proved that life is not more important than nation.
Dr. Sharma has died.
But the sky does not become empty with the dying of one star.
Every person of this nation..
..can give his life if the need arises.
Of course; there's no doubt about it.
Exactly. You will also have to sacrifice for nation. - Yes?
Mr. Rajesh, you will have to accept..
..the allegation of murdering Dr. Sharma.
You will silently plead guilty in the court.
But, sir.. - Every newspaper will print you as a murderer.
And then l'll be hanged. - No, you will flee!
We are sure that..
..those gangsters will soon try to contact you.
To deal with you what they couldn't deal with Dr. Sharma.
We are just looking for that opportunity.
Our men will be watching you all the time.
But how will this happen? - We have a plan. - What?
First you'll have to promise that..
..you won't mention about this plan to anyone.
How's that possible? - Not even to Rita!
Your silence is very important for our victory.
Ok, sir.
Mr. Rajesh, as soon as you leave the court..
..a police van will take you to Pune Central Jail.
There will be a sub inspector..
..and four constables besides the driver.
Mr. D'melo will be with you.
This is the Bombay - Pune road.
5 kilometers from Panvel there comes..
..a deserted area with woods on both sides of the road.
There will be a turn.
After you pass the turn..
..you'll find a tree fallen on the middle of the road.
The van will stop.
Except Mr. D'melo, every one will come out to move the tree.
Exactly at that moment..
..you will hit Mr. D'melo with your handcuffs.
And with all your might.
Because even the police should not know..
..that we have a hand in letting you run away.
The backdoor of the van will be open.
Get out of it and run away in the woods.
After running 20 yards, a man will suddenly come to you.
He will be holding a non lighted cigarette.
He will ask you, do you have matches?
You will move your hands forward.
He will open your handcuffs.
And then?
Then that man will take you with him..
..and arrange a place for you to hide in.
Meanwhile, we will make a chaos about your escape.
And will try that the agents..
..of our enemy contact you as soon as possible.
Then the CBl will take over and you'll be freed.
Mr. Rajesh, these are some secret telephone numbers..
..which you might need.
But remember; they should not get into the hands of the enemy.
Goodbye, Mr. Rajesh. And good luck, my boy.
Constables, remove that tree. Hurry up.
Wish you all the luck.
Do you have matches?
Come with me.
Do you have matches?
So where has Rajesh gone?
Who has taken him away?
Matches, please.
You? You killed Dr. Sharma.
Got me right. - Who are you?
A person.. who makes others sleep.
Sriwastava? O my God!
What took you so long? - l had to knock him unconscious.
l had been waiting for you for long.
Here are your tickets.
Attention please! Ethiopian Airlines announces..
..the departure of their flight..
..number 709 to Addis Ababa, Nairobi.
Yes, D'melo? - Something has gone wrong, sir.
What? Hold the line.
You can go. Good night.
Yes, D'melo? - Mr. Rai, our plan has failed.
How? What happened? - Sriwastava is killed.
Oh no! Where is Rajesh? - We are looking just for him.
We found fresh prints of truck tyres on the mud road.
The prints show that the truck has gone towards Mumbai.
Carry on the investigation.
Police headquarters? This is Rai speaking.
This is an emergency.
Flash on the wireless not to let..
..any car enter Mumbai without being checked.
Keep a strict eye on railway stations and airport.
Mr. Gupta, come over to the switch board.
Yes, sir?
Mr. Gupta, how long..
..have you been Mr. Sriwastava's assistant?
For 5 years. - 5 years. You will take his place from today.
But why? - Because he is no more. - What?
Switch on the lights.
You've done a good job. - Thank you, sir.
What do you think, doctor.
l think we can kill him.
Who are you all?
Don't worry, Mr. Rajesh. We are your friends. - Friend.
We had to bring you so far from your country forcibly..
..because we knew you would never agree to our offer.
We are sorry for the trouble. And we ask your pardon.
But who are you and what do you want from me?
You are the person we need. - Need me? What for?
Only you can help us.
John, get Garzon.
Please, sit down.
Sir is calling you. - Am l called?
Garzon! - Yes, sir?
We want to see how different nature has made you both.
And how much we can reduce that difference.
Doctor, have a good look.
l can tell you that..
l can change the color of his hair and the color of his eyes.
That's very good.
What is this going on? What do you want to do?
l will tell you.
They are changing me to you..
..so that l can go to your country and take your place.
l would finish the task which Dr. Sharma did not do for us.
You all are traitors.
You will soon be recognized and will never succeed.
We always succeed. Failure is scared of us.
You can change the color of his eyes and hair..
..but you can't change his voice.
No one has been able to change anyone's voice till date.
We will find a solution to that.
Doctor, we are running short of time.
Get started. - Yes, sir. Come with me.
John, see that our friend is well looked after.
Please, come out.
What do you think of it, sir?
Good. Make an injury mark on him here.
But why? - Don't argue.
Please, try this.
Sit down.
We had promised you..
..that we will eradicate the difference of nature.
Look closely how much we've eradicated the differences!
Remember; you have to clean these lenses after every 8 hours.
Show Rajesh your injury mark.
Answer rightly to whatever l ask you.
Tell me what your name is and where you're going.
Answer quickly.
Rajesh, we can't change the voice, but we can do away with it.
He will not speak in front of outsiders from today.
What do you want to gain by making him my duplicate?
The destruction of your nation.
Your country will stop developing.
And your country will always be under suppression.
My nation is not so weak..
..that a few people like you can stop its development.
One fake Rajesh of yours cannot harm my nation.
10 days from today, on the 18th of this month..
..the building which Dr. Sharma and young men..
..like you have built with hard work and dedication..
..will be blasted.
Our Rajesh is leaving tonight.
Wish him good luck so that he would succeed.
Take him away.
Doctor, give me the photographs.
Garzon! - Yes, sir? - Are you ready? - Yes, sir.
l want to check once more.
Who is this? - Bhola, Rajesh's servant.
Bhola's wife.
Rita, Rajesh's fiance.
Rajesh, l am going. Perhaps we won't be meeting again.
Garzon, we will meet. We will surely meet.
Good bye.
Wish you good luck, Garzon. - Thank you, doctor.
Best of luck, Garzon. - Thank you very much.
Papa! Papa!
O papa! - What is it, son? - Papa, come here fast.
What is it, son? - Papa, this man is lying dead.
What are you saying?
Child, he is not dead. - Papa, he is lying dead.
Child, he is not dead; he is asleep.
Papa, he is lying dead.
Child, people don't get place to sleep in Mumbai.
So he is sleeping on the cool sand.
Papa, this man is dead. - ls he?
Wait a minute. l will call my papa. Papa! Papa!
What is it, child? - Come here fast, papa.
What's the matter, child?
Papa, this stupid son of mine is saying that this man is dead.
l say he is not dead; he is asleep. - Let me check.
He is neither dead nor asleep. He is hanging in between.
That means he is half dead? - Yes, he is half dead.
Don't waste time and call the constable.
Son, please call the constable.
Constable! - Son of a donkey! How can you shout so slow?
Scream louder. Constable!
Not like that. Scream like this. Constable!
Constable! Constable!
What happened?
Constable, this man is dying.
Please, take him to an ambulance.
Who is he to you? - He will die by the time we explain.
Please, call the ambulance fast.
Tukaram, call the ambulance.
Let's lift him. - C'mon.
Garzon has fallen into right hands.
Call Mr. Rai after half an hour. - Yes, sir.
Rai speaking. What? l will come there right now.
Open your eyes, Rajesh. l am Rai.
Who had taken you away? Where were you all these days?
How did you come back?
You can't speak?
O God!
Relax, Rajesh; l am here.
Sir, this case is getting more complicated.
Sir, if you remember..
..same accident took place in Bhatnagar case.
Hallo. Yes, it's Rita speaking.
Why? Some important work? Yes. Yes.
Who was it, Rita? - Mr. Rai wants to meet me urgently.
At this hour? - Yes, he has important work.
Ok, l will also come with you.
No, mother, he has asked me to come alone.
Alone? At night? - Don't worry, mother. l will be back soon.
Rajesh! God has heard my prayer.
You've come back.
Every thing will be fine now. lt will be fine..
Come. Let Rajesh rest.
Ok, Rajesh, l will come again.
Garzon! - You've been late.
You don't realize how painful these lenses are.
But we need to move on very carefully.
Tomorrow is your first test. - What test?
You will be taken to Rajesh's house tomorrow.
His servant is informed about your arrival.
l hope you won't make any mistake.
Don't worry. - All the best.
lt's good to be back home, isn't it?
You're shouting at sir? Have you gone mad?
Go inside. Go.. go.. go in..
Greetings, sir. You've come! How do you feel now?
What phase is this? Even dogs don't recognize their masters.
Sit down, Rajesh. l'll be off now.
Mr. Rai will come to take you to the lab next morning.
No, no, keep seated.
Sir! Man thinks something but destiny does something else.
You had no wrong to anyone.
lf God wanted to take away someone voice..
..he could have taken away my wife's.
We could have had some peace in the house.
Ok, rest now. l will bring hot milk for you.
So, has sir come? - He's come.
But l can't bear to see the state he is in.
l say, what tragedy!
The poor man had not yet married, and he lost his voice.
That's what surprises me.
How come he lost his voice before getting married?!
You haven't lost your voice after marriage either.
Voice? l am going to lose my breath.
lf you dislike me so much, why did you come to marry me?
l didn't know l would have to serve you all my life. Got it?
Yes, l got it. But you will get it..
..when l will go to my mother's place.
Roopmati, if you threaten me of going away..
..do you know what l will say?
What will you say? - l will say.. - What?
l will say.. please, go!
Yes, l will go, right now. Give me the conveyance.
Why delay a good task? How much do you want?
lt Rs. 20 for a return ticket.
Here, take 10 rupees, only for going.
l will go away, but you will be in big trouble in a few days.
Go! l will never miss you.
Hallo, Rajesh!
How do you do? - Welcome to the laboratory.
How are you?
Let's go to the basement. Every one is eager to meet you.
Rajesh will not go to the basement.
His final medical examination is not done yet.
C'mon, Rajesh.
Sir! Sir! The dog has died.
Look there.
Bhola, bury this dog in a corner. Come, Rajesh.
ls it possible that a dog would forget his master?
l mean that he would not recognize his master..
..if he is returning home after many days?
lt generally does not happen.
But if the dog is not of a good breed..
..or if his master is not much fond of him, he can forget him.
Thank you, doctor. You may go. - Ok.
Rajesh is an important person.
Before he resumes duty..
..l think we should make his identification clear.
You want to meet me? - Yes.
My name is D'melo. l am Mr. Rai's assistant.
How is Rajesh? - Very much better. But he needs to rest.
He needs me. He is ill and lonely.
l don't understand why you don't let me meet him.
l understand your anxiety, Ms. Rita.
But Rajesh is a very important person..
..and the security department..
Why don't you understand? He is my fiance.
That's why l've come to meet you.
l am making a report on him, and l need your help.
Help? What help?
You might be knowing some scar or birth mark on his body.
l mean for our identification.
Yes, there's a beauty spot on his left shoulder.
Oh! Thank you.
Rajesh, l think we should wait outside for you.
Good morning. - Good morning. - Rajesh..
The doctor is checking him. He will be free in five minutes.
Don't forget to attend the function this evening. You, too.
We will surely come.
Rajesh! Rajesh, l've come to take you.
C'mon, mom is waiting for you.
6 o'clock this evening.
Mother! Mother!
Rajesh, mother.
You forgot me so soon? Don't you know me?
God bless you.
Why didn't you tell me who her mother is? How her house looks?
Have you made some mistake? - Yes.
Leave this place and come home soon.
l want to discuss the details of the plan with you.
Go from here.
Who were you talking to?
Did you have some work here?
So why did you come out?
Garzon and l are sitting inside. Keep a watch out here.
Map of Laboratories.
First floor.
For dynamite charges, l need something..
..like three hundred meters of white wire, thin.
And this is the basement.
l think this is okay.
To come till the basement, l need150 feet copper wire
No.. too thick.
And show me the dynamite charges please.
l need TNT 500.
You will get it tomorrow.
When will l get permission to reach the basement?
After check up.
..the security department give you clearance quickly.
Do you know, after today's mistake..
..Roy and Rita can suspect me too?
The order has come.
You have to kill Rita immediately.
They want you to kill her without any noise.
Your beloved is becoming an obstacle for our plans.
We always finish our obstacles.
lf you wish, we can get Rita here.
And both of you can spend your life here, with pleasure.
What is the cost of this grace?
The cost is very normal.
What you were doing for your country..
..do it for us. You will get Rita, money and a new life.
And we will get your brains.
My mind, my body and my life is owned by my country.
And my country's name is lndia.
Even the greed of Rita's life can..
..force me to sell my country off.
lf you won't forget them..
These dreams will be fulfilled.
We will never be separated.
Our loyalties are the lines of stone.
These cannot be cleared, our signs.
Our breaths call to the destinies of love..
We will stay together in every journey of life.
We will live together.. we will die together.
We will never be separated, isn't it?
We should marry quickly now. l had gone to the doctor today.
l am pregnant.
You love me, isn't it?
What happened? What is the matter?
Did Rajesh come?
Did you two fight?
Why are you silent? What happened?
Why were you crying?
Rajesh.. has changed mother.
What happened, he doesn't want to marry you?
l don't know.
See, child.
You are educated and beautiful.
You can be married to anyone.
No, mother. l will not marry anyone.
What is good in taking such decisions?
Today, his look must have changed..
Tomorrow, his ideas may change.
What should l do now, mother?
What should l do?
Before taking any decision in life..
..you should think about it properly.
You have time as yet..
The time has passed, mother.. the time has passed.
What have you done? Tell me.. what have you done?
What l shouldn't have done, mother.
Sir.. your..
You are not my employer.. you are not my employer..
What did you do?
This pistol was given to you to kill Rita, not this person.
This person had recognized you.
Just because of your negligence.
You went on committing one mistake after another.
Rita doesn't trust you fully even now.
This mistake will just create more problems.
And it will be difficult for you to reach the laboratories.
We will be unsuccessful, we will be caught.
We will be hanged.
Only because of your mistakes.
l know what l have to do and what l am doing.
You knew what the general's orders were too.
You had to kill Rita, why didn't you kill her?
She is pregnant.
Emotions and conscience are our enemies.
They always fail us.
The eighteenth is very near.
The laboratory will be blown in the eighteenth.
Arrange for this man's dead body.
Where did you get this dead body?
lt was found ten miles away from Bombay in a gutter.
Five thirty in the morning today.
And when did the death take place?
The autopsy hasn't been prepared till now.
But we think that he was killed three days ago.
Sir, this is strange.
Rajesh's dog died before this.
And now.. his servant.
This is what l am thinking too.
Did Rajesh write any report about his servant disappearing?
lt is possible that the person whom..
..we are thinking to Rajesh is not Rajesh but someone else.
But we have already identified him.
But we didn't check his fingerprints, did we?
There are no two people in this world..
..who will be having the same fingerprints.
Does Rajesh have any fingerprints?
We will have look at those immediately.
For the health and fame of our dear friend Rajesh.
Cheers. - Cheers.
Hello, Rajesh.
Congratulations. Congratulations on the promotion.
This is on our business.
Hello boys, hello.. hello.
Hey, when are you starting the work in the laboratory?
Yes, we had gone to your house.
lt was locked, and your servant wasn't there too.
Did you sack him?
Has he gone on a holiday?
How long has he gone for? lt is four days now.
May l join you boys here?
Of course, please join us.
We just saw Bhola?
l mean.. his dead body.
Be careful
Where will you go away to?
These eyes.. from this attitude..
Where will you go to?
The embrace of my thoughts will embrace you.
You won't have any way out..
You will just be trapped here..
You are so restless.
lt tells the state of your mind.
You are scared in the scenario.
l have understood you.
My gaze is as deep as the sea..
Like the pearls in the sea.
Count the stars in the sky..
Take the light from the stars.
l have an important work with you.
Therefore, l have come to you.
Rita and you should be married quickly.
You know the reason.
l know that you have changed.
But l know that you are honest.
And l know that you will never betray Rita.
Do you accept this marriage?
l have taken out the auspicious time.
The marriage will take place in our house..
Eleven in the morning, on the eighteenth.
These fingerprints are of the same man.
We were suspecting Rajesh without any reason.
Will you have it?
Yes, l will drink.
Why don't you open the door and give it to me?
This is a very electric door.
lt opens with current..
lt's the general's room.
Bye bye.
This is an electric door. lt opens with current.
This is an electric door. lt opens with current.
Prepare the lights immediately!
l will reach the laboratory at 10 fifteen exactly.
The guards change at ten thirty.
lt is a holiday tomorrow.
Therefore, my work will be simpler.
l will take fifteen minutes for the wiring of the first floor.
l will take ten minutes for the wiring of the second floor.
For the dynamite charges in the basement..
..l will take twenty minutes.
Exactly ten minutes after that, l will come out.
There will be car ready for you to escape at 1 1 :20.
Correct. - As soon as you escape..
..l will press the trigger for the dynamite.
l will wait for you at the airport with your passport. - Good.
lt is marriage tomorrow, after all.
l know that.
Set your watches with me.
lt is fifteen past twelve and three seconds.
Okay? - Yes, sir.
Best of luck. - Thank you.. - Your lenses. - Greetings..
The car in which he will run from the laboratory.
ls it ready? - Yes.
As soon as the key is turned, the car will blast.
And with that, him too. - We shouldn't get his body too.
Yes, sir.
The keys to the car.
Friend. The work has been done, but it is a bit dangerous.
He is saying. l will take you to Mombasa.
You will have to look after everything after that.
Thank you, - Quickly.
Greetings, have a seat.
Did you call me?
Did Rajesh come? - No, not now.
Please come here for a moment.
Rajesh hasn't come as yet.
He told me that he will come by ten thirty.
Please don't worry, he will come.
My name is Rajesh. l have come from this flight.
l have a passport.
Please call up Mr. Roy, the chief of lntelligence Department.
Please hurry up. Please.
Mr. Roy and Mr. D'Mello will not come now.
They have gone to a marriage.
Urgent phone? From the airport?
Okay, l will take care of it.
Yes? lnspector Mehra?
A man named Rajesh has come from a flight from Africa.
Arrest him immediately. He is the fake Rajesh.
l will reach there right away.
What did Mr. Roy say? - You are under arrest.
What do you mean?
Constable, arrest this man.
Let me go. l tell you.
Hello? Laboratory? Roy speaking.
Do you know anything about Rajesh?
ls it? Oh! l see.
D'Mello. Come with me. - Where?
To the laboratory. l will introduce you to a traitor today.
A traitor? - Yes.
lt is strange, sir.
A person said that he was Rajesh.
He fooled the police and came till here.
l gave a order to shoot him.
Stop the firing, l want that man alive.
Surround the whole of the laboratory.
This operation is your responsibility. Quickly.
Did you understand anything, D'Mello?
What? - Our plan has failed.
The police and D'Mello have arrived.
You press the dynamite. Quickly, we don't have time.
lt will take ten minutes to complete the connection.
Whatever the time be, be quick.
Don't worry. You are not worthy of my bullet.
The traitors like you, who sell their country to foreigners..
..they should be hanged, and nothing else.
Arrest him.
Tell me.
Do you remember? l had told you..
We will meet once again.
l praise your patriotism, Rajesh.
You are really brave.
Congratulations on your marriage, Rajesh. - Thanks.
We are proud of people like you..
Who risk their lives and guard their country.
lf every person in our country is fearless and..
..brave like you, then no country..
..will have to guts to look at our country.
l have done my duty. - Well done, well done.
Where are you going for a honeymoon?
Rita is talking about going to Kashmir.
Very good. Go, go quickly.
There isn't anyone without you.
l always dreamt about you..
Your picture exists on the book of my heart.